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by Michael M. on 2016-09-10 15:52:19
"After 1 year of having this, It still works like i just bought it....
by ADAM L. on 2016-03-02 17:37:14
"I purchased the KWA KM16BR on a recommendation from several friends in the Pacific Northwest airsoft community. After using a bolt sniper (Well MB05) & an M4 (G&G CM16) for around 18 months, I decided it was time to purchase a medium- to long-range AEG. It was also very important that the AEG worked well enough straight out of the box to compete on the field without needing a ton of upgrades. The KWA KM16BR was the result.

Overall, the KWA KM16BR is a high-quality AEG that I expect to last for many years in tough use. The gun is well-made with good components & is easy to upgrade. I definitely recommend it if you are interested in an M16-style AEG that looks raw, shoots around 400+ FPS stock, & itís not important for you to have gadgets all over the gun.

This AEG feels very tough & has more weight to it than other AEGs made with polymer handguard & lowers. It is about one meter long making it possibly too large for younger players as well as difficult to handle in CQB (too much FPS for some indoor games anyways). The pistol grip has a nice little bump that sits between the middle & ring fingers to assist with proper handling ó I feel like my shooting hand glues to this gun! A very nice feature that is accurately modeled from the real steel M16A3 is the removable carry handle. It is easy to switch out different optics depending on what you like to use, but the included sights are definitely good & look rugged. There are two sling mounts integrated into the frame making a two-point sling a great accessory to help carry it in the field or assist with aiming. (I HIGHLY suggest a sling because I always see players exhausted from carrying their guns the whole day.) Aside the short top rail beneath the carry handle, there is no room for other optics or technology. Why not throw a wicked plastic knife on the bayonet lug at the front of the barrel to compensate?

In its stock form, the KM16BR is best suited for 0.25g BBs as 0.20g is too light & 0.28g is too heavy, but I knew this gun would get best results with 0.28s. The stock hop up bucking is a unique two-part unit that has little rubber teeth to hold the BB in place before firing. While this bucking is of good quality & should not be thrown away, it is not strong enough to properly spin 0.28s. I immediately replaced the original bucking with a Maple Leaf flat hop bucking. After putting a few magazines thru this upgraded rubber, it settled in very nicely with a flat shot out to around 150' & solid groupings using 0.28s. Without upgrading the spring it was shooting just above 400 FPS. Excellent!

For a battery, the KM16BR comes LoPo-ready if you like, which is awesome. You can use an 8.4 or 9.6 NiCad as well as 7.4 or 11.1 LiPo without modification ó it even includes the large-to-small type adapter so you can use large- or small-type batteries right away. The only downside to using the 11.1 LiPo is it will put more wear on the gearbox, but it will shoot super-snappy. I have used a 7.4 LiPo in games & am happy with the results, but am also confident that my 9.6v will be great, too. The battery compartment in the stock is large enough for a two small batteries to fit, or a battery plus a granola bar for the field!

This gun is LOUD. You canít be too stealthy using this beast as anyone nearby will hear you shooting. I believe this is a result of the empty space in the front handguard as well as the large stock. Filling these spaces with some kind of foam will undoubtedly help reduce vibration & make it a little quieter. For those who like it loud, donít change it & youíll be happy.

One downside is that some magazines work better than others with this gun. The included KWA mid-cap works flawlessly, whereas my Elite Force M4 mid-caps sometimes worked better than others. The first few shots with the Elite force mags would misfeed, but after getting thru about ten BBs it was perfect. All my hi-caps worked perfectly including G&G and Elite Force. If you can afford to, I suggest buying KWA mags for best results. On a similar note, this gun does NOT include a speed loader.

Something sad: out of the box, my hop up unit required disassembly & maintenance to operate properly. No AEG should require repair when it is first opened & has not been used yet! Having said that, it is also important to understand that any new AEG will need 500-1000 shots plus a barrel cleaning before all parts settle into place & work perfectly. Anyways, my friends were there to help me & it was a minor issue that took fifteen minutes to fix ó no big deal.

4/5 stars for being picky on mags & needing some fixing before use. I canít wait to get into another game with this thing!

Excellent out-of-the-box performance
Tough build
Accurate & good range
High ROF
Quick-change carry handle/rail
Includes nice KWA mid-cap
Made for 0.25g BBs

Can be picky on mags
Large frame (not for tiny people)
Heavy (not for tiny people)
No speed loader
Suggest replacing hop up bucking for best performance (not totally necessary)
Tip is really really orange
by Justin K. on 2016-02-20 11:01:54
"A really awesome gun haven't had it in battle again but used it for the first time the put a few rounds down range unbelievable for performance reaches out there really far and hit hard can fit a large 9.6 volt 4000 mili amp hour battery in stock build quality is solid but not too heavy to where you would be fatigue out in the field for a long period of time it is fairly long is the only downside but that's the only negative I could come up with for is the length. That's expected with this type of would definitely recommend for out of the box fun this is the best choice it is very very solid and well built went with this gun because I wanted a standard battle rifle with straight iron sights and no optics at all and also wanted to utilize a large 9.6 volt 4000 - 5000 battery my only negative I find is it does not have factory trademarks from any manufacturer except for the manufacture of the airsoft but that's a very minor minor minor things
by Devin M. on 2016-02-03 17:14:51
"This gun is amazing,feels SOLID. There is absolutely no wobble at all with this gun.I got this gun on Christmas so I have been having it for 2 months now. I have gotten so many kills with this. One thing I would like to mention is that when I received this gun the hop up did not work and I have yet to fix it, but even without the hop up working you still can get 150 feet. I would totally recommend this gun to experienced players and beginners.

