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Model: GO-AIM-C5

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by Steve M. on 2011-01-12 15:41:05
"Got these a while back. Was on sale then. Was looking for a Goggle that would help with fogging. These work but not in cold temps. I played at HSP (Hollywood Sports Park) on a Friday night. Its was a cold night... you can see your breath. All tho the goggles did not fog up, a lot of moisture built up inside. I was sweating and it was cold. I just wish more air moved into the goggles. Ive yet to play a day game in these goggles, so im not sure if the temperature plays a major roll but ill let you guys know.

For the price, Great buy! Has a unique look and not many people have them.
Well made and looks and feels like it will take a beating :)

***DOES NOT FOG UP*** (Retains Moisture if sweating a lot) Cold temps only!) I think ;) lol
Ill post back after i have a day game to Re-Review my post.

Have Fun Out There!!!

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)