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CYMA Full Size M14 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Imitation Wood / Standard Stock)

63 Customer Reviews

by Joey P. on 06/27/2016
"Honestly this gun is amazing. I have 8 other airsoft guns, this is by far the most unique gun I have.

Not heavy at all
Bolt/charging handle is extremely satisfying to pull back
Extremely sturdy; great build quality, no wobbly parts
Shoots great and has great range and accuracy (I out range all of my friends with ak's and m4's😂😂)

The battery compartment is kind of annoying (its small) but it's really not a problem it works just fine
Other than that there's really no problems
by Benjamin T. on 05/09/2016
"Great beginner aeg. Amazing price for quality.

Consistent fps

Great hop up

Good iron sights

Very accurate for this price range

Satisfying bolt sound "bolt is non functional because it's an aeg"

Very quiet gear box

Good rof

Good weight

Solid build

Fire selector is a little loose and looks cheap

Small seam line... No big deal
by Allen H. on 04/02/2016
"Had this gun for 3 months now and love it. Had the normal break in where it shot poor for the first couple thousand shots but now it's very consistent and accurate. I use a 10.2 volt battery and love how it wakes this gun up. This gun is mostly metal except for the stock and has no wobble anywhere. Being metal it pretty heavy but I like a gun to feel like it's built to take a beating. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a gun that shoots hard and far without spending a lot of money and not having to upgrade internals.
by tyler v. on 12/01/2015
"Hey guys Iíve had this M14 A.E.G. for at least a year and a half and its still kicking. I have used this gun as a D.M.R. rifle. the rifle has been extremely effective for this purpose even at the near stock level of mods ranging from a systema M120 and a ball bearing spring guide as well as a stock gearbox and an Angel Customs 6.01 25 inch tight-bore barrel that I had cut down and re-crowned after I had moved the m120 gear box to complete my Mk14 EBR mod 1 build. The M14 has performed extremely well in both stock and in the light builds but has been more effective with just the T.B. barrel (goes to tell y'all that fps isn't king) and has had no issues on the field aside from loosing a bolt catch and its pin and the gas block coming loose and these issues have been remedied by tightening the gas block Allen screw and having replacement parts ready. This is only the beginning for this build as I intend to build a M130 build with a flat-hop with the same T.B. barrel,

The gun at the stock Level was already impressing me before I had started the build. The M14 is very inexpensive in cost for the quality. The M14 is in my belief not all that Heavy compared to My EBR. Cyma M14s in my experience have all been fairly consistent in F.P.S. staying extremely close to 350 F.P.S. at least from the three that I own ( Standard, EBR mod 1, and Soc16) which is very usable. The 6.04 T.B. Barrel stock from Cyma was pretty accurate out of the box, The Internals are of acceptable quality and can pull a m120 Spring with no issues. But I would still suggest a ball bearing spring guide to take some strain off the gears and the motor when using the M120. The Stock Motor for me was adequate for the M120 and it does an acceptable job at the stock level for me. the rifle stock has lasted this long and is of good quality. I believe the best part attributing to this gun's accuracy and range has to be its hop up. the V7 Proprietary Tm Spec. hop up has done wonders for me at the Airsoft Field Hitting enemies Well beyond the Majority of ARs and AKs Max ranges.

- Reliability
- Quality for an AEG coming out of China
- Accuracy
- Range
-F.P.S, Consistency
- Bang for your Buck

- Not for Close Quarter Battles, I have the M14 SOCOM AEG for that though.
- Battery Space, You can mod the battery compartment by removing two pieces of (I believe its) Sorbo pad from the rifle stock
- proprietary Parts can be a pain to find if you don't know what your looking for and there are not as many manufactures.. Not a issue for me though due to knowing what to look for and what manufactures to buy from.

I believe this is a great gun for being so inexpensive but still getting a gun that's worth more than you pay for in its abilities. Sadly when I had originally purchased my EBR it was plagued with feeding issues and I have since Been able to fix the EBR. If you get one of these issues on any gun. I would suggest returning them back to the store to be either repaired or swapped out for a new rifle instead. Cymas are known to Pass a lemon once in a while. However this is somewhat rare and generally I have had no issues otherwise.
Overall I would rate this gun 5 out of 5
by Jean H. on 09/08/2015
"Great out of the box gun. The gun is solid. CYMA makes great guns for your money. Out of the box I was pegging people from far way. its not a fine turned CNC machined internals DMR. But for 110 bucks you can beat it. I bought this as my back up gun but I use it more than my primary. The only cons is that selector switch is kind of loose. Other than that great gun for the buy. I was going to modify mine. But I am so satisfied with the stock performance I am going to leave it alone.
by Seth P. on 11/27/2012
"This is an AMAZING gun!!! This gun has such great FPS and ROF and a nice sleek design!
The sound of the bolt catch sounds amazing! Get this gun RIGHT NOW!

