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KWA Full Metal 2GX 9mm Gearbox KM16BR / M16 Airsoft AEG - (Package: Rifle)

50 Customer Reviews

by Zach S. on 09/04/2008
"Love this gun. So much. Full metal, 410 FPS with .25g BB's, and 23 RPS with a 2100Mah Li-Poly battery. Superb KWA quality as usual, I added a Madbull Gemtech QD Silencer and a leapers red/green dot scope. 509mm barrel allows for pretty good accuracy stock. Better then KWA average. Highly recommend this gun. Also I got 20.3 RPS with a 9.6v 3000Mah battery for those who may want to use a 9.6 large type instead.
by ADAM L. on 03/02/2016
"I purchased the KWA KM16BR on a recommendation from several friends in the Pacific Northwest airsoft community. After using a bolt sniper (Well MB05) & an M4 (G&G CM16) for around 18 months, I decided it was time to purchase a medium- to long-range AEG. It was also very important that the AEG worked well enough straight out of the box to compete on the field without needing a ton of upgrades. The KWA KM16BR was the result.

Overall, the KWA KM16BR is a high-quality AEG that I expect to last for many years in tough use. The gun is well-made with good components & is easy to upgrade. I definitely recommend it if you are interested in an M16-style AEG that looks raw, shoots around 400+ FPS stock, & itís not important for you to have gadgets all over the gun.

This AEG feels very tough & has more weight to it than other AEGs made with polymer handguard & lowers. It is about one meter long making it possibly too large for younger players as well as difficult to handle in CQB (too much FPS for some indoor games anyways). The pistol grip has a nice little bump that sits between the middle & ring fingers to assist with proper handling ó I feel like my shooting hand glues to this gun! A very nice feature that is accurately modeled from the real steel M16A3 is the removable carry handle. It is easy to switch out different optics depending on what you like to use, but the included sights are definitely good & look rugged. There are two sling mounts integrated into the frame making a two-point sling a great accessory to help carry it in the field or assist with aiming. (I HIGHLY suggest a sling because I always see players exhausted from carrying their guns the whole day.) Aside the short top rail beneath the carry handle, there is no room for other optics or technology. Why not throw a wicked plastic knife on the bayonet lug at the front of the barrel to compensate?

In its stock form, the KM16BR is best suited for 0.25g BBs as 0.20g is too light & 0.28g is too heavy, but I knew this gun would get best results with 0.28s. The stock hop up bucking is a unique two-part unit that has little rubber teeth to hold the BB in place before firing. While this bucking is of good quality & should not be thrown away, it is not strong enough to properly spin 0.28s. I immediately replaced the original bucking with a Maple Leaf flat hop bucking. After putting a few magazines thru this upgraded rubber, it settled in very nicely with a flat shot out to around 150' & solid groupings using 0.28s. Without upgrading the spring it was shooting just above 400 FPS. Excellent!

For a battery, the KM16BR comes LoPo-ready if you like, which is awesome. You can use an 8.4 or 9.6 NiCad as well as 7.4 or 11.1 LiPo without modification ó it even includes the large-to-small type adapter so you can use large- or small-type batteries right away. The only downside to using the 11.1 LiPo is it will put more wear on the gearbox, but it will shoot super-snappy. I have used a 7.4 LiPo in games & am happy with the results, but am also confident that my 9.6v will be great, too. The battery compartment in the stock is large enough for a two small batteries to fit, or a battery plus a granola bar for the field!

This gun is LOUD. You canít be too stealthy using this beast as anyone nearby will hear you shooting. I believe this is a result of the empty space in the front handguard as well as the large stock. Filling these spaces with some kind of foam will undoubtedly help reduce vibration & make it a little quieter. For those who like it loud, donít change it & youíll be happy.

One downside is that some magazines work better than others with this gun. The included KWA mid-cap works flawlessly, whereas my Elite Force M4 mid-caps sometimes worked better than others. The first few shots with the Elite force mags would misfeed, but after getting thru about ten BBs it was perfect. All my hi-caps worked perfectly including G&G and Elite Force. If you can afford to, I suggest buying KWA mags for best results. On a similar note, this gun does NOT include a speed loader.

Something sad: out of the box, my hop up unit required disassembly & maintenance to operate properly. No AEG should require repair when it is first opened & has not been used yet! Having said that, it is also important to understand that any new AEG will need 500-1000 shots plus a barrel cleaning before all parts settle into place & work perfectly. Anyways, my friends were there to help me & it was a minor issue that took fifteen minutes to fix ó no big deal.

4/5 stars for being picky on mags & needing some fixing before use. I canít wait to get into another game with this thing!

Excellent out-of-the-box performance
Tough build
Accurate & good range
High ROF
Quick-change carry handle/rail
Includes nice KWA mid-cap
Made for 0.25g BBs

Can be picky on mags
Large frame (not for tiny people)
Heavy (not for tiny people)
No speed loader
Suggest replacing hop up bucking for best performance (not totally necessary)
Tip is really really orange
by Devin M. on 02/03/2016
"This gun is amazing,feels SOLID. There is absolutely no wobble at all with this gun.I got this gun on Christmas so I have been having it for 2 months now. I have gotten so many kills with this. One thing I would like to mention is that when I received this gun the hop up did not work and I have yet to fix it, but even without the hop up working you still can get 150 feet. I would totally recommend this gun to experienced players and beginners.

Pros: huge full stock can hold any battery's (I use a matrix 9.6 4000mah)
No wobble at all
Very nice feel full metal and very nice polymer
Shoots like a dream

Cons: very bright flash hider
The hand guard is so solid and secure it can be a pain in the ass to get it off (2 man job)
9 pounds might be a little heavy for small people but I like the wait,also gives it realism.
Hop up didn't work

Other than that the gun is amazing I am in the process of turning mine into a DMR. I give this 4 stars just because of the hop up.
by Alec S. on 04/12/2012
"This overall is a good gun but not for what I need and this is why. The gun is long and heavy, a natural dmr, well I did not think as my fields are all cqb( SO Cal) so ya.

metal body
full stock
high rate of fire
sturdy grips

2 piece hop up- do not know much about hop ups but 2 pieces are not as good as one pieces.
HARD TO OPEN- I was putting in a tight bore and man is this thing hard to take apart(not hard as difficult but as in you need a lot of force to open the metal body)
long(not for cqb)
and for some reason the stock is small than the g+p(I could fit my old stick in the g+p but not this and have a harder time putting in larger batteries)

Overall this is a great gun if you have the money to buy rails(hand guard rails) a bi-pod, good scope, and a tightbore.
by tom G. on 11/21/2011
"I was very happy to own this KWA, the rate of fire is great and the motor is great too. My only complaint of this gun is the effective range isnt very adequate for a airsoft rifle of KWA's caliber.