Reviews: KWA Full Metal KM16BR Airsoft AEG (Newest 2GX 9mm Version)


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Model: AEG-KWA-M16
Location: L3-058

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by Colton S. on 2014-11-01 09:15:19
"Great gun, fires hard around 410fps solid range about 150 - 200 ft with hop up adjusted makes a great dmr platform. The only con I can think of is magpul hand guards don't fit without modification had to dremel mine down a good bit to get them to fit in the delta ring.

shoots hard
nice stock range
fast rate of rife
great dmr

Magpul hand guards don't fit without modification
by Grant D. on 2014-05-23 17:45:33
"Great weapon. Really liked the externals and internals alike. It will not disappoint.

Range and accuracy are good, and i'm only using .20s at the moment. You need .25s or .28s with this thing as it's a monster and it can handle them. Sends my friends off running. 20+ rps is true.
by Josh O. on 2013-08-12 09:12:55
"This gun is pretty phenomenal. I run it on a 9.6v 4000mah NiMH battery and it gives me about 20 rps. It keeps up with my trigger finger on semi no matter what which is great. The range on it stock isnt bad, but could be better. I bought a prometheus barrel and a soft type prometheus bucking and i get roughly 250 ft or range now, even though its a 95 dollar upgrade, i HIGHLY recommend it. Taking off the front sight is probably the hardest thing ive ever done, keep in mind. I put rails on it and now it just looks sexy
Fantastic rof without need for lipo
Very sturdy construction
Delta ring comes off with heat easily to put on rails
Decent stock range (upgradable range)
Very strong gears, all around beautiful gearbox 2GX=Flawless
Orange paint on tip WILL come off easily and become white
Range isnt what it needs to be (if you dont upgrade)
Nearly impossible to remove front sight (could be a pro if you want to keep it)
Probably not as good as its VFC M16
Cant change hop up
Hard to find gearbox parts to upgrade (not that you need to)

Overall: 9/10 In my honest opinion i would probably recommend the G&P or VFC M16 over this one, simply because the 2gx bucking isnt all that great and its hard to find another bucking that works smoothly with the proprietary hop up
by lucas D. on 2012-11-09 21:25:24
"This gun is an amazing buy. For the airsofters who want a reliable gun that is very high quality and will last for years, this is the gun to buy. KWA is known for its high quality guns, i got this gun during the summer and i can say that this gun hasn't let me down yet. The rate of fire is respectable along with the range and fps. If you are looking for a gun that will shock your enemies and dominate the field, look no further. I personally wanted to buy and M4A1 when i first got into airsoft, but when i read the reviews about this gun i couldn't argue. This gun is a must have for serious airsofters who will continue to play airsoft for years.
by Danny C. on 2012-09-19 19:47:42
"I got this gun for christmas last year first edition, and honestly i have no idea why they made a second! the gun has great performance, amazing FPS, and even better accuracy!!! I have had one problem with the gun my motor wires got lose and it stopped firing but it was an easy fix all i had to do was open up the grip and put the wires back on the motor. A little pricy but totally worth it!

-many upgrades available

by Ada B. on 2012-08-31 17:18:24
"I've had this gun for about a year, and it"s sweet! It has a respectful rate of fire and has a lot of range and accuracy with a 590mm barrel 6.0 barrel. 9mm parts are not as common to find opposed to 8mm parts, but its worth it! This gun deserves 5 stars, KWA pride!
by Tyler P. on 2012-08-04 21:33:21
"I absolutely love mine! It is crazy accurate and with a 6.01 tight bore and an ascu fire control system, it is a force to be reconed with. With an 11.1v lipo and the ascu, it rips about 28.5 rps!!! (thats what i chronod it at with an xcortech chrono) Overall i am very happy with this gun and would definantly buy this product again (get flash mags with this too, they are a little bit of a tight fit but they are so worth it)
by Alec S. on 2012-04-12 00:03:30
"This overall is a good gun but not for what I need and this is why. The gun is long and heavy, a natural dmr, well I did not think as my fields are all cqb( SO Cal) so ya.

metal body
full stock
high rate of fire
sturdy grips

2 piece hop up- do not know much about hop ups but 2 pieces are not as good as one pieces.
HARD TO OPEN- I was putting in a tight bore and man is this thing hard to take apart(not hard as difficult but as in you need a lot of force to open the metal body)
long(not for cqb)
and for some reason the stock is small than the g+p(I could fit my old stick in the g+p but not this and have a harder time putting in larger batteries)

Overall this is a great gun if you have the money to buy rails(hand guard rails) a bi-pod, good scope, and a tightbore.
by tom G. on 2011-11-21 17:54:21
"I was very happy to own this KWA, the rate of fire is great and the motor is great too. My only complaint of this gun is the effective range isnt very adequate for a airsoft rifle of KWA's caliber.
by Mason J. on 2011-10-04 05:07:24
"KWA M16A3 is a very amazing gun. Now KWA might have some problems but they are generally small.
Now some people hate on KWA saying they break or suck, but they perform amazing out of the box and generally don't break for years upon years other than some minor fixes if that.

Anyway the KWA KM16BR is a VERY accurate, reliable, and high rof rifle that I love and has been my main for close to a year.
by Tyler F. on 2011-09-17 22:07:36
"This gun is sweet. I have had no problems with the gun since i got it. Cant expect anything less from KWA.

-mostly metal
-handguard doesnt wobble like on other m16 makes
-its from KWA
-High rate of fire
-AMAZING accuracy with a good barrel (6.03 or better)
-high fps. (mine is shooting as of right now over 450fps with .25's)
-(probably my favorite part) a nice big stock to fit a big battery

-the barrel that comes with it is weak thats just about it though

KWA continues to impress!! I love this thing.
by Aaron J. on 2011-06-20 19:22:23
"This gun is absolutely amazing. All I can say about this gun is deadly accurate, amazingly high rate of fire, sturdy when running and firing, and fits any size battery in its stock. If you do not have this gun I highly recommend buying it. I have no cons about this gun, only the pros I listed above. GET THIS GUN!!! You will own anyone at the airsoft field especially if you upgrade to a LiPo battery which I highly recommend!

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