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Happy Holidays! 20% OFF with coupon code: HOLIDAY20 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) Custom KWA KM4S Airsoft AEG Rifle (2GX 9mm Gearbox Version)

30 Customer Reviews

by steven E. on 09/08/2011
"So I picked this M4 up because of the great things I've Heard about KWA airsoft guns... I get the package in with all the bells and whistles I ordered with it, and low and behold I'm one of the few that have the semi-auto fires auto problem. I contact Evike and they tell me to take the gun in and they'll give it a look. Turns out it was a easy fix, which is on the KWA web site. When the battery runs low it somehow causes a timing problem. The fix is to charge the battery (of course), and burn off like 50 rounds in auto. case closed. Evike handled everything with a smile and even took back a item I bought that I didn't need (to my surprise because they have a all sales are final rule. That rule being mostly for people that just buy stuff on a whim and return it later)

Great gun and great store!!!!! They'll Have my business from now on
by david n. on 12/15/2010
"first off WOW its just an all around good weapon tough, and durable body i dropped it out of a tree house in the woods and it was fine no wobble in any part of it. i have used echo 1 jg and even ics m4s and all of them are no match for this weapon. if anyone is thinking of buying this rifle please get the lipo battery set with it, it is tons easier to put the battery in cause its a smaller pack the 11.1 lipo is smaller then a 8.4 nicad pack. and the lipo puts the rate of fire up to 1350-1400 thats what mine was clocked at and it cronos at 390-405 with a .25 and accuracy is as good as it gets with this rifle on single fire hits targets at over 150 feet with extreme justice. i think everyone that gets this weapon get the lipo and use .25 or heaver cause with the high rate of fire this one has it throws the bbs .23 and.20 all over the place its hard to hit anything with anything lighter than .25. i suggest using matrix .25 hyper grade they work awesome in this rifle. five stars. cause i have used it in games at the beach, rain, and snow no slip ups or jams just clean the barrel and hop up unit real good and keep it oiled up.
by david n. on 10/02/2010
"i got this weapon about two days ago and it rocks. i sighted it in at one hundred feet and with some fine hopup tuning it reaches two twenty shooting at an amazing 415 avg fps with a .23g bb. i have been playing airsoft for six years and this is by far better than my marui echo 1 jg and classic army guns i have great buy. i suggest if you have the money buy this you wont be disappointed.
by John B. on 04/15/2010
"I own 2 of these and put silencers (reversed by enlarging the hole on one side) and put a knock off Chinese Trijicon 4x scope w/doc red dot on top and they are killers on the battlefield. I use 9.6 v 1600 mah batteries elctrical taped to the right side of the ris system. I have learned not to use lipo batteries as it just wears out the piston teeth faster. Adding foregrips really helps. It is a great rifle indeed.
by Austin B. on 09/15/2009
"Had this gun for a while now... pretty sure about 4 or 5 months, and by far THE best out of all my friends. i will admit it is a heavy gun, but its way more fun that way. u dont want to carry around a piece of cardboard now do you? haha, anyways, i wanted to know if anyone knew of a good tight fitted and small PEQ box for the liPo battery upgrade that evike offers. thanks and hop that this review will encourage you to make the right choice.

-Accuracy = amazing and on point.
-RoF = also amazing. (esPEcially with the liPo)
-Rail system = one of the best I've seen
-sights = they work well. cosmetics wise, a scope looks much better.
-weight = about 15-25 pounds.
-gearbox = VERY durable. I've used this gun in the rain many times with no problems.
-handle grip = plastic but comfy. (for plastic...)
-overall feel = great. would suggest a handle grip for comfort.
-the gun itself = is full metal besides the handle grip. but what handle grip isn't...
by David K. on 03/11/2009
"I got this gun today. It is AMAZING! The only problem i have is the battery is a pain to get in the foregrip and it's very easy to pinch wires. but once you get that battery in right, it's amazing to shoot. definetly a good buy.
by Brock S. on 02/06/2009
"I have had this tifle over a year and mine still runs like a clock. Infact it is the rifle everyone asks to borrow. However I had some problems with mid-cap mags. It does not like to feed from them. Has anyone else had this issue and if so how did you fix it, or which mags work well with it? I have tried all kinds of hi-caps and they all work great, but he cheapo mids I bought do not.

