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Matrix Single Point Bungee Rifle Sling (Coyote Tan)

11 Customer Reviews

by Patrick H. on 11/27/2013
"Just bought this and it arrived the other day. Very durable.

I have a KWA with a Firefield RIS (10.5" it's heavy) but this sling is up to the challenge, have yet to use it in tandem with a plate carrier because it's winter, but the strap is nice and wide, so even if you aren't running the sling through shoulder straps on a PC, it will still distribute the weight nicely.
by Lucas Y. on 09/26/2012
"Great sling it's good for me because i switch to my pistol alot.

pros: very durable

cons: none

buy this sling
by Michael K. on 07/10/2012
"Great sling, reduces my 5 lb M4 to zero weight almost. Easy to use, and much less congested over the 3 point slings.
by Michael K. on 07/10/2012
"I just received my Matrix bungee sling yesterday, unboxed it, and must've worn it with my AEG attached for an hour. As advertised, it clips right on to any of the attachment points of my rifle, and is easily adjustable. For those interested, here's my review:


Very basic and easy to use/adjust, unlike (in my opinion) a complicated 2 or 3 point sling that may waste precious time with adjustments during gameplay. Clips right onto any open attachment link of any AEG (I wield an MK36C)

The bungee cord is quite flexible and carries heavier AEG's very well for its short length. My MK36C is heavily customized with optics including a grenade launcher, putting the total weight at nearly 16 lbs. The bungee cord holds this firmly without sagging too much at all.

Looks sharp and unique compared to standard slings, adds flare to any AEG.


None that I have found so far!

In summary, this product is not only worth its low price tag, but its reputation as well. You may have to toy around with it to get it just right so it rests comfortably around you, but for a single point sling, it does exactly what it needs to do; great buy!
by george b. on 08/03/2011
"grate quality! i would not worrie about it breaking on you! if you want or need a sling get this one! you can aim down sights with ease while the gun is hooked to the sling and around you. Good color. Good quality. buy one!
by Matt J. on 10/04/2009
"They're good, I will give them that, but I have a friend who was a Mortarman in Iraq for a year, and he has the exact same sling for his rig, however it is a real Mil-Spec one. Finding it hilarious that we had the same slings, I checked them out side by side and these are anything but 'Military Grade' I'm afraid. That is not to say they are not good though! For airsoft, these slings are probably some of the best you can use, as 3-points get in your way and are just clumsy to deal with quickly. Given the current price, his was over three times as much, but it was probably the strongest sling I have ever seen; my full metal M4 didn't even make his 'bungee' material stretch where as this one dropped a few inches under the weight. For an airsoft bungee sling, I'd get it again in a heartbeat, for Mil-Spec... I'd be buying my sling from a PX.
by hendrix K. on 07/14/2008
"These are by far the best sling out there. The metal hook is very easy to use and very strong. Been using this sling for over two years now. After all the hassle with 3 points, now I really appreciate this simple and easy to use sling. The bungee cords really takes the weight off your shoulder too.
by alexander s. on 09/14/2012
"good sling, i like the hook better than the condor model, if it had quick disconnect would be perfect
by Eric R. on 09/29/2009
"Excellent sling for the price. I have a variety of 3 point slings, and I prefer this to all of them. It's very easy to use, and it keeps the gun right at the ready all the time.

That's also the only real con: when you want to run, the gun naturally falls right in front of you, so it bangs up against your legs. With a good 3 point, you can tighten the strap and slide the gun around behind you. That's not really the fault of the sling, however, just a difference in strengths between the two types.

Would be nice if it had a quick disconnect buckle, for if you wanted to get your gun out of the way (or hand it to someone), but the lobster claw works reasonably well for this.
by shawn H. on 05/02/2012
"good for light aeg's. I ran a GBB PDW on mine for 3 games and the metal clip broke.
by Brandon L. on 11/13/2011
"good for about 3 months then the metal hook broke on me maybe just from carrying my heavy full metal m870 so only buy it if you have a light gun not a big heavy one