Reviews: AIM L300 Limited Edition Visible Green Laser Sight Module with Mount

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Model: Laser-LG001
Location: D7-189 Y2-M04 WO16-M14

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by Christopher B. on 2010-12-14 11:50:56
"Thinking about a laser? Friends tell you its not a good idea?
This laser, is the best. So bright, you can see the emitting beam across ANY size field!!!
After my first game with this beast, people only said that they feared the laser!! never miss, and forget about giving away your position, cause you can take 'em out with this awesome attachment!!

great price
solid metal build
great battery life
great response with the pressure switch

cons: none!!
I will buy another for my second gun!!!!
by Evan C. on 2010-11-16 14:38:52
"We'll leave the boring stuff for later:

Awesome range
Bright as can be
Once adjusted, extremely accurate
Great price
Two options for turning on laser

A bit bulky for a laser
Semi-difficult to adjust sight
Sight seems to slip (it did for mine anyway)
Somewhat cheap quality

Everything for the pros has been said by other reviewers already. The cons however were somewhat disappointing (not so much, since it was a VERY good price for the laser compared to others). Personally, mine was fine for a few days, then there were breaks in the connection (the wiring connection broke, the push button didn't work, etc) and every time I adjusted the laser, it would only become off aim the next time i went to use it. The sights are somewhat difficult to line up due to the fact that there are three screws to adjust as opposed to the normal X-Y axis screws. I have tried several batteries with the broken connection, so it definitely IS the laser. However, I might have treated mine with a little less care and respect than it should have been treated with. In all, the laser was a pretty good buy for the price, and good quality for said price. This is all a personal experience, and I would definitely advocate others to buy the laser, as it was amazing while it worked for me.
by Vincent D. on 2010-09-10 15:30:05
"I just got this laser in the mail today, and so far I'm fairly impressed overall.

I don't know if it was a mistake on the web page or not, but I did not get a battery with my laser. When I did get it working, I have to say, it's one really bright laser. I could still barely make it out while pointing it into grass sitting in full sun. I'm not kidding either. I don't know how it does on battery life but that was my biggest concern right there.

However, zeroing this thing was a pain. The X and Y adjusters on the outside of the laser are just for show. You have to take off the front, and with the little silver allen wrench they give you, you have tighten 3 little screws varying degrees in hopes of zeroing it. I just loosened all three, moved the little piece that the laser comes out with another Allen wrench and just tightened all three screws making sure that the little piece didn't move. Took me an hour to finally get all of this figured out and zeroed, but it seems to hold a zero just fine with full auto on my KWA KMP9.

-Seems to hold a zero
-Looks awesome

-Didn't come with a battery as advertised.
-Extremely difficult to zero
by alex d. on 2010-09-05 07:27:57
"Amazing laser. this compares to my 200$ laser, witch is plastic. amazing laser and amazing deal. now buy it. dont hesitate just buy it

super bright
both button and pressure switch

does not come with battery
by David C. on 2010-06-08 14:02:09
"BEST... LASER... EVER!!!!

A little expensive, but if you want extremelly good quality, this is it.

Super bright laser
Really durable
Water resistant (I only found that out by accedentally dropping it in a bowl of water while I was cleaning my gun, i took it out IMMEDIATLY and it still works fine)

Still waiting to see how well it does a year from now, other than that absolutely none.
by Jonas R. on 2010-01-26 02:27:09
"Very, VERY laser!
I attempted to buy another laser, a red laser for just 40$ but got surprised when I found this in the package, I guess the red laser were out of stock, so they sent me this one worth 20$ more than I payed for ;)
Very grateful for that Evike.

The laser itself is awesome, the range is insane, even in daylight. In the dark the laser shine up the dust in the air and leaves the freaking awesome laser track/beam ( --------------------- ), like the ones from the movies ;)

It's a buy well worth the money, the only con is that it may take some time to sight it in.
by Bin O. on 2010-01-25 00:32:40
"Brightest Green laser I have ever seen, goes for miles at night.

Besides the accuracy, it will really wow your enemies.

Highly recommended buy.

Displaying 25 to 31 (of 31 reviews)

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