Reviews: WE 7" Xecelerator Dragon Full Metal Hi-CAPA Airsoft Gas Blowback w/ Ext. barrel - Silver

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Model: GP-WE-023-S
Location: U13-016

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by Joey P. on 2014-10-23 06:50:57
"This gun is a very good, in a lot of ways its very good fps and distance wise. Pulling this out on the field is quite intimidating. But some problems i had with this gun is it came with a lot of loose screws, the front parts of the barrel were rattling around i had lost multiple screws. I currently hold it together with electrical tape. But other than that its very good.
by Josh P. on 2014-07-31 09:04:27
"I recently purchased this pistol to be a compliment and as an eventual replacement for my Tokyo Marui Glock 17. I am a member of Virginia Tech's airsoft team and needed something with a little more kick for the many tournaments we travel too.

This Hi-CAPA model was more than I expected in the FPS department. Ive used it almost daily over the past month and never had an issue with it. If you are looking for a strong pistol that can shoot very far distances then this is the gun for you. One thing you need to remember though is this is a large pistol. It is almost double the size of a Glock 17. If you are looking for close quarter combat or prone style in the woods pistol combat it will be very bulky and cumbersome to try and reach and get it out of your holster without very much movement. This pistol is built for power and speed and has the double mag capacity of 30 rds for it. You do not have to be afraid about ripping your trigger finger on it either. I successfully emptied the 30 round mag in 6.2 seconds without the pistol skipping a beat. This thing is loud and countless people will want to come check it out and be jealous of how far you can hit targets. The hop up will need to be adjusted upon opening as it is slightly off.
by matt w. on 2013-09-25 05:15:15
"This weapon is beast the only thing better is duel wielding it. I thought guys would duck and change route before ha. I just got my second and played at the house with friends and my kids. They rushed at first then ran the other direction. One came around the corner of house with shot gun blazing wound up on his butt trying to get out of the fire. He had welts from head to toe and quit rushing completely. I love this sport. GET one have fun GET 2 and intimidate the competition. Stay safe airsofters.
by Garrett A. on 2013-01-20 18:17:37
"I have had this for about 5 months now and I have to say it is one of the more powerful and intimidating pistols out their. I gave this gun a 4 out of 5 stars because of the three pieces on the front. They become a pain in the rear because the screws that hold on the front, come lose. I had to go get some lock tight to stop them from coming lose. I had to keep taking off the front end and the barrel to get to the two screws that were lose. When I did this, I ended up striping one of the screws. I had to make a hole for a bigger screw and put that in their. The gun takes some fixing up but the internals are great. Just make sure to keep the internals clean or else thing start getting stuck.

-High FPS 350~380
-Kids always ask what the FPS is.(I say about 450. Kids= :o)
-Looks Sexy
-Internals are top notch.
-I want to take it everywhere

-Requires maintenance as does every GBB Pistol
-Leaky Mags (WE is known for)
-Doesn't let me lose a game :)
by Seth F. on 2012-03-06 22:39:04
"This thing is a Monster! I know why they call it the Dragon, because this thing looks, feels, and sounds like its going to rain fire down on your friends. I got the matching silver magwel and it looks even more badass! The orange tip just screws off, no pliers or allen wrenches needed. This thing is rock solid! You could literally beat someone with the meat tenderizer on the front if the need ever arose. (melee kill lol). Getting to the hopup is a bit of a pain but other than that this gun is great! would highly recommend!
by Zachary K. on 2012-02-21 18:55:35
"I have had this gun for about 2 weeks and am mostly impressed but it has a few minor issues that concern me. (I think it may just be manufastures issues but i am still worried) The gun shoots very well however if you dont fill the mag completly with gas SOME of the shots begin to fall out of the gun. I think that may be my mag but im not sure. I also had the right side selector switch fell of and when i put it back on it was VERY loose and it falls off if i tilt the gun. I am happy to say aside from these minor issues it shoots well and ios well worth the $120
by julian j. on 2012-02-14 18:07:55
full metal
very high power (suggest co2 mag)
meat tenderizer on the front
comfy grip
adjustable rear sight
sexy but intimidating look

take down is a doosy cause u have to remove the compensator before u pull off the slide
really loud
hop ups a pain to get to
amazing gun..... for the safety of other airsoft players DO NOT use this gun on a cqb field if u like using guns inside shoot your wall not other people PLEASE.
by John V. on 2011-12-29 20:40:44
"great first gun for anyone. the paints scratches real easily but overall its decent. its only down side is finding a holster for it. the only one ive found is the Matrix Tornado Universal Tactical Thigh/ Drop Leg Holster.
by Zach S. on 2011-11-16 15:10:08
"OMFG!!!!!!! i have had this gun for about 1 year now and its like it had never seen a box before. So far the only problems I've had are the amount of money i have to fork out in gas and the recoil. I have to admit though this thing has saved my life plenty of times just from the power it has, the power in this is high enough to shoot through 4 feet of bush and keep going! (which for a pistol is amazing).

400 fps
rail mounts
fear factor

power (to strong for most indoor fields)
recoil (I've had to tighten all the screws on this gun twice in the past 8 months because of recoil)
hop up location (you need to take the slide off* to adjust it)

*to remove the slide unscrew the 2 allen screws at the very front (bottom of the muzzle) and slide the muzzle off then, if you havent already, remove the mag and pull the slide back then push it forward and it should come off. To reasemble the gun, just reverse the process.
note: you can also tighten the barrel by doing the 1st step.
by Alec X. on 2011-01-20 17:41:13
"HOLY CRAP THIS GUN IS AMAZING. trust me, its worth the money. buy it and pay the 119 bucks and support evike into getting more of these crazy awesome guns.

the only con i had is i bought this, but i didnt notice the holy cow special in time, so... dont screw your life up and get the 3 dollar mag.
by Adam M. on 2010-12-02 09:06:26
"Best pistol money can buy "PERIOD!". i own this gun in black and white and i can honestly say its the best of the best and ive shot many airsoft pistols but this takes the top spot on my list. a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.

PROS: crazy accurate

awesome weight

stylish look

nice kick

CONS: a bit pricey but no big deal

CO2 mags are pricey but worth it

In conclusion, if you buy this pistol i promise you wont be sorry
by Keith B. on 2010-06-08 08:04:16
"Overall, it's a pretty good gun. It has been reliable over the last few weeks of playing with it. I do find it not to be as accurate as I thought it would be and going from what others have posted. I have only used propane in it and I'm going to try some Green Gas to see if that helps any. I did loose the black o-ring around the fill valve on one of the mags the first day I got it so I had to order a replacement fill valve for about 8 bucks ( plus shipping :P )

- Feels good in your hand
- Shoots fast
- Hi-Capa!
- Hard kick with propane! :)

- Not as accurate as I would have liked it to be with the longer barrel
- Grip safety on the back does not work like it is supposed to. I can still shoot the gun with just hitting the trigger and not holding down the rear grip safety.
- May have to pay some more money out to try a TTB upgrade
- Picture on evike shows a Caspian slide and rubber grip. Mine did not come with the caspian trademarked slide or the rubber grib. It came with a slide with no trademarks and a plastic checkered grip.

With everything said, I think I would have gotten a different gun. Maybe paid a little more for a KWA or TM. Overall, not too bad though.

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