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KWA Full Metal 2GX 9mm Gearbox KM16BR / M16 Airsoft AEG - (Package: Rifle)

50 Customer Reviews

by zachary w. on 12/14/2008
"The KM16 is the best AEG I've ever owned or seen anywhere. If you run lipo through it you will not be disappointed. The redesigned gearbox is rock solid. This gun is fast and powerful. When they say 430 FPS they mean it. Mine shot 430 outta the box and settled at 429. My firing rate is unknown but it is well over 25BB's Per second. If your looking for maximum performance this is the gun you want.
by Gabriel V. on 12/05/2008
"For Paul:

I have the kwa g36 and it has the same internals so you should get about the same results i did. Basically it almost double the ROF (rate of fire) of your gun. It should bring it to about 35 rps (2100 rpm) this is an amazing rate of fire but just so you know, any guns piston will wear down after 50 or 60 thousand shots, and with a higher rate of fire that will go faster. Also the large 4000mah one will last about 20 thousand shots on a single charge which is way more than enough for a game (probably for 2 months) Just so you know you have to be really careful with Li-polly batteries cause they can explode if you overcharge them or if they overheat so ask about it when you buy it.
by Ian M. on 11/28/2008
"question: has anyone bought this gun from this site and gotten the battery/charger upgrade? if so, what battery and charger do they give you?
by Paul S. on 11/23/2008
"ive had this gun for about 2 months now and i love it. amazing rof wit just a 9.6 but the stock accuracy isnt the best. i would get a tight bore and a new buking. i just decided to go ahead and purchase the 11.1v large type lipoly battery from this site. i was wondering, since its 4000mah and 40A or somethin will that make a difference or be bad for this gun? thanx (AMAZING GUN) !!!!
by kyle b. on 11/13/2008
"First of all i just wanna say this is the best gun i think i have ever owned. the ROF is simply amazing with a 11.1v lipo (my friend has the kwa m4 and he runs a 11.1 lipo) as expected but i am using a 9.6v 4500 MaH high output and it is comparable to the lipo. me and my friend with the kwa m4 compared his with the lipo to mine with the 9.6 and his ROF is slightly higher. i think its cause my battery has such a high mah. mah = rounds but it also can boost rof by a small amount just so nobody tells me i'm an idiot for thinking that mah = rof. over all with the gun it is extremely solid. all the plastic on the gun is as tough as plastic comes. my magazine has wobble but that doesn't bother me and a little electrical tape can fix that easily. the stock accuracy is terrible but i put a mad bull tight bore (6.03mm) and systema bucking in my gun and it was amazingly accurate. i would recommend this gun to any1 looking to buy the best stock m16 on the market. when i bought this i debated between this one and the G&G m16 (i have a friend who owns one of these) and i am very happy i chose this gun. i compared it to my friends G&G and the ROF and Solidness of the G&G just cant compare.
by tyler b. on 10/22/2008
"i just bought this gun and i love it very strong and long but very acurate i mounted a red dot on top of the carrying handle and its so good dont need scope raisers or anything its the best gun i have ever bought. GO EVIKE !!!
by insignia d. on 10/06/2008
"AMAZING!!!!!!!!! my friend has this gun the range great and the hpoup is solid its very accurate great fps EXTREMELY GOOD GUN its looks way better in person
by Kevin C. on 09/25/2008
"Hey guys. Anyone know if an M203 Launcher can fit into this gun? It seems a bit large for it.


(rated 5 becuase i have a G&G SR-25)
by Zach S. on 09/23/2008
"Yea, you would probably have to down grade the spring, check the rules at your local fields because cause you might just be able to buy a velocity reducer which they sell on here for 15 bucks which just screw on the end of the barrel and will decrease the velocity by switching out these little bands. Decreases the FPS anywhere from like 3-48% I think. Most fields dont allow them however. Im pissed that they lowered the price. I bought mine on pre-order for 315. now its 280. damn. you would think the preorder would be cheaper.
by Matt t. on 09/22/2008
"so what if i put a 120 sping would that do anything to it beucas my limits mostly everyware is 400 so i dono if i really want to degrade it but ill probally have to oo well and yeah the KWA kicks ass i love it evike is the best!
by Zach S. on 09/16/2008
"Correct, It will not hold a 10.8 volt battery. A 9.6 volt fits snug, I got a Lipo with mine. Thats where the magics at. I agree a tight bore and new hop up bucking would be a good upgrade for this gun. Will probably do eventually. Stick in a Madbull 509mm tight bore barrel along with a firefly bucking.
by Paul S. on 09/15/2008
"i dont think this thing can fit a large type 10.8 can it onlly 9.6 is biggest exept for lipo am i right?
by Alfonso B. on 09/13/2008
"If your going to get this gun I would get a scope of your choice a 10.8v large type battery or lipo and a 550mm prometheus tight bore inner barrel with a guarder 70% hop up bucking rubber. THATS IT!
by Alfonso B. on 09/13/2008
"If you have or are getting this gun don't put a new motor in. The kwa motors are just fine. What I've learned is that kwa made their guns and all of there internals perfectly, so that everything balances out to get the best performance out of a stock gun. If you ever get an aeg from kwa, do not touch the internals or change the motor grip until you start having problems with your gun (which will probably not be for a long time). The motor alignment and everything in the internals are perfect. Do not get a kwa if your planning on upgrading all the internals right away. If you get the right battery I promise you that you won't want to tamper with any of the internals. Putting a 9.6v through any of the kwa aegs will give you a definite 20+ rps. Putting a lipo through the km4 cqb will give you almost 35rps!
by Paul S. on 09/12/2008
"if i was o put a hi speed systema motor in this do you think it would be able to handle it ? i changed from the g&g gr16 a3 to this after seeing my friends kwa m4a1 that thing is bad ass but i waned a little more acuracy and i like the m16 look better.