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IKAZUCHI Type-0 Mid-Range Battle Rifle Airsoft AEG

46 Customer Reviews

by John M. on 08/15/2008
"This gun is awesome. I am more or less short, about 5'5" and it is a perfect fit. Not only that, the first game I played with it I was hitting people from long range. But it does not shoot 350 to 400 fps out of the box. Mine ranged from 300 - 350 fps. One shot would be 348 fps the next would be 310 fps. Then it would go back up to 330 fps, then back down. It does this every shot, up and down. I love this gun.
I recently bought another and am going to replace its front with this one. That is how much I love this gun.
by ??ystein E. on 07/29/2008
"All Mock 14mm Negative ( clock vise) Silencer fits :)
by Johnny S. on 07/19/2008
"The thread of the Ika Zuchi is an adapter. Screw it under the flashhider and you will get a standard 14mm negative tip to screw anything you want on it that is 14mm negative thread. It is a very neat adapter and it is free with every Ika Zuchi!
by Alfonso B. on 07/11/2008
"Dude if your that worried with this guns performance than I would like at evikes upgraded version of this gun. This things got an m120 in it your definitly going to be able to hit someone 150ft away if you spray some rounds at them. If you want to know all this thing is, is an m4 with a totaly different body and shortened barrel.
by Michael K. on 07/11/2008
"Been using the lipoly on this gun for a few months now. Opened the gearbox once to shim the gears and install a tight bore. The gearbox is pretty impressive, its way better than the regular JG or Echo1 I worked on with a totally new set of reinforced parts unlike the standard JG that has Classic Army gears and motor. The gear and motor are better than I expected. Been playing RC for years. Since airsoft is becoming like RC with all the parts readily available and easy to install, even if the wear and tear of the lipoly is more than I expected, I am already spoiled using it. Can't go back to using the NiMh or NiCd anymore... = )
by Nick R. on 07/08/2008
"NEED HELP!!! Ok hi all, I have bought many guns from this site and I know that most of them are good quality and the product descriptions are pretty accurate. Now I'm looking to buy a relatively compact airsoft gun tht can shoot at least 120ft. at a reasonable price. I have already looked and narrowed it down to the G&G UMG and the G&G full-metal MP5. Then I saw this gun. It looks sick and I would have bought it in a heartbeat had I not seen some of the reviews.

Alot of the people who have bought this gun have mixed feelings about it and I want the truth.

So here are a couple questions I would like to know:

1. Honestly, how far can this gun shoot? Cus I airsoft with ppl who have snipers and G36s so I need a gun with a good range, not CQB

2. What accesories r recommended for this gun? Upgrades?

3. Would I be better off with the G&G MP5 or UMG?

4. What's the deal with this battery?

Thanks very much guys peace out
by Water L. on 07/07/2008
"The best battery that fits into this compartment is the Matrix Lipoly 1500mah. Since that is the strongest battery in the "Small type" dimension. If you want to stick with NiMh then the 1500 Matrix or 1600 Intellect 8.4V small type.

If you don't mind going external, then your option is then endless. I would get the Matrix 4500mah 9.6V and a pouch.
by Alex M. on 06/13/2008
"I would give this six stars but that is not an option. Freaking amazing!!!!! I didn't get the lipoly battery but you dont really need it. Mine shoots about 375 FPS and is accurate about 120 - 150 feet. It is even shorter than my bros mp5 but shoots like the almighty m4. Definite buy.
by Matt S. on 06/06/2008
"First, I would just like to say that this gun is ffriggin AWSOME!, it looks like it should be in Halo 3! But its an airsoft gun!

when i opened the box and picked it up, I was impressed with the weight, which seems to be right on. Its a little trickey taking off the front of the gun to put in the battery, but once you think the screw is off, just pull of the piece and put the battery in, although, it is a little of a squeeze becuase there are too many wires, but after a few minutes you will get it in. when i took the gun outside to test-fire it, i was absoloutley astonished! just with the standard non-Lipoly battery, I actually broke the glass in a lamp-post, put holes in the screen of my bedroom window, and put holes in the siding of my house (my mom is gonna be soo pissed when she sees that). Overall, I just couldnt give this gun anything less than 5 stars!
by Connor H. on 05/31/2008
"wow...all i have to say is wow

amazing gun even with everything stock it shoots around 350 fps and with an extremely high rate of fire. i got the li-poly battery for it and the rate of fire is absolutely amazing
by paco d. on 05/30/2008
"The gun has an insane rate of fire (With the Li-Poly Battery). It shoots to fast for a full wind on a hi-cap so if you want to use full auto, your best bet is to get mid-caps. The FPS is great also. It is definitely around 400 as it states maybe a bit more around 405-410? It is a little shorter than the regular M4 barrel making it a great close range weapon and still has a decent amount of range on it ~ 150ft effective. Not to heavy and comes with a good shoulder-strap. The silencer and scope add-ons you really don't need. Grip is a thing layer of rubber making it probably the most comfortable gun i have ever held. Just keep it in good condition or the rubber will wear away.

All in all It is an amazing gun and completely worth the base 170$ plus an extra 75$ for the li-poly battery

PS: I seriously don't recommend this gun without the Li-Poly battery because of the internals they won't work as efficiently as they could. - Will only shoot about 360 fps and 800-900rpm?
by ion k. on 08/29/2012
"Great gun I have had it for about a year now and it still works great!
Retractable stock
Lipo ready

I play outdoor so not very range satisfying but
I got a 300% spring and it still works like new!
I reccomend a scope cause the iron sight are not cool to me
by Robert S. on 01/02/2012
"I've had this gun for just under a week now and I'm pretty satisfied with it. It came a bit scuffed up but it was still in perfect condition. I charged the battery for about 3 hours and then had a war using this gun the day after I bought it. It worked extremely well in the war but the BBS were falling shorter then expected.

+ High ROF (around 10 per second with stock battery)
+Heavy duty ABS
+High FPS out of box.
+The design is futuristic and really nice.

-Only a range of about 60-75 feet.
-The rubber coating peels easy.
-Hard to retrive battery

Overall the Ika Zuchi Is a high quality gun for the price, It would be great for cqb, and if you wanted it long range you would need a few upgrades to it. GET THIS GUN :)
by sam p. on 08/30/2008
"This gun is LETHAL in mid and close range combat!When i fired it at wooden cover it left DENTS AND CRATERS in the wood!!!!!The magazine was pretty bad because it kept unwinding so i suggest getting regular m4/m16 magazines other than vietnam m16 magazines.
by ??ystein E. on 04/09/2010
"Its a nice gun.
it got nice FPS and Rate of fire.. but.. do NOT buy the lipoly battery!
i bought it and it destroyed the gears inside the gearbox after a few mags..
when i opened the Gearbox it was no "teeth" on the gears... just dust everywhere inside..
so i had to replace the gears and the piston

but other than that its a nice gun and its worth buying!