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by William B. on 2016-06-20 19:19:15
"You're getting a steal for this rifle! The Ikazuchi STAR is a rather remarkable piece in its power packed into such a small package. With the included battery and .20 gram bbs it was pushing 370 FPS stock, which is too hot for most indoor CQB fields. The trigger has a nice pull and is quick to respond and fire thanks to the pre upgraded motor, gearbox, and spring.
The body of the rifle has had mixed reviews and complaints, some being that there's rubber on the pistol grip, integrated foregrip, and the cheek rest on the stock. Mine does not have rubber on the foregrip or the cheek rest. The grip however is excellent for right handed shooters. Lefties may want to look into another grip to swap out for.
More about the body; everything that's not rubber is plastic for the shell. It's not a flimsy plastic but I have started to scratch the paint off of certain parts, which isn't too big of an issue as it adds to character in my opinion. However it's very well built and secured nicely to the base M4.
Speaking of M4 that is what this rifle is: a M4. Taking off the cosmetic kit reveals a full metal upper receiver, buffer tube, outer barrel, and a very sturdy polymer lower receiver. The trigger is metal but your fire selector is plastic, and a little too loose and long for comfort. It's a little too easy to put your selector between settings and jam your gun. But that's an easy fix once you open up the actual gun.
The overall feel of the gun is great. The pistol grip is very comfortable for right handed shooters and gives you a better grip. The foregrip has a few options on how to hold it, shooter's fancy. The weight is evenly spread through the main body, but leaves the stock a little light. This makes it easy to lift with one hand and shoot however.
My final thoughts and comments: A very interesting rifle that's sure to get noticed where you go and doesn't skimp on performance either, both for an amazing price.

tl;dr It's good. Buy it.
by John V. on 2015-11-29 16:04:15
"Let me start off by saying this gun is amazing.
It looks awesome. Everytime i go to my local field everyone just stares at it and tells me it looks sick. In a good way.
Pretty sturdy. Even though it has a plastic molding on it.
Decent fps for smg. About 350 fps with .20 gram
Compact design.
Tightbore barrel.
Threaded barrel.
Nice integrated for grip.
Nice pistol grip. Its texturized and feels good.

Litlte rail space. Barely fit a bipod on it. Now have an offset flashight which also barely fits.
Front wired. Dont have a lot of battery space. I recommend 8.4 volt batteries. 9.6 volt batteries have to be shoved into battery compartment
Dont know how to take apart to get to internals. Hope someone might make youtube video on how to do it.

Overall this gun is a beast. Hasn't let me down yet. Definitely would recommend this to any airsofter.
by William H. on 2015-10-21 06:23:33
"This gun for the price is amazing. Out of the box it shoots straight and fast. I was using an Echo1 AK but I switched to this because I think it's a better gun. It's small and lightweight. The fore grip is well located and works well for sighting enemies. I'm in the process of making this a DMR and I'm hoping it works out well. I love this gun.
by ion k. on 2012-08-29 16:32:15
"Great gun I have had it for about a year now and it still works great!
Retractable stock
Lipo ready

I play outdoor so not very range satisfying but
I got a 300% spring and it still works like new!
I reccomend a scope cause the iron sight are not cool to me
by tevan g. on 2012-06-04 23:25:29
"this is most awesome gun i have ever had i love this gun its small so i can hid pretty well i have had it for a year and a half its the most amazing gun ever
by Martin S. on 2012-01-15 21:15:16
"I have had this gun for three and a half years, and it is glorious. I have screwed this gun up in every way possible. I have played with it in three different fields, in the rain, and even painted it. When I painted it I didn't even take off the externals. That's how air tight this gun is. The gears are still good and I jus can't think of the words to say how much I love it. The only thing that has gone wrong is after about two years of play the stock starts to wobble, the fps drops (when I got it it chrono'd at 380), and sometimes on semi the trigger jams and you have to fire it on full auto a few shots and then you can put it back on semi and it works fine.

~good fps 380
~long lasting (must emphasize durable)
~After a LONG time the stock starts to wobble
~After a LONG time the fps drops (this was also after I painted it)
~battery hard to get in at first

I have to emphasize how durable it is. This was my first A.E.G. so I didn't know how well to treat and A.E.G. so I never oil'd it, never replaced ANY internals or other work on it. After four years of this it still works amazingly.
by Robert S. on 2012-01-02 10:47:09
"I've had this gun for just under a week now and I'm pretty satisfied with it. It came a bit scuffed up but it was still in perfect condition. I charged the battery for about 3 hours and then had a war using this gun the day after I bought it. It worked extremely well in the war but the BBS were falling shorter then expected.

+ High ROF (around 10 per second with stock battery)
+Heavy duty ABS
+High FPS out of box.
+The design is futuristic and really nice.

-Only a range of about 60-75 feet.
-The rubber coating peels easy.
-Hard to retrive battery

Overall the Ika Zuchi Is a high quality gun for the price, It would be great for cqb, and if you wanted it long range you would need a few upgrades to it. GET THIS GUN :)
by matthew s. on 2011-11-16 11:28:15
"one of my best AEG in my inventory. ive had this gun for over 2 years and i have only had minor normal maintenance problems "jamming due to dirt" all that jazz. for the price of this gun compared to some other guns of = or greater price, is a very competitive with its capability, using a lipo is highly recommended just be sure it fits.

good ROF
range and accurace for cqb type setting
built in grips "forward grip & pistol grip" have great feel and are made of durable rubber

can only fit small type battery
shell is plastic
by Mike h. on 2011-09-24 05:28:56

I've had mine for a while, painted and modified now. It has taken a beating and is still working great. Bought an 11.1v 1300mah battery and put deans connectors on and am satisfied. My next upgrade is to a systema gearbox with a m125 spring and the systema a to z motor... I will reveiw again after I'm done :)

Overall... GREAT BUY!
by Bill G. on 2010-09-15 20:29:18
"I've had this gun for about 2 years but only played with it about 6 times due to the fact that it shoot's to hard for CQB. But I got the lipoly battery with and and I haven't had any problems with it what so ever. I highly recommend getting this gun. I have more range than any other AEG that my friends have and the rate of fire is amazing with the lipoly.
by ??ystein E. on 2010-04-09 09:04:54
"Its a nice gun.
it got nice FPS and Rate of fire.. but.. do NOT buy the lipoly battery!
i bought it and it destroyed the gears inside the gearbox after a few mags..
when i opened the Gearbox it was no "teeth" on the gears... just dust everywhere inside..
so i had to replace the gears and the piston

but other than that its a nice gun and its worth buying!
by Michael S. on 2009-09-06 14:44:04
"this gun is amazing
or at least for a while
one day it just stopped working
so i took it apart and i just cant get the stock off
can someone tell me how
but i give this gun a 5/5

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