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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) High Power X6 6P CREE LED Combat Tac Light

8 Customer Reviews

by Matthew L. on 03/09/2016
"Had this for about 7 months now, and it has worked absolutely beautifully for me! A must have for those who wish to step up their game, as being equipped for low-light and night situations gives you quite an edge. I have used this in conjunction with the rail mount recommended, and am quite happy with it, especially for its price! Nice, bright bulb, but not overkill. Very happy with this flashlight, and I'll recommend it to anyone who asks me about it!
by john l. on 01/26/2009
"this lights the best out there. im just glad eveyone dosent have it, airsoft would be a little too bright with these around. everyone would be blinding each other in airsoft playground. a little scary thought there. so dont buy this light cause i dont want all airsofters to have torches! haha just kidding. anyways this lights the best bang for your buck, dont buy surefires, or anything else, cause ive been going everywhere comparing them. you may want the go the 9 p or the 12p. something stronger than this one though. o yeah it does heat up. get some rechargeable batteries too. i have a great place to buy them from but i think evike wont let me put it up. they also do have the pressure trigger for this. all at (if evike wants to omit this part please do.) i have the pressure switch and this is the best accessory to my p90.
by john l. on 01/17/2009
"there is not point in getting a more expensive light. get this one, it does what i want it to do, blind people, and yes it does blind lol. perfect for airsoft use and it looks cool on my p90. you can buy a pressure switch for it i got it and my airsoft gun is finally complete.
by Ryan Y. on 11/02/2008
"Very nice light! Better than the surefire G2 because it is metal / aluminum casing and much cheaper. Same brightness as the G2, with affordable pressure switch and bulb.
by David C. on 08/05/2008
"NICE FLASHLIGHT...just got it, not sure about battery life yet..but it DOES come with those two hard to find cr123's. i'm also kind of scared to bang this into a cinderblock i have in my backyard...even though this material (aerospace aluminum) is supposed to be really durable, i really don't want to mess up my new toy...ALSO, it's really small, hand-sized for most people. VERY VERY bright, though it's not as shiny as the picture shows, which is perfect for non-glare weapons (nighttime tac weapons)
very very nice!! i'm also kind of worried about the bulb....but till that happens, knock on wood...
by Brandon R. on 07/09/2008
"Fantastic surefire look alike! It is super bright and extremely light. Mine came with batteries too! It of course does not have a focusable beam, but you don't need it because the xenon bulb produces a very wide spot with no dark spot in the middle.

It MAY be submersible but I don't want to test mine. All three pieces where the body seperates have orings to seal the case. I didn't check the switch or lense but I bet they are sealed as well. At the very least it is water resistant.

I wouldn't mount this to a real weapon due the the recoil, but for airsoft or just general use it is perfect! The strike bezel makes it a self defense weapon as well.

In my opinion there is no need to buy a surefire unless you plan to mount it to a real weapon. I plan to use this flashlight in my hunting pack this year. You can also get some rechargeable NIMH batteries for this and use your airsoft peak charger to charge them!
by Dennis W. on 06/15/2008
"Very bright light! Brighter than my surefire G2! Aluminum casing and fits my scope mount rings and pistol light mount.
by John D. on 01/13/2014
"This light is very bright. It worked great for the first time i used it but now wont turn on. I tried multiple batteries but that didnt work. I guess i just got unlucky.