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Real Sword China PLA Full Size Battle Rifle Airsoft AEG (Type 97)

6 Customer Reviews

by Kevin R. on 01/25/2011
"Great gun, probably best DMR out there. Only one complaint, evike took out the black flashhider which was supposed to come with it
by Traci H. on 10/08/2010
"Good gun but there are some downsides.

Not to big 9 (30 inches)
Looks Awesome
Awesome internals (as good as KWA'S)
Amazing range-200 effective with 2.5 and hop up
Good fps (around 420)
Battery-pain to get in but once in it never needs to be taken out again just unplug and charge through hand grip
Extremely realistic being same weight length and other features as real one.
ROF of 1300 with 10.8 volt
Steel and polymer
MidCap 110 rd mag (i like mid caps)

Heavy for long game
The mag has a steel shell and the plastic inside slid out of position but nothing a little crazy glue couldn't fix.

Great gun for woodland but not CQB

FPS-19-20 (Depends if ur field alows 420)

Good for what its made for

Overall yes i gave it a great rating but what else would you expect from a $450 real sword
by Justin M. on 02/22/2009
"The Type97 is an amazingly well put together gun. It's sturdy, heavy and just feel good in your hands.
It shoots amazing. It's very accurate due to the Bullpup design, and the rate of fire on this thing will definitely stand up to any high-end AEG's.
Since all of the internals are located at the back, it's very well balanced and again, feels great in your hands.
To be honest? The only problem I have with this gun is the battery.
And it's not really a problem, it's more of a positive thing.
In order for Real Sword to make the Type97 to scale, they made a custom gearbox for it and didn't leave much room for the battery. Not saying you're limited to only a certain size of batteries, no.
Hell, I've got a 12v in mine right now, it just took me about an hour taking the gun entirely apart and putting it back together in order to get the damned thing in there.
The good thing that RS did with the battery placement was put the connectors in the pistol grip. So, to charge it, you just slide the bottom off the grip and hook it up to your charger. They've even got a 20amp fuse in there to make sure your don't surge the battery and have to replace it.
All in all you're stupid if you don't get this gun.
I'd give it a six if it didn't break the internet.

PS. One point of note is the mysteriously located mag release button. It's perfectly suited for a lefty like me (on the right side of the gun) but my right-handed friends seem to find it hard to get used to.
by CJ E. on 09/10/2008
"The Chinese answer to the M4A1 and the L85 series. Not an AK-74 though... this gun is REALLY called a T97 (Type 97). I can't say from personal experience, but the Type 97 has an excellent build, little/no creaking, and decent accuracy. Since it's a bullpup design, it has a hug barrel.
by Ryan G. on 03/02/2009
"I have held and shot this gun and it was a very nice gun. Good accuracy and power. The magazine once and a while jammed. But all in all it was a very nice and sturdy gun.
by James V. on 11/25/2008
"I actually had one of these in my hands today. It is very well built and has no wobbles anywhere. The gear box and motor are inverted in the stock of the gun which places most of the guns weight on your shoulder upposed to your lower arm and hand. It is very short and slim, perfect for CQB, but with the long inner barrel you can use this for any type of game. The only thing that I didn't like about the gun was that you have to remove the foregrip and trigger assembly off to put the battery in. When you put the front assembly back together you must watch that the trigger lines up with a metal bracket that runs to the back of the gun to operate the motor. All in all I like the gun.