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Model: MW-G36toM4

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by Daniel M. on 2016-10-21 17:53:51
"I bought it to use with all the M4 mags I own. High Caps and Mid Caps, they all misfed like others explained on here. It was awful. Half the time I was shooting blanks because the back of the magazine wasn't being supported by the magwell. No matter how I held the magazine it felt oddly unfamiliar.
by Oscar R. on 2016-03-05 13:58:56
"I bought this so I could use my m4 mags in my g36. This product misfeeds every other shoot. Would not recommend.
by Noah L. on 2015-09-30 15:20:03
"First off it is nearly impossible to use if you are left handed, that being said it's a complete pain to use it if even if you're right handed. mags don't sit well and feel very loose, yet somehow they never manage to properly come out when trying to reload. save your money and instead get two g36 mags, it'll save you five bucks and is actually usable.
by Benjamin B. on 2015-07-21 07:55:40
"I got this for my jg g36c, and let me tell you, it was a waste of money. First off, I had to cut off the top feeder tube because it didnt fit (I guess some guns have that built in, some dont). After that, I got it in the gun, but it would misfeed every couple of shots. Also, the mag ejection system is terrible. I know they don't have much choice, but still. I gave this 2 stars because it sounds like other people are having success with it. Overall, if you feel you really want to use m4 mags in your g36, it might be worth picking this guy up, so long as you don't have a jg g36c.
by Tyler L. on 2015-04-30 18:30:04
"Bought this for my elite force/ ares g36cv and it works like a charm. This required slight modification (and I do mean slight). The only thing I had to do was open up the hole for the body pin. Other than that it just sits snug onto the gun No feed issues whatsoever using kwa k120 mid caps and a kwa 2gx hop up bucking. There is very little to no magazine wobble.
by Timothy P. on 2014-09-11 23:37:35
"I bought this for my Aries HK G36c. It was a simple swap no modification necessary to attach to your gun. Unfortunately there is slight modding needed in order for you to swap mags quickly and effectively.
1st the mag release goes into the magwell too far, forcing you to press the release in order to insert a mag. This can be fixed by placing a small strip of duct tape over the corner of the release inside the magwell. This will allow it to still hold the mag but you will no longer need to press the release to insert the mag.
2nd thing you might need to do is shave down the built up strips of plastic that hold the mag by maybe a millimeter. Not much. Just enough so the mags aren't so tight that its difficult to get in.

All in all though this piece works beautifully. I have had no problems with feeding and everything lines up the way it should. And, it allows me to use the same mags all my friends use. Now I just need to paint it to match the paint scheme on my gun.
by BRUCE O S. on 2014-08-30 16:43:42
"Got this for my KWA G36C. I had to do a LOT of Dremeling to make it fit. Now it fits great. I like Lonex flash mags but the full metal Lonex Flash Mag wobbles too much.
The Lonex M4 Polymer Clamp style Flash mag fits much better and looks fantastic.
I am converting my G36c to a G36V and will be adding a Polarstar Fusion Engine, MG36 Kit and a (509mm) Madbull Tightbore barrel so I haven't had a chance to test fire with the Mag Conversion.
by Larry M. on 2014-01-03 21:18:09
"Guys just be weary that on a JG G36C this magwell will only fit guns that have the ild style hopup unit in it. I bought this for my gun awhile back and it didnt fit right (which was a bummer because i also bought 5 m4 mags). I also didnt get my money back for the magwell itself due to the fact i sanded it because i was told by a buddy some sanding was required. This still looks like a sweet attatchment to spice up your G36C just make sure it will fit first!
by Kyle W. on 2013-10-27 21:37:08
"Hello. I have the KWA G36C. I wanted to get a new look for it and use the Km4 mags I have. The only problem is that I had to do some custom cutting to make it fit for my g36 model. Nothing too serious, just had sand a tiny piece down a little but now it does everything I want. Echo 1 high caps were a little wobbly but the km4 mags fit perfectly. This may be because of the cut I made. Even though the high caps wobbled a bit, both mags still fed flawlessly. Definitely recommend this.
by joseph w. on 2010-12-23 13:36:25
"Awesome magwell conversion. When i installed mine, the m4 magazine sat in it pretty loosely, but with a few modifications inside the adaptors the m4 mags sit perfectly snug! Also recommend buying the lonex m4 magazines. G36 + Magwell adaptor+ Lonex m4 magazines= NO WIND...JUST PURE MAYHEM!
by Sam H. on 2010-12-17 08:17:52
"This magazine well (magwell) is an excellent bit of kit.

Good points:
Adds a distinctive look to your weapon
Allows you to swap magazines with armalite team mates (of which there are many!)
Is not a permanent modification, allowing you to swap back to the original magwell if you wish to
Many different m4/m16 mag variants around to use.
Easy to install!

Bad points:
Due to the course the bb's have to take to enter the firing chamber, around 5 or 6 bb's are wasted each mag - not a huge problem, unless you are playing mil-sim.
Does not give a distinct sound to let you know the mags are in, unlike the original G36C magwell or a proper armalite magwell.

It is also worth noting the magazine eject is located on the left side of the weapon.

I think in this case, the good points far outweigh the bad and i would recommend this to anyone wanting to change up their G36 a little.
by Joshua B. on 2010-09-08 22:11:57
"Overal great product. I bought it because its cheaper (and more convenient) to get the magwell conversion and 8 m4 midcaps than it is 5 g36 midcaps.

-Very tight fit, no wobble
-Easy put in the gun
-Everyone else has m4 mags

-The plastic is much more brittle than ABS
-Not good for lefties since the mag release is on the left

Other notes, I did need to enlarge the right pin hole so the pin would fit. Also the color is a bit off since its a different plastic.

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