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30 Customer Reviews

by benny h. on 11/04/2008
"micheal C plz tell me what you did to make yours 600 fps,this will be my first gun so I dont know how to upgrade it but i will learn fast(i built my own PC)
by Michael C. on 11/02/2008
"This is an outstanding gun. For it's price, it beats everything out there. It shoots at approx. 400 FPS with .20's out of the box, and has a nice rate of fire of about 900. It's VERY accurate. Up to 200 feet. It's quite short, and has 20mm rails EVERYWHERE. So, there will be no problem finding room for your lasers, scopes, vertical grips, flashlights, and all sorts of stuff.

Another plus is that the metal won't rust, unless you abuse it to the point where it's in pieces.

You can also upgrade it. A whole lot. I got mine pumped up to 620 FPS and a 608mm Prometheus barrel. Which, if you think about it, is sort of sick in the head. The whole gun kicks and screams as you fire it, and will reach out and tag someone 300 feet.
by benny h. on 10/30/2008
"is this gun full metal and will it take echo 1 mags? thxs
by Michael G. on 10/09/2008
"I love my KM4s. it is my favorite gun.
I upgraded:
mad bull ver2 precision brl, madbull 120 spring, new piston o ring, JLS ported piston head, magpul stock, magpul grip, Aimpoint red dot.
I run 11.1 2100mah Lipo.
This gun rocks. super rof, super accurate. impressive hitting power 475+fps.
I dremeled the screw holes in the front grip hinging mechanism to give it some room to fit as the lipo's Need a little more room to fit without crushing the pack.
Excellent balance this is the most comfortable m4 i have ever felt.
I recommend this gun. it is a solid reliable, powerful gun in stock form and it is an absolute monster when unleashed with the best in aftermarket parts available for this thing is inexaustable.
by Tony M. on 09/16/2008
"This is ounce for ounce the best aeg in it's price range. I like to fine-tune all of my guns to the max and it usually costs an arm and a leg, but not this baby! All I did was add a tbb and she's KIGGAZZ!!!!! The mag works smooth as silk, the body is rock solid, and the gear box is the best I've seen. If you want to turn your opponents into whining little bitches, buy a KWA.
by Dewayne P. on 06/27/2008
"This is the gun to own if you want a out of the box marvelous rifle worth every cent you pay plus more. I got this exact same gun at a dealer where I live and this is by far with no doubt the best gun you can get right out of the box on the market. The 400 fps isn't a ex adjuration it shot 398 when I tested it. The hop up is easily adjustable. Fully metal inside and out except for the stock which has little wobble but servers its purpose and the hand grip on it that is made from ABS plastic so it does it justice. Flip up front and rear sights that are adjustable. Pure jet black finish on the gun through and through. Sturdy as can be with the R.I.S. on it extending from the top front to the top back so it is insured. accuracy is amazing. It is lipo ready when you are BUT just keep in mind if you use the lipo on it it will wear your inner parts down quicker with all the speed that is pushed into it. Only go lipo if you are a true airsoft player that is willing to replace the parts when ever they wear away and need replacements.

-to sum this up quickly everything is a pro except for these cons

-slight wobble to the mag and stock
(they server there purpose perfectly)
by nicholas r. on 06/25/2008
"one of the most amazazazing rifle i have ever fired. yeah it was my friend who let me fire it but holy no-no word , this m fer will tear you up! we had a skirmish today and the bbs he fired pretty much went into my arm!!!!! i gotta get this! (he got the lipoly battery too)
by David N. on 06/11/2008
"This gun is so high quality.I am able to get a li poly battery with 11.1V,1600 mah and rated at 20C.When I put it in the gun the ROF becomes so high I barely could hear individual round.I would highly recommend this gun to anyone.One precaution;When you get the gun make sure you put some "loctite glue for screw" for the small locking pin inside the battery compartment for the spring lock.Mine came loose after a few shots .Luckily it happened in the house .If it happen in the field I don't think I will be able to find it.Otherwise this gun is very good and worth every penny you paid .
by Lisa T. on 07/12/2012
"So I've had this gun for a year now and it still works perfectly its pretty light and nice to and I'm really short I only gave this gun 4 stars because of the poor battery compartment ya you can fit an 8.4 perfectly but no one wats to do that. I bought a battery bag and custom wired it to the out side it worked perfect around 20 reps with a 9.6 I have an 11.1 lipo now and its like 25 rpshighly recommended.
by Todd N. on 09/26/2011
"after buying this gun i was very disapointed to find that the battery compartment was the worst battery compartment that i have ever seen, i couldnt even fit an 8.4 1100 ni-mh into it. after switching out the hand guard for a more classic versoin of the m4 hand guard, the gun worked great, at 420 fps and a 25 bb's per second rate of fire, this gun dominates at any airsoft field. i give this gun 4 stars becuase of the terrible battery compartment and becuase after buying all the replacement parts the gun came to a huge 500$ price.
by Ian F. on 05/03/2011
"I have been playing airsoft for about 5 years and this was my first experience with really high end guns. My friend purchased this after about 3 years of messing around with springers, then snipers, then JG m4s, and finally the kwa weapons. This thing scared me the first time he came running at my position shooting a flaming 26rps with his 11.1 lipo. Though many people say its shooting around 400+ fps, it really doesn't. After about a 10000 round break in period it was shooting between 360and 380 fps with .20s depending on hop up and atmospheric conditions. Though it has fantastic reliability, and one of the best rofs on the market, the accuracy is not especially great, but this can be fixed with a 6.01 tightbore.

