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WE WWII Full Size / Metal Luger Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol (6" Barrel / Black)

14 Customer Reviews

by Joseph A. on 11/01/2015
"I recently bought mine and have had a chance to use it in combat, so ill give you all my honest opinion:

+Looks awesome and paint is very nice
+Orange tip is easily removed (Barrel is not threaded, just pull it out the front)
+Rear sight is adjustable for range
+WE seems to have updated the design slightly, and the front sight appears to be held on tighter. In addition, the sear set appears to have been updated although i could be wrong (in any case, evike sells the replacement parts)

-Screws in the pistol may not be tightened down properly, be sure to double check all screws on the pistol (including those under the grips) to ensure that nothing is lost or improperly aligned. (one of my screws was lose and it was preventing the release of the slide catch - to fix, i removed the grip on the right side and tightened the screw to allow the catch to reset.)
-Complicated pistol that may require more maintenance than the seemingly bulletproof 1911 models, so in a way its just like the real one!
-BB's sometimes roll out the end of the barrel when the pistol is aimed down. i just cock it when i need it to prevent that.
-You cannot remove or insert the mag when the pistol is de-cocked. Attempting to do so will break things.
-Safety becomes loose after a while - i recommend using something (like tape) under the left grip to make movement of the safety mechanism more difficult.

Overall a nice little Luger. There are some things a prospective buyer should understand:
*It is not a sniper rifle, its a sidearm and as such it has limited range.
*It needs to be maintained and cleaned periodically - i personally use 30 weight silicone based shock oil for RC cars - usually available on amazon or in a hobby store.
*Its accurate, but don't expect rifle accuracy.
*ALWAYS store the pistol with the hammer de-cocked (remove mag and pull trigger) doing so will reduce wear on the trigger sear and on the hammer spring.

I my opinion, if you are willing to take care of it, its well worth the money.
by Sidney B. on 05/16/2013
"Great gun though if you are new watch those O rings I popped mine.
by Dorian g. on 11/06/2012
"this airsoft pistol is my first one i bought and this is a great back up for CQB this gun save me a lot but here are the pros and cons

Good fps
really good accuracy
and its full metal
mag is a leaky a little
by Dylan H. on 05/10/2012
"Let me just say that this gun is a beast. The blowback on this thing is sick and has a decent kick. The gun has a good fps and range, and is actually pretty accurate. Mag only holds 15 bb's but its still awesome and more realistic. I'm gonna get to the pros and cons now

Unique, awesome blowback
Good FPS and Accuracy
Almost all metal(except handgrips of course)
Sturdy and tough gun, fits my hand perfectly
Awesome with my WWII german loadout
Stands out on the field : )

Gas consumption isnt the best (2 mags)
15rd mag, but more realism there
Other than that none really haha, buy this pistol
by Brandon C. on 03/21/2010
"The WE P08 Luger is a great pistol overall! It has pretty good FPS, and THE BEST accuracy of almost any pistol on the market!

-Great Accuracy
-Good FPS
-Looks Great
-Identical to a real Luger
-Feels real
-Great blowback system
-Very easy to dissasemble

-Eats alot of gas
-Hopup hard to adjust
-Jams once in a blue moon
-Hard to clean
by Zach W. on 03/15/2009
"This Luger is very realistic, everything except the black grips(real Luger has wood grips).
It has a hefty weight, accurate firing operation and a fairly decent kick. The orange tip is fully removable with a pair of pliers. This gun is very accurate and relable. Hop up is adjustable, and once dialed in it can hit man sized targets at up to 50-60 feet.
You can use green gas and red gas, and with red gas it shoots a blistering 410 fps on my chrono, with propane and green gas it shoots around 360-to 380fps.

If you want a luger replica look no further evike has got you covered.
The only bad things about this gun are the magazines. The o-ring on the magazine base seem to have a problem when you rapid fire. The seal is not very good when you are ice cold rapid firing. So i suggest letting your mags warm up before you load them up again. Just buy a few extra mags and it wont be a problem.

if you want my expert opinion, i give this gun 5 stars for realism and functionality
It is a perfect complement to your MP40, or maybe just for you Luger fans out there
you will not be dissapointed with this pistol.