WEbmaster: The best compatible / known mid-cap is the MAG brand mid-cap. No guarantees...KWA makes their AEG mag well a bit different from other brands.
by Kody P. on 01/17/2009
"Thanks for the help Webmaster and now I'll do a review on the gun

This is such an amazing and it scares the crap out of people with its performance AND looks. Especially if you put on a nice looking ACOG or EO Tech knock-off. I would definitely recomend a fore-grip/vertical-grip for this gun because it can get heavy and the grip helps, plus the RIS rails aren't so comfy to help hold the gun up.

Like I just said the gun is heavy but so well constructed with great metal that it really isnt a problem. Once you start getting used to the weight it isnt a problem, but hopefully you have a sling cause you will need it.

The performance is amazing and rediculous for a stock gun, right out of the box I was blown away. The sound it makes while shooting is loud and crazy so when you start to fire everyone will know, especially if you get a LiPo battery (which is a great idea to do) because the rate of fire is insane!

This gun looks freaking amazing with the collapsible stock and RIS rails on the front, I plan on getting a Magpul stock to make it look even cooler. The only wobble I had was with the mag and the stock but nothing to bad.

- Crazy FPS
- INSANE Rate of Fire (With the LiPo)
- Awesome groupings
- Good accuracy
- Great range
- Very well constructed
- Flip-up sights
- Plenty of RIS rails for you to customize

- I'm sure anyone who's done their research knows... the battery compartment is small BUT if you
get the right battery it will fit, it will be tight but IT WILL FIT... I would recomend getting the
upgrade Evike offers with this because they send you a great LiPo that works perfect
- Can get heavy but you get used to it

All in all this is such a great gun that can compete with anything else out there. It is expensive so I wouldnt call it a good starter gun but if your serious about airsoft or just want something to spend a good amount of money on this is a GREAT BUY.
by Kody P. on 01/03/2009
"This is an amazing gun. I just purchased it this holiday and it works great and looks even better.

I put an ACOG scope on it which give it a much nicer look along with a foregrip.

I put a sniper scope on it and it is decent but i prefer the ACOG.

Awesome buy overall and if you have the money you should defnitely buy it.
by Kody P. on 12/20/2008
"Hey sorry for asking questions on the comment board but does anyone know where i can find a good 6.03 or 6.02 tightbore barrel for this gun? Thanks for the help.

Webmaster: Internal upgrades / inner barrel category. 363mm is the length.
by Zachary H. on 12/11/2008
"I purchased this gun about half a year ago and I have had no problems what-so-ever. Very realistic feel because its all metal. anything that is metal on the real gun is metal on this. Great internal parts so not upgrades really needed, and it shoots an average of 388-395. Fairly accurate but the mock silencer on it throws bbs randomly every now and then. great rate of fire with a 9.6v 1400AH battery.overall a great gun

-full metal
-rate of fire
-R.I.S rail

-sometimes fires randomly whle switching fire modes
-not much room for batteries

by Anthony P. on 11/28/2008
"I have this gun. It is very good. I haven't performed any upgrades on it. I would say that .2's work best, possibly .23's but then you are sacrificing some range and power. But if your environment is on the smaller side go with .23's. I am upgrading to a M130 spring so I can keep the same FPS and use .25's for better accuracy. I put on a bipod, foregrip and 4X scope with 32mm objective lens. I have an Intellect 8.4 mini battery in it now, but I may upgrade to a 9.6 and maybe even upgrade the gearbox. But overall it is a great AEG. Out of the box performance is great and all the rails makes for easy customization. You can also remove the rear iron flip-up sight if it interferes with a scope. The only plastic parts are the collapsible stock and grip, but they are made of high quality/durability ABS plastic. The rest of the gun is full metal construction. With all my attatchments on it (foregrip, bipod, scope and box mag) it weighs about 11 pounds on my scale. I know it seems heavy, and it is. But after you play a few games you adapt and it's not so bad. It's actually prettty good weight training. Hope this review helped.
by Forest A. on 11/23/2008
"It shoots best with .2g BB's and micheal is just blowing smoke up your ass to compensate for his small d**k. It can be upgraded to about 500 fps and thats if you get a new barrel, gearbox, and spring.
by Zachary H. on 11/23/2008
"Best rifle I have ever had. Never gonn need a new one unless this one falls out of a moveing vehichle. no upgrades needed other than sights, foregrips etc. metal gearbox and gears can handle highpowered batteries as well.
by Justin McGeeney M. on 11/06/2008
"I just wanted to know if this could take a Systema metal hop up unit for M4/M16s