Pros: huge full stock can hold any battery's (I use a matrix 9.6 4000mah)
No wobble at all
Very nice feel full metal and very nice polymer
Shoots like a dream

Cons: very bright flash hider
The hand guard is so solid and secure it can be a pain in the ass to get it off (2 man job)
9 pounds might be a little heavy for small people but I like the wait,also gives it realism.
Hop up didn't work

Other than that the gun is amazing I am in the process of turning mine into a DMR. I give this 4 stars just because of the hop up.
by John B. on 2016-01-01 14:52:11
"German Schutzen IS the most demanding accuracy competition for any air soft rifle, the KM16BR equiped with the KWA Teflon/ nitride, tight bore 602, and useing the stock iron sights, (rules) This KM16BR,gx2, is a competitions winner, the very serious Schutzen rifleman are using this same setup, powerful, accurate and overbuilt, this rifle has become a classic of great preformance producing a string of wins in Schutzen air soft, (service rifle class) giving years of preformance and reliability. Schutzen will often use the 8.4 v nimh, the best .25 soft pel avalible (KWA again) Shutzen is a test of accuracy, the rifle, and the shooter, ranges varry so a excellent hop up is required, surprisingly the stock unit is excellent, the full size rifle gives the best iron sighting radius, it's often joked that the BR stands for "bench rest"; this rifle is outstanding, period full stop.
by Michael O. on 2015-12-16 04:36:16
"I've had this gun for about 5 years and it has never once had a problem. Mine shoots at about 425 fps with .20's but I tend to use .25's with this beautiful rifle. It's solid, strong, and has a great weight to it. At 285$ this gun is worth the money IF you're looking for a reliable gun that will get very respectable distance, can fire fast, and can handle a large battery.

If you're looking to eventually upgrade your rifle and you're not comfortable with using blades and saws on your pieces, look elsewhere. Other than spring upgrades you AREN'T going to find many upgrades for this, and getting an alternative handguard to fit this piece has been extremely difficult.
by Healy A. on 2015-04-30 14:49:59
"This gun is sexy as hell. My friend has a Kwa sr10, so we decided to compare them. What we found out was that the two gun are the exact same functionality-wise, and the sr10 is 65$ more. The only reason this one costs less is because it has a full stock and a hand-guard instead of rails. Personally I don't mind this at all. The only downside is that if you have a long rifle scope it doesn't fit correctly due to the hand-guard. Other than that, It's a great buy
by Chace D. on 2015-04-02 20:11:04
"This was my first rifle I ever bought not from evike but from a local retail, this gun is the best I've ever owned I've only upgraded the spring (150)and inner barrel (6.03) and have owned it for over 7years with no problems at all(regular maintenance/cleaning) this gun is flawless and recommend it to any assault rifle player there is only one con I have found with this gun over the year and its the fuse this gun is lipoready out of box but the fuse wears fast upgrade to a 50a fuse and you'll be fine for a couple months if quality and performance is what your looking for kwa has what you need
by Colton S. on 2014-11-01 09:15:19
"Great gun, fires hard around 410fps solid range about 150 - 200 ft with hop up adjusted makes a great dmr platform. The only con I can think of is magpul hand guards don't fit without modification had to dremel mine down a good bit to get them to fit in the delta ring.

shoots hard
nice stock range
fast rate of rife
great dmr

Magpul hand guards don't fit without modification
by Grant D. on 2014-05-23 17:45:33
"Great weapon. Really liked the externals and internals alike. It will not disappoint.

Range and accuracy are good, and i'm only using .20s at the moment. You need .25s or .28s with this thing as it's a monster and it can handle them. Sends my friends off running. 20+ rps is true.
by Josh O. on 2013-08-12 09:12:55
"This gun is pretty phenomenal. I run it on a 9.6v 4000mah NiMH battery and it gives me about 20 rps. It keeps up with my trigger finger on semi no matter what which is great. The range on it stock isnt bad, but could be better. I bought a prometheus barrel and a soft type prometheus bucking and i get roughly 250 ft or range now, even though its a 95 dollar upgrade, i HIGHLY recommend it. Taking off the front sight is probably the hardest thing ive ever done, keep in mind. I put rails on it and now it just looks sexy
Fantastic rof without need for lipo
Very sturdy construction
Delta ring comes off with heat easily to put on rails
Decent stock range (upgradable range)
Very strong gears, all around beautiful gearbox 2GX=Flawless
Orange paint on tip WILL come off easily and become white
Range isnt what it needs to be (if you dont upgrade)
Nearly impossible to remove front sight (could be a pro if you want to keep it)
Probably not as good as its VFC M16
Cant change hop up
Hard to find gearbox parts to upgrade (not that you need to)

Overall: 9/10 In my honest opinion i would probably recommend the G&P or VFC M16 over this one, simply because the 2gx bucking isnt all that great and its hard to find another bucking that works smoothly with the proprietary hop up
by lucas D. on 2012-11-09 21:25:24
"This gun is an amazing buy. For the airsofters who want a reliable gun that is very high quality and will last for years, this is the gun to buy. KWA is known for its high quality guns, i got this gun during the summer and i can say that this gun hasn't let me down yet. The rate of fire is respectable along with the range and fps. If you are looking for a gun that will shock your enemies and dominate the field, look no further. I personally wanted to buy and M4A1 when i first got into airsoft, but when i read the reviews about this gun i couldn't argue. This gun is a must have for serious airsofters who will continue to play airsoft for years.

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