-Captain Zach "Rambo" Weikart
Unit 7/53
Midwest Airsoft Association
by Sam R. on 10/29/2008
"This is a great gun! It has good accuracy once you adjust the hop up and has very good power, and the blowback action looks really good. This gun is a lot bigger in real life than it looks like in the pictures and i would recommend getting the short version but all in all it is a really good gun!
by Dennis W. on 06/23/2008
"This is the best Airsoft replica of the ruger you can find! Full metal and shoots just like the Marushin
by hunter m. on 06/19/2008
"its a full metal gun and shoots great!!!!
but the only downside is that the mag is hard to fit in
and to take the mag out the slide has to be up
by Samuel H. on 11/14/2015
"Let me just say this gun is awesome, but also a major pain in the ass if you need to try to fix anything with it. I put about 3 hours of work into it and it now works decently...I had a defective model that shot on full auto whenever you touched the trigger, and I had to remove the lock back function on the blow-back bit, and re-align the firing pin. You also need 3 hands and apposable toes to put the damn thing back together after you take it apart (I had to have a friend help me). I didn't buy it from, but it was from a licensed retailer, and it was the exact same gun. Also, my first mag didn't work.


-Best feeling airsoft gun I've ever held (the grip angle and trigger placement is beyond perfect. Amazingly comfortable to hold)
-Amazing blow-back
-Really cool sights that can be ajusted from 100-200 ft, via a spring loaded button
-Full metal, very sturdy
-fits nicely into regular pistol holster
-relatively accurate


-mags suck (leaky, needs new green gas every 17-18 shots, loose in the gun)
-gun will freeze up after about 2 mags and if you continue firing you WILL destroy your mags
-I won't include my issue with a gun that was obviously simply defective, I hope no one else has that problem

Conclusion: If you get a non-defective model this is worth every penny of the 100$...otherwise...still worth the money. This is the coolest freakin gun- BUY IT
by Paulo L. on 03/31/2015
"I've had mine for about 4 months now, and while I'm quite satisfied with this pistol, I will say it's probably not the best choice for an airsofter who has little experience with gas blow-back pistols.


-Quite accurate (easily capable of hitting human-sized targets out to 100 ft.)
-Almost entirely constructed out of steel, making for a very sturdy weapon
-Approximately 310 fps (plenty good for a cqb pistol)


-It's a relatively high-maintenance weapon (requires very regular lubing, cleaning, etc)
-Gas mag leaked when I first got it. (I fixed mine by disassembling the mag completely and spraying all the o-rings and o-ring housings with silicon oil. I've found this needs to be done about once a month to keep the pistol operational)
-BBs had a tendency to roll out the end of the barrel every time one was loaded in the weapon. (This was fixed by spraying the hop-up with some silicon oil)
-Inserting the mag and removing it can be a little tricky. Just a procedure that you have to get used to.

All in all, I think this is a great pistol, especially for the price. That being said, if you're a beginning airsofter, this really isn't the pistol for you. Don't buy it unless you have a decent handle on disassembling and maintaining gas blow-back pistols.
by lisa h. on 03/12/2011
"i got mine a while back and the thing works fine as a side arm, exept for its small clip size (15 rounds) and the magazines tended to be a little leaky. after about twenty magazines a little nub on the inside broke or wore off and the thing stopped locking the "hammer" back and it started shooting full auto. if this happens to anyone else take the gun apart by whats in the guide and SLIGHTLY file down the end (so it hooks) of what the trigger seer pushes to engage the rolling mechanism.
by Michael C. on 11/02/2008
"This gun is amazing. I have the 270mm model, and it's very accurate. It hits quite hard, roughly 330 - 350 FPS with .20s. It has a very satisfying blow-back and a great look to it. However, the magazine could hold a few more rounds. But, all-in-all, it's a great gun. Would recommend it to anyone searching for a pistol.
by Justin S. on 06/23/2008
"This is a pretty good gun. Pros- good accuracy, good power. Cons- the slide pops up and the front sight is blocked so you have to
re-align the gun after every shot unless you like to shoot blind. Overall it's a good gun.