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Matrix High Performance 9.6V 2300mAh Ni-MH Custom Type Battery

34 Customer Reviews

by Peter B. on 06/01/2017
"Works Great! No problems!
by James V. on 04/18/2017
"This is the best battery I have ever seen. All my friends' batteries will die after 3-4 games or 5 minutes of continuous fire, but mine will last all day without recharging. Also, it ramps up the rpm of any 8.4 motor almost 50%! overall, I love this better, and I recommend you get it.
by Tyler S. on 08/08/2016
"Best Battery Ever Never Have to Recharge it During The Day Can Last You all day of playing!
by Mason C. on 06/16/2016
"Great Battery. performs well and lasts long.

has a life span of about 4 hours
only takes 1-3 hours to charge
durable (I accidentally crushed the wires and it still works)
relatively cheap
by Christine G. on 10/24/2014

I've had this battery a little over a year, now, and it's still delivering to me exceptional quality. Here's some things about the battery.

1. It fits in ridiculously tiny handguards, like my CAA M4.
2. It can hold a charge for a long time. I use my M4 maybe once a week, and I only have to charge it about once every month. I'm an idiot, too, so I leave the battery wired to the motor for this duration of time.
3. It's black, so if you have holes in your handguard, people won't really see the battery.
4. Has a high energy output.
5. 9.6 volts.

1. Nothing
by Kathy P. on 02/20/2014
"Fits in my Command Arms M4 handguard, which is all I really needed it to do.

Performs well, at least better than an 8.4V.
Fits in my gun.

Only battery to choose from, but it works.

Don't be an crazy guy like my friend who lets his battery DROP out of his gun when he takes it out, still attached. After a while (only two months), he ripped out the wires on his gearbox. $100 fix. Remove it carefully, like every other battery should. It does it's job, and I love it. 5 out of 5.
by Jason C. on 12/22/2012
"Very good battery overall. Has slightly larger capacity (2300mah) than other batteries of the same type.

- Very high quality
- Holds charge very well
- Good capacity

- On the higher priced side
by Matthew G. on 11/23/2012
"I bought this battery about a year ago, and I haven't needed any other battery. It is large enough to last the majority of a day on the field, and it still fits in my custom G&G CM16 handguard. Also, its a 9.6 so you get pretty decent trigger response. The only complaint I have is sometimes I accidentally grab it by just one half, and it has not, but makes me feel like I could break it.
by Michael V. on 11/04/2012
"this battery is surprisingly very high quality. the only issue i had with it was that it came fully charged. doesn't seem to effect the performance at all. it gets 16 rps with my combat machine m4 carbine. it rattles around in my m4 hand guard though, nothing foam cant fix though. 5 out of 5
by Josh K. on 05/23/2012
"Runs great in my KWA M4

Fits the handguards great!

Has small tamiya plug adapter. Will fit all guns with a handguard! Stop asking compatibility questions here. Go to the forums or call Evike if you have a question.

Great battery A++
by Jonathan N. on 11/11/2011
"Great battery and brought my ROF from 12 to 16 from switching from my stock 8.4v.
by Cormac B. on 11/07/2011
"I bought this for my m4 a while ago due to a suckish stock battery, and ever since then I've been dominating the battlefield. this thing improved the preformance of my m4 far beyond my expectations, and it has yet to decrease in quality. I have one issue though; I have searched on this site and others for a good mock PEQ box to fit this since I'm going to install a RIS which dissalows the battery to be inside the handguard, and i dont want to re-wire it to put the battery in the stock.

I'm sure I'll find one though. Other than that, 10/10 battery, because it beats out every single battery i've ever seen.
by Daniel F. on 09/02/2011
"I bought this battery about three months ago. It was a huge improvement from the stock 8.4v battery that came with my AK. It greatly increased the rpm and overall power of my gun. It also last a really long time, considering it's got 2300 mAh. I also recommend buying a smart charger when you buy this bad boy. I wouldn't want to fry such a nice battery.
by Rob R. on 08/09/2011
"perfect battery fits in most battery compartments including my APS m16 stock, and ARES PPSH stock, a JG mp5 stock and handguard and lots more. Lasts FOR A LONG TIME you wont need to buy extras or recharge, takes only about a half an hour with a smart charger to charge, NOTICABLY increases fire rate by a lot. All in All best battery ever, buy it!
by Austin P. on 06/29/2011
"Great battery for the price, holds a charge all day and fits perfectly in my M16, M4, and Ak47