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G&P CNC Aluminum R.I.S. for M4 Series Airsoft AEG + RIS Panel + Vertical Grip

11 Customer Reviews

by Andrew N. on 01/13/2017
"I love this rail and it fits perfectly and beautifully onto my M4. I noticed many have had problems with it fitting onto their M4, and so did I at first, but I realized the top part of the rails, there were some gray metal pieces that were obstructing that piece from fitting. I used a rollpin punch and hammered the pins connecting those gray metal pieces out, and after that, the rail snapped in easily, and sat perfectly without wobbling even the slightest bit. Now that I know that was the problem, I am no longer reluctant about buying another one of these for another M4. Great rails, as are all G&P products!
by Christopher K. on 08/14/2013
"Installed this onto my KWA LM4C and it holds very tight with no wobble its an excellent product especially considering that it comes with a KAC replica grip and KAC replica rail panels its an amazing deal.

To fit the LM4 you have to grind the clamp that attaches to the delta ring a little to shorten it and it'll go right on.
by Chris M. on 08/09/2013
"This rail system is great! ITS SO SNUG on the G&P Vltor body. and G&P barrel assembly.


Takes a bit of work and focus to get it on but now that its on, it wont move at all. xD
by Connor C. on 07/09/2013
"I've had this RIS on my G&P WOC for about eight months. It is rock solid when you get it clamped down correctly using the fastening bolt on the top rail and lightly crimp the front handguard cap (the disk attached to the front sight/gas block).

It is styled perfectly for a USGI look and closely models the standard issue KAC handguard on most service carbines I've handled. The included rail covers and broomstick vertical grip are very similar to the issued KAC RAS.

You'll need a bit of muscle to get it installed and clamped down properly, but it should not take more than 20-30 minutes.
by Dave C. on 02/05/2013
"I bought this rail for my G&P WOC a few months ago and nothing short of remarkable. I wasn't sure of how I'd feel with a standard KAC RAS instead of a free-floating rail system, but I have no regrets whatsoever.

This rail is different than most two-pieced rail systems because it closely mimics the real steel KAC RAS in design and function. It even includes a KAC-styled vertical grip and 3 KAC-styled rail covers. Most other similar rail systems just simply "sit" on the delta ring teeth while being held in place by the delta ring itself. This rail system has a special lever that clamps onto a section of the delta ring to guarantee LITERALLY no movement. Unfortunately, this only applies to the top rail section. The bottom half doesn't clamp on to allow for easy removal for barrel-mounted M203's or anything of the sort.

The design and build quality of this rail is simply amazing. It was, however, lighter than I expected. Being made of aluminum, that's to be expected. The paint used was better than most, but I did notice a few spots of light coatings in the inside of some rail sections by the white numbering where the "white" of the metal showed through. Virtually unnoticeable though, unless you look for it.

The price here at Evike is also the lowest I've ever found anywhere online. This exact rail system retails for nearly $100 at other retailers, so $60 is a cut above the rest.

There's only one point I'd like to make when buying this rail. MAKE SURE YOUR HANDGUARD CAP IS STRONG! Due to the design of this rail, excessive tension is put on the upper portion of your handguard cap . There is a spring-loaded lever that pushes up against the handguard cap to keep it solid and immobile, so a steel cap is highly recommended. The handguard cap that came with the G&P WOC was made out of a weak aluminum so expect the cheaper ones to bend and flex out of shape over time.

Bottom line: If you're looking for a standard two-pieced rail system, you CANNOT go wrong with this one.
by Wesley K. on 10/27/2012
"First of all, this piece of artwork is amazingly crafted by G&P, exactly the quality I would expect from them. I bought this for my KWA CQR mod II, and it rocks. It needs some slight modification to fit, however.

On the D-Ring side (below the rail marked T16) is a pin that holds a metal piece into the rail. In order for this to fit on my gun, I had to pop the pin out and remove the piece of metal because it was contacting the piece that holds the D-Ring in place. I tried dremeling the piece first.... but it's made of stainless steel which is extremely hard to dremel. After I broke two dremel bits, I decided to just pop that pin out. It didn't change any aesthetics, and it appears that the piece was just there for realism reasons.

Keep in mind: This will ONLY FIT if you have a REAL STEEL size delta ring assembly. Every KWA and G&P has this, but I'm not sure about other brands. Do some research. This most likely WILL NOT fit a JG/CYMA/ECHO1 type cheaper gun. Those brands typically do not have real-steel delta ring assemblies, and you will be sorely disappointed if you expect this to fit.

Extremely well-constructed
Matte black, no glossy paint
Real-steel size, and has painted rail numbers for maximum realism
Absolutely zero wobble, snaps together very nicely
Comes with three rail covers and a real steel foregrip
Has bottom heat shield, again for realism (This piece is riveted in, you'll have to drill them out to take it off.)
Improves the aesthetic quality of any gun that it fits on
Doesn't require and dis-assembly of delta rings or triangle sights
Crafted from high-quality aluminium, not "pot metal" (AKA cast iron)
Much cheaper than if you bought it from another company

Needed slight modification to fit a KWA CQR mod II
WILL NOT FIT A BATTERY OF ANY SIZE (I bought the G&P 7.4 lipo PEQ15, highly recommended with this)
Not enough space to fit larger fuse holders (Had to re-rout my KWA one)

Overall 10/10 piece, very much worth the price.
by Jose R. on 09/20/2010
"is the RIS and the RIS panel made of metal?

will a li-poly battery fit inside this?
by Jose R. on 09/20/2010
"is the RIS and RIS panel made of metal? will a li-poly battery fit inside it? thanks for the answer!
by sue w. on 09/14/2010
"can a battery fit in here? please respond ASAP!!! im going to buy soon and i would like to know!!!! thank you!
by Kurt M. on 09/30/2009
"hey just wondering if this would fit on my jg m4a1 and if so will an 8.4 nd 9.6 battery fit in here?
by leticia e. on 10/11/2014
"I bought this for my VFC E-line M4 and it didnít fit well at all. It was a very tight fit and I had to take out a gas tube brace on the rail for it to fit on my gun. It is sturdy but it is a pain to get in because the bottom piece has to snap in (very tight) to the upper part which is already in the gun. My warning is make sure it fits your gun with no problem or you will have issues. Also my wires and fuse are mashed and bent because of it. Considering getting my gun rear wired.