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Matrix S.D.E.U. Ultra Light Weight Airsoft Tactical Vest - (OD Green)

36 Customer Reviews

by Justin R. on 05/24/2011
"This is an awesome plate carier. when using it in an airsoft war although it got a little hot with my bdu on it worked amazingly. I am short like 5'4 so it fits me perfect but if your tall it might be a bit short. i love it but now that i have it it would be nice to have molle. I use a p90 as a secondary for my super long dmr masada and the mags dont fit in the vest. its really not a big deal though because i just got a drop leg molle rig and put a p90 mag pouch and a flashbang pouch(it doesnt hold those either) you also need a dump pouch. my bdu has huge drawstring cargo pouches so i use those but most people cant. you could just attach it to the bottom strap on the stretch part or mount it on a belt so over all if you can think outside the box and use a gun that is 5.56 as a primary this vest will serve you well.
Full protection
holds 6 m4 mags
40mm grenade loop
hadration pouch and hose loop
does not limit range of motion

no molle
thats it!
by Adam F. on 12/01/2010
"I just got this vest today and I love it! It is very lightweight and the pouches seem well made, but the crotch protector sits a little high.

well made
matches ok with ACU colored clothing (OD version)
some parts removable
velcro parts allow for larger people

crotch protector is high (could be because I'm 6'2")
shoulder pads hurt after a while
neck protector gets annoying while prone

Overall good vest. I recommend for shorter people (like 5'5"-5'9"). 4 out of 5 because crotch protector (but thats just my case).
by Cordy G. on 02/22/2009
"YES! This is the vest I have been waiting for! It looks amazing! Holds AK mags pretty snug and GUESS WHAT!!! No plastic teeth like on my other vest for people to shoot off easily! It's a really good vest!

-No plastic teeth to get easily shot off and unable to zip after that!
-Velcro so it's pretty adjustable to your weight class
-Fits my AK mags like a charm
-Looks awesome
-I can put my team patch right on my arm and it look actually pretty cool

-Well about the only thing I can think of is that for some people this vest MIGHT be too small...I say might because I don't know exactly it could fit just fine..

Great Vest buy it!
by jonathan c. on 08/03/2008
"this is a great vest over all its light and comfy. the reason that i gave it a 4/5 is because that the flag shown in the picture is not included. I also recommend that you go buy one of those "Matrix Velcro U.S. Flag Patch" or the vest looks very ugly without it
by Samuel W. on 06/20/2008
"I got this vest and it is great, it holds so much, 6 mags, 3 grenades, and I converted the hydration patch to a holster for my VSR-10. The shoulder pads are abit gay and useless but what ever.
by Rod C. on 05/28/2008
"this vest is vary useful and there is plenty of pockets and pouches and its vary easy to move in it the only thing i would do to tweak it is to put more mag pouches or bigger mag pouches i can only fit 3 of my A.U.G. mid caps on it but for an m4 it fits two in each pouch and mp5/mp7 its like 4 but over all it a great deal if u wanna save money but yet have a good and reliable vest