Reviews: Matrix Magwell Conversion Kit for G36 / MK36 Airsoft AEG to use M4 / M16 Mag


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Model: MW-G36toM4

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by Alec H. on 2009-09-16 17:55:17
"Worked great in my ECHO 1 G36K. Easy to install. Now my 36 looks so sweet with the m4 mags.
by maximilien g. on 2009-09-13 16:58:17
"well I love the G36 (I have an A&K G36c) and the one thing I love just as much is the when I saw this mag well it was a dream come true...and plus M4 mags are more common and cheaper and fit better in pouches and or vests
by jack s. on 2008-12-29 10:04:03
"I'm not involved in da g36 vs m4 debate but I think that m4 mags fit better in vests then the knobs on the g36 mags so I got it but its all based on opnion!
by Matt J. on 2008-08-16 14:14:45
"Alright, as I am a rabbid fan of the G36 and equal hater of M4's(forgive me they're too damn popular) I have to say this was somewhat of an eyesore to me *at first!* but now that my G36's mag well broke well I have no choice but the sniper possibilities that this just opened up to me more than outweigh my opinions. Because of this, my CA36E(long version) will be able to use the shorter vietnam style 180rd hi-caps which are a MUCH more cost effective approach to a low-profile, high-capacity mag. My cousin is extatic as well since he uses my E1 G36c(yeah i have two gimme a break :P) when we play and now has 4x 470rd Hi-Caps and a 3000rd drum mag totaling almost 6000rds of sheer terror. If you're in the market for a new mag well because you have a G36 but don't want to buy 1.5x as thick mags and want to save some cash, or your mag well broke like mine, this is your one and only, but likely best option. Overall this is a kickass product.
by James M. on 2008-07-24 05:28:02
"Very nice mag well. Will allow your G36 to use M4 magazine or M4 drum mag (not the type that sticks out on both side.) The single drum. Gave my G36C a different look and I can use all the mid-cap I got for my M4 in ops and run my G36!
by zack l. on 2008-07-21 17:54:18
"i just got this part in and it slides write in perfect but the mags dont go in to easily and then it makes my gun shoot like two bbs at once but its ok i guess because alot of people i play with use m4s so i then have extra mags but im wondering WILL THE BOX MAG FIT ON THIS.
by cutter p. on 2008-06-17 21:26:06
"This is awesome now my vest can carry my mags and m4 mags are cheap This thing rules if you have a G36 you should get this!
by scott z. on 2008-06-03 02:08:57
"I just love this adaptor. went in easy no more having to have different mags and best of all i'm the only one out on the field with a G36 using M4 mags.

Displaying 13 to 20 (of 20 reviews)

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