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by Iulian N. on 2016-04-05 07:25:45
"The laser and pressure switch work perfecty, external zeroing mechanisms, get the one with externals, trying to figure out how to zero this thing is a hassle and not worth taking apart the laser, you have to take out the screws and zero it, not worth it imo, jus adfd another 10$ and get externals or even a PEQ box.
by Drew J. on 2016-04-04 22:37:26
"Bought two and the Lasers are amazing. Easy to see target even in daytime indoors or in the woods. It is a bit hard to see in bright light outside. And at night, the beam is very very visible.

The pressure switches each broke within the first two minutes of use...they are garbage. We just use the back plate that screws in to keep it on we go through batteries faster.

We soldered the remote switches and they broke again first game. @#$%&!!!!

If they came with quality remotes, these would be five stars. I'm docking them one star since we have to replace the batteries more often than we should and those batteries are expensive.
by Samuel H. on 2015-12-01 15:45:02
"Wow. Just wow. I couldn't care less if the damn pressure switch breaks (mine did in roughly 2 seconds) this is AMAZING. 10/10 get it. It's basically what swat uses. It's incredible. You get a highly visible beam and dot, and it will effectively blind anyone who isn't wearing an anti-flashbang helmet. Seriously. Worth every penny.

Bright as all heck
visible beam
if you can see them, you can put a dot on them. range is fantastic- far better than any airsoft gun would even need
nice, solid mount
pressure switch has a robust "click" to it. no just "pressure" it's a very crisp "click" so you won't accidentally flip it on or have to worry about holding it down.

You will have to get the pressure switch re-soddered (I'm sorry you just will). There wasn't any resistance, i just picked it up and the wires fell out. Have you local field do it, or really anyone who knows how to sodder a wire. It ain't rocket science ;)
by Shane C. on 2015-11-10 17:33:56
"Amazing product! The laser itself is really awesome and fun to use. I would suggest this to anyone because its just so fun. Comes with rail system, laser, tools, battery, and pressure switch.

But here is the kicker. It only gets 4 stars because the pressure switch is junk. Absolute junk.

Me and a friend both got this laser and both of the switches wires fell out of the connector. After taking both apart and re-soldering them they now work. But unless you're experienced in soldering you will want to buy another switch with this laser because I guarantee that yours will fall apart too.

Its a really easy fix if you have the time and tools but you shouldn't have to fix something brand new. Therefor, it gets 4 out of 5 stars

Overall, amazing laser. Lots of fun.
by Chris F. on 2014-06-28 12:57:30
"This laser rocks! I play a lot of night games and it helps. I have it under my ICS G33 and it works perfectly with my Matrix red dot to where I don't even have to have my red dot turned on. Its very bright and just simply looks cools. Some what big but shouldn't be a problem for anyone. Works decently in the daytime if its in a bit of shadow.

Very bright
Long range
Easily visible
Great for night games
Pressure pad works very well
Coil isn't big and doesn't get in the way

Not really a con but it is bigger than I thought it would be

5/5 Buy three and make a cool predator triangle where you aim!
by Simon P. on 2013-04-20 17:13:20
"This laser is excellent. I bought it a while ago and I felt it was useless. I gave it away for a birthday present. BIG Mistake. The next time I went airsofting, I felt something was missing. I figured out it was the laser. Now, I'm about to buy it again. Cheers to whoever buys this.
by Ryan M. on 2013-02-24 23:01:00
"Awesome laser! Built sturdy and dependable. This thing rocks! Super bright green dot at night time with a legitimate laser beam. The only downfall I found was no instructions when it came to sighting in the laser. Other than that a fantastic laser worth the money. Ill probably order a couple more for my other rifles! Awesome service from evike as well. Super fast service and delivery. Impressed as always!
by Alex D. on 2012-10-19 13:06:28
"Very high quality, sturdy laser. I have had it for nearly a year, and it is everything that you could expect it to be. If I point it at my hand, i can used it as a short range flashlight.
However, the quality of the product aside, it should not be used for anything other than target shooting, as it IS powerful enough to cause temporary blindness from brief eye exposure. Any prolonged exposure will cause PERMANENT eye damage.
by Michael T. on 2012-08-04 08:29:05
"When I ordered this laser my first thought on it would be -- I would only use at night because I wouldn't be able to see it during the day playing airsoft. When I took it out of the box it was sturdy. When I tried it on my new airsoft gun the pressure switched wouldn't work so now I have to use my thumb until I get a new switch.
High power
Goes really far
Battery does come with it.
Worth the price
Makes your gun look cool and it works well in the day but better in the night
Should buy extra batteries just in case
My pressure switch didnt work when I got it
You should buy this laser. :)
by Mike K. on 2012-02-08 15:09:30
"I bought this laser expecting what the picture shows. To say the least, I wasn't disappointed whatsoever. This laser is fantastic! When I first took it out of the box and held it, it was nothing but sturdy. Thinking it'd be like one of those cheap lasers that comes with cheap bundles out there; the laser would be crap, or the wire would break away from the laser, or trigger button. This Laser is built like a brick. Heavyweight and extraordinarily bright and vibrant, this is a MUST BUY for any airsofter. Whether you play night games or not, just having this on your gun makes you feel that much more epic.

As well, the visibility of the beam isn't like you're shining it through fog or anything on a clear night. When I first tried it the other day, it was a clear night and happened to be rather cold. (I live in the Upper half of Michigan), just standing outside with it and aiming it down, the beam shown for as far as you could make it shine. I had pointed it up in the sky, (making sure of no aerial crafts or anything first off), and just shining it straight up to point out the stars is flawless. As well, seeing as it was a cold night, I had breathed into the beam, and the green of the laser was way more vibrant then I had thought it would be. I was breathless after awhile just enjoying the simple joy it brought. As I said, this laser is a MUST BUY. Great Deal. Great Price. No Cons whatsoever.

Thanks Evike!
by Taylor S. on 2012-01-16 01:37:18
"Great Laser, High power, accurate. Goes ALONG way. Can see a beam at night.

The battery does not last as long as i would like, but thankfully the batteries are cheap.
It takes a little wiggiling to get onto a RIS rail but once it on, it is easy to remove and re-install.
by Patricia F. on 2011-12-31 04:42:27
"Worked perfectly after getting sighted in! I cant wait until i can use this in game!

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