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SoftAir Licensed Colt Python Gas Revolver w/ Trade Mark - 6" Barrel (Silver)

1 Customer Review

by Justin B. on 11/30/2009
"This is an awesome gun. More than worth the price.
First, I disagree with the given fps rating for this revolver. I have chrono'd it at 380fps with .2g Matrix bbs, not the stated 300fps with .12g. It may just be that I am over charging it with way too much gas, but I was really astounded by the accuracy and power of this pistol. This revolver (as far as range and accuracy) out-performs my 400fps Tokyo Marui Famas. It cracks skin and puts holes in plaster. Again, it may just be a fluke, but this gun has some serious power.
Second, the accuracy of this pistol is simply amazing. Although the semi-auto double-action may seem nice, its true power lies with the single shot single-action feature. Single-action firing (manually pulling back the hammer before shooting) with a feather-light trigger pull bestows this pistol with incredible accuracy. With the hop-up set just right (with .2 bbs and firing with the single-action, of course) this gun is far more accurate than my TM Famas, and its accuracy is comparable to my 600fps tightbore Tanaka m700. This is the only pistol I would ever use in place of a rifle. The incredible accuracy and power of this pistol make it very skirmish-worthy and more than able to stand up against most aeg's. I use it as my sidearm, however, to me it is not merely a "my rifle just pooped out, I'll switch to my crap sidearm" but more of a "they said no snipers, so I brought a pistol to get away on a technicality". In one instance, I was outnumbered 3 against 1, I had this revolver while my enemies had a JLS Matrix FN2000, CAW revolver launcher, and TM Famas. By keeping my distance I dispatched all three rather easily.
Third, the revolver is suprisingly light, just a bit heavier than your typical spring pistol. Almost everything except for the internals is made of very nice plastic (not ABS, though). Some players may not like the gun's lightweight nature, but I think it makes it all the more skirmish-able. The pistol may not feel heavy or real, but it does fit nicely and comfortably in your hand as well as in a holster. And yes, the revolver does fit suprisingly well in a standard pistol holster. Also, the revolver is not quite as shiny as the picture makes it seem, but that should be apparent already. Unfortnately, the paint under the cylinder release switch wears pretty quickly. The rear sights are also fully adjustable.
Fourth, although the revolver only holds 6 shells, it actually carries 24 bbs, as each shell holds 4 bbs. This may not seem like much, but it is certainly enough to get the job done. Spare shells are also available if you look around.
Fifth, contrary to the given summary, there is no rail system to speak of. Although this is expected for a revolver and would be strange if it did, a rail to mount a scope would be very helpful on this gun, given its range and accuracy.
Finally, the valve on this gun is a little finicky. Not bad, it's just one of those valves that require you to align the bottle PERFECTLY vertically to transfer the gas most effectively and to give you full power. Unfortunately, after 2 years of use, the valve on my revolver has broken and now leaks gas.
Pros: Insane power and accuracy, great looks, good ammo capacity for a revolver
Cons: Finicky valve, there are no rails to mount a scope, which would be helpful
*As far as owning a sidearm goes, there is no better option that I know. This revolver is lightweight, so it fits well in a holster without pulling your pants down, restricting your movement, or flinging from side to side. It is powerful and VERY accurate with incredible range, so it is more than able to out-range most aeg's while still maintaining accuracy. It has a large ammo capacity despite its 6 shell nature.