This is one of the best guns on the market today for under $600, though you will be spending close to that when considering the mags( only use KWA mags for best performance) battery, smart charger, and any other things you find necessary. If you can afford this and are really into airsoft you should consider this weapon- it is perfect for just about any role. If you are a DM(like me) and want to create a DMR then you should certainly look into the KWA sr-12 or the sr-10 both of which are fantastic examples of DMR platforms.

My reviews are to help you choose your next gun, if this helps you please say so in your review, i would appreciate it.
by JOHN P. on 09/18/2010
"Just got the gun about a week ago and have been playing around with it. It is a great gun and I love almost everything about it. It is almost THE PERFECT gun, except for a couple things that you just have to accept and get used to. In terms of all the pros and good stuff, everyone(and the description) has already mentioned them and I agree with them all 100%. The "complications" with the battery compartment and magazine fitments in general are also true, though there are work-arounds/fixes I have found to help out. And now for several things I did not know/expect from the gun that I did not see listed anywhere else.
1. Yes, the fore grip is made of high quality polymer with alloy rails (and I do not have a problem with that). HOWEVER, it is only attached to the gun at the very top and is not really held in place/supported by anything anywhere else (kind of just free hanging). It is sturdy, but has a slight wobble due to it being polymer and ONLY secured at the very top of the gun. I am afraid of attaching a vertical grip to it and swinging it around as I would in a CQB match. Is there anyway to fix/adjust this? I am still researching it.
2. While on the same subject of the fore grip, as I was opening it up to put in the li-po battery, I saw a stamp on the bottom of the foregrip that said "BOYI SR SYSTEM." Is this what is meant by CUSTOM KWA KM4s as listed as the title on evike? Or is that something KWA contracted out for someone else to do? I am not sure, I just assumed everything of the gun was KWA made.
3. The bottom alloy rail piece does not extend all the way, and is only about half the length of the bottom foregrip (I thought it extended the full amount). Obviously I did not take a good enough look at the picture (my fault), but this can be fixed by purchasing an add on rail.
4. On the middle of the top RIS rail there is a big screw. I thought by tightening this I could somehow fix issue #1 but I was mistaken and found issue #4. I can not fully tighten this screw. If I do, the rail will inch to the right and will not remain aligned with the rest of the rail; the only way I can keep it 100% straight with the rest of the rail is by leaving it about 90% tightened.
5. Though to me this isn't necessarily a bad thing, I shall include it in here since it is a review. The paint on the metal does come off extremely easily (scratches, etc). It is very very VERY thin and will probably get worn out very soon. I actually like the well-worn look of metal pieces but I can only speak for myself. I shall say this is a negative thing because usually paint is SUPPOSED to stick onto the gun and stay there for a while. But to each their own preferences.

These are just a couple things I have found out about the gun so far. I shall update this as soon as I find out more. It shoots well and does everything the description and fellow reviewers says. I would give this gun a 9/10 because of the above listed 5 things which are all cosmetics. I would recommend this gun to anyone who wants a very versatile m4, just be aware of the above mentioned concerns. Thanks for reading this really long and boring review, I hope it helped; have fun and play safe! :)
by Brett Y. on 02/17/2010
"First off i just got this gun today so i cant give a good review right now but my first impression of this gun is WOW!!! i have tested this gun with and without a lipo battery already and let me tell you this gun is just amazing!

-VERY FAST ROF! (18-20 bbps)
-Very good fps, mine out of box was running about 430-450
-Soild feeling no wobbles even in clip area and stock no wobbles at all
-Flip up sights (Very useful for me since i use a scope and non-flip up sights get in the way)
-Top rail raised up so i can play with a full face mask which i do use one
-5 adjustments for the stock (im so glad since im a big player and i need it to be all the way back)

- first thing i have to complain about is definitely the freaking battery compartment it takes me like 10 min to get it in and out that's the only reason i am dropping this to 4 stars.

-Very front heavy

-stock is really uncomfortable so is the hand grip its like your holding sand paper and it raws your hand after awhile (i would recommended wearing gloves)

-very hard to hold with out a vertical grip on the front since the metal on the rails is quite sharp and not to mention not to comfortable haha

-i am a bit skeptical of the selector switch strength but the good thing about it is that you can defiantly tell when your switching modes


Thats my review. overall this gun is 5 star quality if the battery compartment wasnt so hard to use. the cons arnt enough to stop the sheer performance of the gun i would recommend this gun to anyone. its newbie friendly and as well for pros or experienced players.
by James A. on 11/18/2008
"hey can anybody help me what is the best bbs i can use for this gun .2, .23, .25, or .28
by nathan d. on 06/29/2008
"this gun is really accurate, powerful, and reliable. my only problem is the weight. trust me when i say this. it feels like theres a freekin grenade launcher attached to the front of this thing! too front heavy