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AIM Sports L300 Green Laser Sight Aiming Module System w/ Mount

34 Customer Reviews

by Hayden P. on 05/04/2011
"Great and amazing laser, best one I have ever seen. But i can't figure out how to attach the pressure switch to my gun, there isn't any sticky substance on it or a magnet so if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated. Best laser ever though!!!
by Drew M. on 04/13/2011
"This laser is ridiculously awesome. The dot is easily visible in daylight and in night the stream is quite easily visible from the shooters perspective. I can't wait to use it through a smoke grenade or in the fog. The only complaint I have is that one of the allen wrenches (the one to loosen some screws to zero in the laser) doesn't fit. Plus there are no instructions. But pfff who needs instructions.

So in a quick summary:
It's very inexpensive for such high quality
Super cool (way better than a red laser)
Comes with both push button back and tactical push button on a wire
Easily mounted on RIS rails

If your looking for a laser to mount on your airsoft gun GET THIS LAZOR!!!!!!!!!!
by Slavisa S. on 01/18/2011
"I bought this laser last year and actually ordering another one because this thing is a beast. Great price then and now for a laser that I believe easily ranks with the $100+ lasers.


-Package itself. Foam box keeping everything nice and still.
-Easy to mount.
-All Metal Construction.
-Pressure switch included as well as all the tools.
-Visability. Laser goes far. Very bright and a plus, its green instead of the traditional red.

I have no cons really besides wish it came with the battery but overall great buy and Evikes customer service and shipping makes it soo much better.
by Eric C. on 01/06/2011
"I got this about a month ago and all i have to say is...AWESOME!!! My friends run and duck for cover everytime they see the bead on their chest. well worth the money.

the only con is that it takes a little while to sight it in.
by John H. on 12/26/2010
"Just got this for xmas to mount on my M4. It's very bright, comes with two allen keys, rail mount, pressure switch, and on/off button. I haven't put it on my M4 as it's in for repairs, but I'm looking forward to it.

I don't intend to use it for aiming, but a spotting tool for the rest of my team (shoot at/near the dot).

on/off options

easier to track user at night as the beam is visible in low light
by Dominic M. on 12/16/2010
"I just got this laser today in the mail... Ohh boy let me tell you, this is the most incredible laser I've ever seen in my entire life that only costs $60. At first I had my doubts about being able to see the whole beam and all, but they aren't kidding. I can see the whole beam no matter where I am. Even if the lights are on! INCREDIBLE!

Come to find that green is the most visible color to the human eye, this would make perfect sense that you could see the whole beam.



In the end, nobody and I mean NOBODY should ever settle for less than this bad boy. Possible one of the coolest attachments to any airsoft gun that you could ever think of.
by Christopher B. on 12/14/2010
"Thinking about a laser? Friends tell you its not a good idea?
This laser, is the best. So bright, you can see the emitting beam across ANY size field!!!
After my first game with this beast, people only said that they feared the laser!! never miss, and forget about giving away your position, cause you can take 'em out with this awesome attachment!!

great price
solid metal build
great battery life
great response with the pressure switch

cons: none!!
I will buy another for my second gun!!!!
by alex d. on 09/05/2010
"Amazing laser. this compares to my 200$ laser, witch is plastic. amazing laser and amazing deal. now buy it. dont hesitate just buy it

super bright
both button and pressure switch

does not come with battery
by David C. on 06/08/2010
"BEST... LASER... EVER!!!!

A little expensive, but if you want extremelly good quality, this is it.

Super bright laser
Really durable
Water resistant (I only found that out by accedentally dropping it in a bowl of water while I was cleaning my gun, i took it out IMMEDIATLY and it still works fine)

Still waiting to see how well it does a year from now, other than that absolutely none.
by Jonas R. on 01/26/2010
"Very, VERY laser!
I attempted to buy another laser, a red laser for just 40$ but got surprised when I found this in the package, I guess the red laser were out of stock, so they sent me this one worth 20$ more than I payed for ;)
Very grateful for that Evike.

The laser itself is awesome, the range is insane, even in daylight. In the dark the laser shine up the dust in the air and leaves the freaking awesome laser track/beam ( --------------------- ), like the ones from the movies ;)

It's a buy well worth the money, the only con is that it may take some time to sight it in.
by Bin O. on 01/25/2010
"Brightest Green laser I have ever seen, goes for miles at night.

Besides the accuracy, it will really wow your enemies.

Highly recommended buy.
by Drew J. on 04/04/2016
"Bought two and the Lasers are amazing. Easy to see target even in daytime indoors or in the woods. It is a bit hard to see in bright light outside. And at night, the beam is very very visible.

The pressure switches each broke within the first two minutes of use...they are garbage. We just use the back plate that screws in to keep it on we go through batteries faster.

We soldered the remote switches and they broke again first game. @#$%&!!!!

If they came with quality remotes, these would be five stars. I'm docking them one star since we have to replace the batteries more often than we should and those batteries are expensive.
by Shane C. on 11/10/2015
"Amazing product! The laser itself is really awesome and fun to use. I would suggest this to anyone because its just so fun. Comes with rail system, laser, tools, battery, and pressure switch.

But here is the kicker. It only gets 4 stars because the pressure switch is junk. Absolute junk.

Me and a friend both got this laser and both of the switches wires fell out of the connector. After taking both apart and re-soldering them they now work. But unless you're experienced in soldering you will want to buy another switch with this laser because I guarantee that yours will fall apart too.

Its a really easy fix if you have the time and tools but you shouldn't have to fix something brand new. Therefor, it gets 4 out of 5 stars

Overall, amazing laser. Lots of fun.
by Alex D. on 10/19/2012
"Very high quality, sturdy laser. I have had it for nearly a year, and it is everything that you could expect it to be. If I point it at my hand, i can used it as a short range flashlight.
However, the quality of the product aside, it should not be used for anything other than target shooting, as it IS powerful enough to cause temporary blindness from brief eye exposure. Any prolonged exposure will cause PERMANENT eye damage.
by kyle c. on 01/05/2011
"the laser is absolutely amazing. its extremely bright and is VARY easily seen in the day time. the mount however is pretty cheap and strips easy. it also did not tighten down all the way on my rail (which is standard 20 mm) it would have been nice if it came with a elastic band to hold the pressure switch in place on the pistol grip but thats no biggy. all in all its amazing but if u can afford it buy a diff mount and be sure to buy the recommended battery