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WE WWII Full Size / Metal Luger Airsoft Gas Blowback - 4" Barrel / Black

14 Customer Reviews

by Camille C. on 01/14/2017
"Gun is amazing, mine would stop firing/jam after I fired about half the mag, I don't know if it was my bbs or gas. Other than that it is really good, adds a nice touch when you're around modern airsoft replicas. I would HIGHLY recommend buying extra magazines. Also, be careful of the barrel sights as mine either got shot off or came off when I put it in my pocket. Shot at about 280-290 with .28 gram bbs.
by Ethan K. on 03/26/2011
"I've only had mine for a few days now and it's amazing! As always We-Tech delivers an incredible overall feel and weight that feels very nice in the hand. Truely full metal except for the plastic grips but that doesn't even matter! It does take some getting used to with how to switch out magazines though, as it must be cocked before a mag can be inserted or taken out.
The only down side was actually the mag, not the gun. As usualy with WE-Tech, you only get about half a mags worth of gas.

I would highly recomend one. Buy it now, diese Pistole ist erstaunlich!
by Tommy C. on 01/07/2010
"I don't think there are words to describe how AWESOME this gun is.... Its lightweight (mostly metal) reliable, GOOD LOOKING, and you will impress your friends.. some things I do NOT like about the gun is like how the magazine acts up on my =/ I got it yesterday. Some safety features like how you need to cock the gun before you can put in he guns magazine, or you can't just pull out the magazine (you need to cock it again to de-arm it. I would not hold that against it though.


good looking


Some Safety "Features"

Thats really it!!
by Matt W. on 08/15/2008
"I bought this pistol in late July of 2008. This pistol is amazing, it is extremely reliable, very accurate and relatively lightweight. It is very easy to open for cleaning and repair. It doesn't however, pack as much of a punch as the We-Tech m1911, but it's reliability makes up for it. Overall a very nice, reliable, accurate and durable pistol, with a very nice power-to-weight ratio, and a pretty hard kick.
by Adam G. on 02/16/2015
"I use this pistol a lot and it has never failed me yet. However, what everyone says about the mags leaking is true but i fixed mine. It was leaking from the o-ring in the bottom so took it apart lubed the rubber o-ring and put it back in and the leaking stopped. Also my front sight broke off and i lost it and unfortunately they dont make a replacement. This is a very good pistol as long as you take care of it, just like the real one

4 out of five stars because the flaws like the leaky mag and frontal sight breaking off are not deal breakers

Decent fps
Looks mazing

Hopup doesnt work very well but hey, its a pistol, you dont need distance
Needs to be taken care of
Leaky mag
by Andrea W. on 08/28/2014
"I actually have a Luger from ww2 and this thing is pot on to the real thing
by Michele S. on 12/13/2013
"I got 3 of these pistols 2 days ago, one for me and two for my two cousins. The guns are fun but 3 out of the 6 mags we all had leaked. One of the gun's front sights fell off out of the box. The guns don't have the best range but are definitely fun. Expect leaky mags, I'll have to learn how to fix it.

Only Cons:
50/50 chance your mags will leak.
by Diego G. on 11/18/2012
"Very nice gun. Compared to a real Luger, it is very realistic. It works very well, but the magazine tends to leak sometimes. Evike customer service was great though.
by Jose B. on 11/06/2012
"This is an amazing gun i love it. i would totally recommend this gun to people who have never owned a gas gun


real weight

full metal (grips are plastic)

perfect for CQB

overall look Badass


mag leakage

sometimes the take down lever is a pain in the ass to put down

mag cap
by johnny m. on 09/28/2012
"I got this pistol a few days ago and let me say i love this gun i bought an mp40 to go with it. I have only used it a few times and the mag release cam out and i dont no how to fix it, but with a little black eletrical tape to hold the mag in and its as good as new.

easy to carry
I love it

mag capacity
mag price
mag release

Over all a great gun, and as my first gas blowback gun i love it.
by Evan S. on 08/07/2012
"This is a very nice replica P08. It shoots hard, is accurate to an extent, and the kick is great.

Shoots hard
Blowback is amazing
Accuracy is decent
Full Metal(besides plastic grips)

Get only about 1.5 mags per fill of propane if filled correctly
Only 15 round mag (suggest getting a spare)
Easy-to-lose parts

Overall, the best Luger P08 for the money. Although, I use it as my field gun since it's my only GBB Pistol, I wouldn't recommend it unless you get a lot of mags or get the 6-inch version for more accuracy.
by Peter L. on 01/13/2010
"At the moment I'm using this as my side arm(I use to use the broomhandle but it's too cumbersome for me) and I will say that it does a good job. It's a nice 300 fps so you can use it in CQB and it's very easy to take care of. It's reliable but I have to admit I feel very outgunned when the other lads on the other side have 1911s and deagles.

-It's a luger!
-pretty accurate
-decent fps, you can use it in CQB
-very realistic!
-It's such a sexy gun lol

-may seem a bit frail to some
-pretty small clip
-odd action for some
by David T. on 07/02/2008
"A friend of mine just brought this gun for me and i had it for a few days now, lookwise...this gun is beautiful, except for those dreaded plastic grips on the gun... the orange cap broke right off within the first hour after i got it, good or bad? both lol. but what bugs me the most for this gun is how it uses a HUGE amount of gas till the point it runs out before i can even finish a mag (maybe the mag is defective...)... but the ones that do fire WILL break the skin =P
by Ian F. on 08/28/2016
"If you don't want to read the whole thing, skip to the recap.

I bought this gun over a year ago because I absolutely LOVE the Luger. Externally, I was not in the least disappointed. It has a great weight to it, very solid with only a little wobble in the mags. The blow back function of it is awsome and spot on for realism, the kick from it is a nice touch as well, nothing like blazing away with that unique Luger blow back after each shot. The paint does wear in places and I was kind of disappointed with that as I like to keep my weapons in perfect condition, but I got a chance to look at a real one (my grandpa captured a vis and a walthers, but no Luger 😞) and it was worn in the same places... Awsome!!!

Then I played my first game with it...

Never, never, never use this in any game that has aegs in it. I got torn up so badly, it was not even funny. Basically the maximum effective range of this pistol is 50 feet. Also, forget about hitting anyone in good cover, you just don't have the accuracy for it. What's worse is its not consistent, which is true for many gbbs, so it is impossible to correct your aim for the next shot. However, having said that, in a cqb environment, if you are a good shot, you might make this thing work. There are no cqb fields near me so I have no way to test this theory. Within 50 feet you get about a 20 inch diameter spread, which isn't too bad.

Here are the quick pros and cons for those of you with low reading attention spans.

Spot on realistic externals
Awsome weight
Awsome blow back action

Bad accuracy and range

In recap, if you want a good reliable sidearm for serious combat, go get some other pistol. If you love the Luger as much as I do, and play mostly cqb, and are willing to trade some practicality for the joy of using a beautiful historically accurate pistol, this might be the weapon for you, just remember to get in close before you fire. Also remember this is for the 4 inch barreled Luger. The 8 inch barreled Luger might have better field stats if you are willing to trade awsome looks for better performance and use a Luger that looks like someone stuck a pipe on the end of it.