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Model: MAG-MTX-M4-120x1
Location: V6-004*

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by Douglas H. on 2014-10-07 21:04:30
"Bought two of them, dont feed right but unless u shave some plastic from the latch, if your willing too it feeds fast and nice when you put a little work into it, great mag for price and a little elbow grease.

Metal body
Allen key to get to the internals
Feeds FAST

No mod will jam at the latch
Cheap plastic internal, but its 11 dollars
by Chad K. on 2014-02-09 15:37:01
"very satisfied with the quality and capacity of this magazine. works well in a A&K Masada, and a JG sr16 with a matrix metal body.
by Tyler S. on 2014-01-27 19:57:23
"i got these on sale for $5 but they needed to be grinded on the top of the latch
by Zachary G. on 2013-09-05 20:45:11
"Very good magazines for a great price. I got 4 of these on one of the daily deals for $5 each. It was a steal and they actually fit better than the mag my G&P came with! No wobble at all!

I must say though that there is absolutely no way these hold 120 rounds. I got around 60 in and it felt like I was really pushing it. Over all though they feel real nice and are made of a decent metal. I would recommend getting a few of these at least!

Cheap while keeping quality
No wobble

Cons: (well not really)
Hold less ammo than advertised
by Mitchell R. on 2013-08-26 19:32:36
"I have to say, for $7 each on the daily deals page; they aren't bad!! Built really well, and are full metal like in the description. Just a bit disappointing to find out that they only hold 90rds instead of 120rds. I purchased 6 of them and all of them preform perfect once I made a modification to each of the mags. Supposidadly they were made for G&G M4/M16 guns but when I got them in they didn't fit. I was like NOOOO!!! This cant be!!! The only modification made to make them work was to remove some of the top part of the latching groove on the mag (about only 1.5mm). They fit and feed perfectly once this modification is made. Overall pretty satisfied with these mags! I mean for only $7, why complain? (my gun shoots about 15rps and goes threw these mags really fast! Like 6 seconds!! So with my 6 extra mags only about 36 sec. of full auto)

High quality
Fits my G&G M4 Combat Machine gun (with slight modification)

Only 90rds
had to be modified slightly to fit what they said it would fit
Sometimes is hard to load with a speed loader
by Chris L. on 2013-08-03 20:35:37
"I just got 3 of these mags in the other day and went to use them in my Echo1 Stag arm commando M4 and the mag catch would not lock in the mag. I looked and the grove in the mag is a solid 1/16 lower then it should be. I had to grinde the grove to make it fit. Good mags other wise but kinda mad that i have to do this extra work to use them
by Jake K. on 2013-05-06 18:42:55
"Because we all know Matrix is mostly rebranded products, I didnt have expectations on the brand. They turn out to be "Asia Electric Guns" brand, which make the FNH P90. The magazine quality is pretty good, although they scratch very easily. After being broken in, these magazines work perfectly, but may require some extra care due to fragile internals compared to more reputable brands. If you're looking for low cost, reliable midcaps that actually hold 100rds, check out G&P's midcaps, as I have personal experience with them, and they work well.

As other reviews say, these are NOT 120rd, which was disappointing. These are actually 68rd standard magazines.
by Trevor J. on 2013-02-10 09:59:33
"Im glad i got these mags, although they sent me the wrong ones. They sent the 68 round metal lowcaps instead of the 120 round midcaps. other than that they are really nice. After you break them in they only leave one or two rounds left. if you have a dboys m4, you will have to use a dremel or something and chisel the upper feed lip a bit to make them fit properly. other than that, i love them.
by kevin w. on 2012-09-06 18:15:46
"These mags are great!

Feeds Perfectly


I use these with my ICS L85 and they work great! Just break them in a little with silicon oil and what not and they will feed perfectly!
by James S. on 2012-08-26 10:22:59
"These magazines are GREAT! A high quality metal mid-cap magazine for only 10 dollars. I bought 5 of these! They have a very wobble-free tight fit. However, it was hard for the magazine catch of all my guns to click on to these mags. Using a screwdriver, i slightly bent up the "lip" (the place where the magazine catch clicks onto the gun i guess) on all the mags with a screw driver, and that seemed to make it easier for the guns to catch the magazines. I haven't tested extensively the magazines, but I haven't had any feeding issues yet.

Good metal quality
perfect fit

doesn't catch easily
by Darren R. on 2012-06-21 08:51:28
"I was entirely shocked when these mags didn't fit in my JG stryker, never had that problem before but $10 bucks for a metal midcap is a crazy deal to me, i took a dremel to the slot where the magazine catch slides in and enlarged the top about 1/8 of an inch. fits beautifully no wobble. So if your good with modifying and a steady hand with a small drill you cant go wrong because they feed amazingly. Paint job sucks though, I'm gonna re paint them soon.

No wobble at all
Feeds like butter

Most likely need modifying
crappy paint

4/5 \(^0^)/ no regrets
by jackie g. on 2012-06-06 17:44:11
"first off when i got these today i was pretty impressed on how they looked. Now i rateing them 4 outa 5 because when i went to go shoot them i would go to put them in the mag well and they wouldn't stay in but then i figured out that i had to hold them in. but overall there pretty good mags

feel good
feed well

Cons: Wouldn't stay in mag well
skipped a few rounds

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