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30rd Magazine for VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle for JG Marui HFC Snow Wolf WELL - Black

11 Customer Reviews

by Anthony H. on 08/29/2016
"Amazing. Works perfect with no modifications. Feeds well. Just ordered more.
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"These mags fit my WELL MB02 just right, no jams and are easy to reload. Like many other mags I like to wear them in so I get a feel for how they perform. No problems so far!
by Leonard R. on 05/25/2015
"this mag fits a tokyo marui m700 perfect it feeds well its very good hard plastic wont brake very good.
by Steven A. on 12/24/2014
"This fits the Well MB02 and MB07 perfectly. No filing/grinding/modifying necessary.
by Nicolas N. on 04/16/2014
"These magazines are great! They hold about 30 bb's (give or take one) and feed every last one. It fit right in to my JG Bar-10 and comes right out when I press the mag release.

I also purchased these magazines ( and was disappointed by the fact that even after sanding the magazine down to size the magazine would often double feed and jam. If you are debating which magazine to get get the matrix one.

-Feeds perfectly
-Loads every BB

-The plastic looks a little cheap but that's an easy fix
by Mason J. on 03/03/2012
"i got this mag as a spare to fit in my WELL MB03 sniper rifle. this mag has been underwater, through mud and sand, just all around abused and it still fed like new.

Feeds well

Do not pop it open, i made that mistake and it did NOT go back together. once it is open, it is not going back together. lol
by Tom P. on 04/27/2010
"very nice mag definetly a good buy

.high capicity 30 bbs
.very sturdy
by Dylan S. on 01/12/2015
"These magazines are made with some pretty sturdy plastic. The build is solid. No feeding issues. Performs better than a stock magazine.
Only complaint is that is not measured perfectly to fit the VSR-10 and BAR-10 properly. I had to dremel about 1.5mm behind the opening to get a clean fit.
by Iain F. on 07/02/2014
"I got this for my JG Bar 10 g spec and it didn't fit at all its too big for the mag well. poor quality
by Mark S. on 10/05/2013
"I bought this for my JG VSR-10. The magazine did not fit properly. The release cache is about 1/8" too low for the release to properly engage. The magazine is also wider than the stock magazine, this makes it harder to load and release.

I also had feeding issues. Lots of sanding should fix this and get this operational.

I'm sure it's worked with other guns, or I got unlucky.
by john a. on 12/04/2016

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