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by Aaron H. on 2015-05-21 19:11:17
"Just putting it out there that this bucking does not fit in a Lancer Tactical PDW even though the gun is M4 compatible.
by Matt B. on 2014-05-25 09:02:13
"Tripled my GR16 CQW Rush's range and accuracy, fanatastic upgrade part for anyone looking for more range.
by Jordan D. on 2014-04-06 08:57:26
"I am disappointed with this so called "upgrade". I put mine in the CA M15 and it needed the back end of the bucking trimmed off with a knife to fit. That was no problem compared to getting the bucking on. I used tonnes of Silicon Oil but it was still hard to slide on. I tried 3 times unsuccessfully and the bucking ripped. Then I tried again with the other bucking and managed to get it on pretty good (except it still wouldn't go on all the way around). When I tried it the gun; accuracy had increased by 2x, but the range had decreased by 3x and I had the hop-up maxed! It was also double feeding now and then. I assume this is because part of the bucking lip had refused to stay in place infront of the barrel. So then I had to disassemble and tried the old bucking with the MadBull nub, and that fixed the double feeding problem, but the range was still 3x as bad as stock!
by Mark Benedict S. on 2014-04-03 09:01:19
"Best hop-up rubber ever! Excellent for High-torque set ups! Boosts FPS and accuracy!
Buy it!
by Robert B. on 2014-03-18 18:30:11
"The bucking was amazing and spacer had to be glued the hopup arm so it would not fall out. Beside that it was a easy instillation and makes a world of difference in your accuracy. over all a 5 out of 5.
by Taylor P. on 2014-02-16 01:00:03
"Works in the CYMA M14 ebr just a little triming is needed other wise amazing hop up!!!!
by Dakota P. on 2014-02-12 22:53:03
"Got this to improve my UAR. It worked. The spacer was a little too fat to fit into my hop up, but nothing an exacto knife couldn't fix. Now my UAR shoots like a dream and the bucking gives awesome air seal. Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their hop up. but beware you may have to trim the spacer to get it to fit, but modifications are what make working on your gun fun.
by Dylan H. on 2013-08-26 20:32:06
"This is the best bucking I have ever had. it effectively doubled the range on my stock AK47, and Increased the fps by 20.

Major range difference
More accurate
Cheap and effective
Can deal with high fps

Both of my spacers where deformed, so it wouldnt go into my hop up
Very tight fit
Had to adjust a couple times to make it work, and taking apart a AK is a B**ch.

by John T. on 2013-06-07 03:43:43
"First off let me just warn everyone that these bucking are an extremely tight fit (at least into standard G&P hop up Units). However after the initial squeeze and the first hundred rounds or so, this bucking will blow you away.

The day I installed this bucking into my G&P M4 Sentry I also managed to break my MadBul 6.01 363mm tight bore barrel. As a back up I threw in my old CA 363mm (6.05) stock barrel off an old Sportline instead. I took out my Angel Custom H hop bucking and put in the provided fishbone as well. Again, it was a very tight fit, and it was nearly impossible for me to get the bucking seated perfectly inside the hop up chamber, so I threw it all together and went out to shoot, hopping that it would settle itself and it did. After about a mid cap's worth of BB's shooting straight up (despite hop up being off), it settled in and the accuracy and range increase from the bucking alone easily out did the benefits i saw from the Madbul 6.01 barrel. Make sure to lube it up well (the outside or it!!) with some silicon oil so it slides in better.

Increased my grouping by and inch or two better than my madbul barrel grouped
Increased range
Better/aligned air nozzle to BB contact
Helps prevent jams
solid AF.

tight, however, once in the hop up chamber the air seal is amazing.
minor... MINOR break in period.
by mckee c. on 2013-02-01 09:39:59
"I installed this with the included fishbone spacer...all I have to say is WOW. This thing dramatically improves range, accuracy, and fps.
Durable, hence it being 60 degree
A true upgrade, actually improves performance
Includes 2 buckings and 2 spacers for only $11
Helps prevent against double feeding issues
Amazing with a madbull 6.03
You need to lube it generously
May need cutting down (mine didn't)
Might need a break-in period so that it gives enough hop
Might put you over field limits in terms of FPS
by shane l. on 2013-01-21 13:45:57
"These bucking's plus the fishbone spacers are totally worth it.

Easy installation if done right
increased FPS (my .25 go straight up in the air now)

Will have to cut some of the bucking off at the end in order to fit barrel lock on(don't force it like me, ended up having to take a zip tie to my now broken barrel lock)

P.S. you may have to get heavier bb's due to the major FPS increase
by carson s. on 2012-12-26 20:49:26
"Alright I put this in my softair thompson M1A1 but it took over an hour. It does improve feeding, fps, and range but it had an impossibly tight fit in my hop-up unit. I had to cut off part of the end in order to make it work. Also the spacer was too wide to fit so I had to do extensive modification to make that fit. Once in place though it works great. Do not be discouraged by my troubles it was probably just the irregularities of the thompson.

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