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Happy Holidays! 20% OFF with coupon code: HOLIDAY20 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) Custom KWA High Performance Full Size Full Metal M16A2 DMR Airsoft AEG

14 Customer Reviews

by tommy m. on 11/26/2010
"i just got this gun for an early christmas present and i have to say that it is the beast of ALL my KWAs. But, you have to get a lipoly battery for it. Im running a 11.1 Lipoly battery and when i shoot it it looks like a white line going for about 250 feet before it hits the ground.

AMAZING rate of fire(about 25-29 rps)
Accuracy that even tops my sniper
Shoots hard!(410-420 fps)
ALL metal, not one piece of plastic, yet not too heavy
Hits HARD(i shot my 12 year old friend in the neck and he started cyring)

I got the lipoly battery upgrade at the bottom of the page, and the battery shakes around inside the stock (but its nothing that cant be fixed by a rag stuffed into the stock)
it comes with a carrying hadsle but not with the front sight

KWA has outdone themselves once again and i would recommend this gun over any other AEG, but its not the best for CQB so i would definately take a pistol as a sidearm
by Daniel K. on 06/06/2010
"This is an amazing AEG. Amazing internals (heat treated gears = super hard and durable gears). Only thing it needs is an inner barrel change and you're GOOD TO GO. Incredible fps.. Mine is about 415-420. Fully functional charging handle (to access the hop up). Full metal and even comes with a metal mag. Very realistic in weight and dimensions. I recommend this one to ANYONE looking for a higher end AEG.

Just putting this out there, the gun itself is $315 and the rail system and barrel are another $135. Buying this gun saves you about $100. Hint hint. (Incredible deal!!)
by Joseph T. on 09/18/2009
"I think this is the suppresser you can put on it.

btw great gun, have a kwa m16a2, had it for a year running an 11.1 LiPo no problems.
by Craig H. on 09/02/2009
"I was wondering what kind of silencer I could put on this gun, because there is no threads on the barrel?
by Tom Z. on 04/19/2009
"Gun is amazing idk where to begin from ROF to semi-auto accuracy at a pretty good distance. overall the feel of the gun is rock solid all metal and yet not too heavy. im running a 9.6 4500 mah battery and im getting some insane full-auto bursts.

this rifle will change the outcome of the game for sure.
by Tira P. on 02/20/2009
"Just got one of these A.E.G.'s in the mail. And this thing rocks!!!! great fps. Mine shot 415 out of the box with .25's and a pretty good rof with a 8.4 3800 mah batery, (15bps). It feels very solid no rattles or squeeks. I can't wait to play again! thank you evike
by Amanda c. on 01/27/2009
"what size bushing does this thing have?

Webmaster: Its made out of a KWA, so its 8mm of course.
by Allen G. on 11/03/2008
"when will more of these be in stock?? can anyone tell me???
by Mike K. on 10/06/2008
"Can someone tell me when more of these are coming in?
by nick h. on 10/03/2008
"yo i no this is a review thing but i really need to no wen more of these r comin in!!!!!! this gun is amazing i need it!!!!!
by Alex L. on 09/21/2008
"No Karl,this does not come with a battery. All the package comes with is the gun, the mag, and a cleaning rod. no bbs, no battery, and no charger.....u have to buy all those things separately.... hope this helped
by Karl K. on 09/17/2008
"does this amazing gun come with a battery? if it does what kind?
by John B. on 03/16/2011
"So i've had this gun a couple months now and have played it in a lot of games, it's doing well and i've customized it externally and it's looking nice, i did have a few speed bumps with it though, first, after the first game i noticed that the rail system was very loose, i found that one of the screw-holes that holds the rail on was stripped, so i had to send it back into evike to be fixed, they payed the shipping, and took care of it, but still annoying, then like many KWA guns the hop-up is a pain in the butt to get to a good point, i have lots of problems getting it just right, other than that its a very good gun, and looks nice.
by FABIAN M. on 04/08/2009
Amazing fps 400++
Very accurate
Nice looking

Fire selector may be defective
I got it and the semi was not working, sent it back and got it back with the same problem.
Now I just use it on full auto.