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by James H. on 2010-02-28 00:10:32
"Ok, I normally dont waist time with reviews but I have to get this out! LOL! Ok, I have been rocking the crap out of my KWA weekend after weekend at a local field and even some heavy backyard wide open trigger holding and it refuses to die. I've owned, upgraded, and maintained many models and brands such as classic army, tokyo marui, Echo1, JG, and G&Gs and I will say this is the most solid of them all. It never fails me, even when using 11.1v 25C batteries all the time. If your going to build the one bad azz gun, this is the one to base it on. Ya $300-400 is a lot of money to base a project gun on, but you wont be disappointed. I have upgraded a few things on my KWA as such as a Mosfet, Prometheus 590mm 6.03 TB Barrel, Cylinder, & Systema M120 Spring, Systema Motor, and it all pays off when you eliminate 9+ out of 25 players on the other team,.. game after game! It never mis-feeds, and its not too loud because the body and mech are pretty thick trapping some of the sound.

Very Solid
Great Beefed Out Bearing System!
Solid Thick Gearbox
Good Looking Externals
Perfect ROF stock about 22-23 RPS (mine runs 27-28 RPS now)
Compatible with almost everything!
Loves MAG brand magazines (they are cheap but this gun loves them for some reason??)
When rocking this gun other players on my team seem to stay close to me for some reason.... ;) LOL!
Li-Po Ready yes,.. but get a Mosfet, Deans Ultra Plugs, and use a 25C+ Li-po and you will be amazed!

Barrel that this comes with is better for ROF, but not so great for super tight groupings.
FPS dropped kinds quick, but springs are cheap, I recommend the M120 Systema pitched out version. All springs settle out different so it could have been just on mne. ...and yes I leave the spring uncompressed.. duh. LOL! Great gun! Dont be scared to get one they are nice,.. be scared if you see me with mine! LOL!
by Tracie S. on 2010-01-30 20:00:10
"BEST GUN EVER!!! I have it shooting almost 500fps at a max range of about 200ft. Thats with about a $150 worth in upgrades. If you are looking for a M16 this is what you are looking for. This is feared by all my friends, and anyone out on the feild. So at a low price for $315 this is worth every penny, and about a millon more.
by Tyler J. on 2010-01-20 03:06:23
"This gun is a beauty, I have this gun for almost a year and the only I have done internally is upgrade the barrell with a tighter bore barrell than it already had. Externally I have add a red dot scope and am waiting for a M203 Grenade launcher to come in. It weighs around 10lbs, so during a long duration match it will get heavy, I recommend a 3pt sling. It is also long so using it around trees and corners can be difficult just back up a little use your front sight as a pivot and you should be fine. FPS is around 410 the last time I chrono with .20g. I recommend for dedicated players, who are willing to put a little bit more money into their airsoft guns but the extra cost is worth having a gun which is feared by most players. HAPPY HUNTING
by Jim M. on 2009-10-06 16:13:48
"This gun is amazing. It shoots straight, its got a good weight, a nice gearbox. It is a little bit loud, but thats no biggie. I have a 2 Roy Tactical M203 40 mm grenade launcher, and it works amazingly. I would recommend this gun to anyone and everyone, it is been working for me in every battle for a year, which is a ton of shooting.
by David M. on 2009-04-28 20:26:53
"I purchased this rifle in preparation for a big local skirmish. I unpacked it and found with .25 gram BB's it was clocking 432 FPS!! Accuracy was excellent and the rate of fire with a Lipo battery is way beyond what we expected. The stream of BB's from the barrel seems like a solid stream. This gun is FEARED on the battle field. Hard hitting and accurate.

I eventually went with a pair of 9.6v 3800 mah NHi batteries. I carry an extra but have yet to have to change it in the field. The rate of fire is almost indistinguishable from the Lipo battery.
by Hunter S. on 2009-04-21 04:12:37
"This gun is a complete and total beast awesome rate of fire and range I shoot at the same distance as most sniper rifles. I got the rifle for a tournament and it poned everyone at practice. We played a night game andi shot one team member in the face on accident and i busted his nose so badly he was bleeding. When I chronoed it with a .25 bb it was shooting at 432.1 fps consistantly. I would tottaly recomend this gun for anyone except those who are not able to carry a heavy gun caus when you start to run with it it can get awfully heavy.
by Bret S. on 2009-01-31 00:59:22
"Can you customize this or put a red dot sight on this. I thank you for your time.

Webmaster: Of course. T O N S of things you can do to it. Most scopes / red dot fits it. RIS, stocks, front end, metal body, internal hopup name it.
by Calvin H. on 2009-01-19 19:38:57
"All I can say about the KWA is that it is feared on the fields here. I am wondering about the maximum capacity of the lipoly battery. Would it be wise to try to get a 14.8V 2200mAh 15C lipo battery in its place?

Webmaster: NO! You can kill your motor instantly with anything higher than a 11.1V / 12V.
by CJ E. on 2008-12-21 19:19:29
"What? NO the internals are not the same

The internals on the KW16 are more reinforced and can actually take a lipo. The KW36c has lower quality parts and can only take up to a 9.6v battery.

Webmaster: The gearbox on a g36 is version 3 t ype. M4 / M16 is Version 2 type. The gears are the same KWA reinforced gears and so are the material of other parts. Motor, piston....ect are all KWA.
Both are lipoly ready really. The term "lipoly ready" stands for AEG with high quality parts to counter the higher rate of wear and tear.
by zachary w. on 2008-12-14 21:00:19
"The KM16 is the best AEG I've ever owned or seen anywhere. If you run lipo through it you will not be disappointed. The redesigned gearbox is rock solid. This gun is fast and powerful. When they say 430 FPS they mean it. Mine shot 430 outta the box and settled at 429. My firing rate is unknown but it is well over 25BB's Per second. If your looking for maximum performance this is the gun you want.
by Gabriel V. on 2008-12-05 21:05:01
"For Paul:

I have the kwa g36 and it has the same internals so you should get about the same results i did. Basically it almost double the ROF (rate of fire) of your gun. It should bring it to about 35 rps (2100 rpm) this is an amazing rate of fire but just so you know, any guns piston will wear down after 50 or 60 thousand shots, and with a higher rate of fire that will go faster. Also the large 4000mah one will last about 20 thousand shots on a single charge which is way more than enough for a game (probably for 2 months) Just so you know you have to be really careful with Li-polly batteries cause they can explode if you overcharge them or if they overheat so ask about it when you buy it.
by Ian M. on 2008-11-28 19:14:36
"question: has anyone bought this gun from this site and gotten the battery/charger upgrade? if so, what battery and charger do they give you?

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