Weight (For me anyways)

The battery + Charger (Get a 9.6v SMALL TYPE! and a smart charger!)
Orange tip was a little hard to get off
by Moises H. on 10/14/2012
"I am in love with this weapon, is very reliable, efficient, not jams, no complains at all, in top all of this is really cheap if you compare with others like G&G, G&P, CA or the WE, how else you need to get it?
Stock parts are okay, mine was shooting 365 fps, with a descent rof; after upgrade it with the correct parts is shooting 465 fps with .25, no need to use in auto, I am playing in semi all the time, one shot one kill. Get a 9.6v or a 7.4v lipo you will see the difference.
- Full metal, what is that suppose to be metal is.
- Fully upgradeable, expend a High torque motor(matrix 3000), Matrix spring (M140), Polycarb piston (Matrix), v7 Nozzle (short version), v7 Spring guide, v7 Piston head double ring, and you get a full DMR, the best of everything you still far away lower in price to the other M14
- Excellent accuracy
- As stock weapon, 365 fps and descent rof (not remember how it was)

- Don't play too much with the bolt, I know is got a nice sound, you will break it for sure (Maybe is not a con anyway)
by Peter D. on 08/13/2012
"This is probbaly one of the best guns that you can get for the price. I've had this for about a year now and it works greats. You can fit it to fit your needs, it can be a sniper, a LMG, or just an assualt rifle. One thing that you want to get for it right away is a battery because the stack one doesn't last that long. It's so good that in a trade i've been offered a gun that was worth $100 more than this gun. Thats just how good it is.

full metal internals
accurate(can hit a cardboard box from 60 yds away with only iron sights)
very realistic(have been told that people would just buy the gun to hear the bolt)

heavy( about 10lbs, 15 if you put a scope on it)
Length( you need to get a sniper gun bag if you don't want a tight fit in another)

I would definetly buy it again if i had to
by Juan B. on 07/12/2012
"This is the best aeg I've ever purchased, extremely reliable! I have been using it in skirmishes for 3 years now and I haven't had a single problem with it! I do recommend upgrading to a 9.6v and a 3.50mm inner barrel
by Seth H. on 04/17/2012
"I have had this gun for almost a year now. It is by far the best AEG M14 out there.
has a quality feeling to it
no rattling (except for sling mounts)
a lot of fun to shoot
no cons that effect me

heavy for smaller players (i suggest players 15 and up and at least 100lbs)
not for "running and gunning"
low variety of gear and upgrades for it (mag pouches...ext)
by zack s. on 01/10/2012
"i got this gun for christmas and it is AWESOME. The RATE OF FIRE is insane! the gun has jammed up on me but besides that its awesome. FPS measures around 350-400, but with an adjusted hopup the effective range is about 150-200 ft. it is an awesome gun i highly recommend it to anyone who loves the m-14 series.

good rate of fire
imitation wood dosnt scratch like real wood
easy to carry around even in the woods


just heavy but with a sling its perfect.
by Karen h. on 12/28/2011
"Just got this gun for christmas and i love it!!! ordered it with a 9.6v (mini type) battery, a new mag and a smart charger. with the 9.6 the ROF is a little faster. accuracy on this gun is amazing i hit the target from 180 feet out (on semi) the imitation wood is very realistic.GREAT GUN.

if youre going to be in cqb situation youll need a sidearm. i use an hfc t77.

good ROF
great accuracy 4 years of airsoft experience
great range
very sturdy

on the heavier side. thats it -jake
by Alex S. on 11/21/2011
"I have had this gun for about six months and love it. It shoots hard and accurate which is a huge plus. It has a very nice bolt and a working bolt catch. The fake wood is very strong and looks very real. It's kind of hard to get the stock battery in the stock but you can easily mod the door. Overall, it works amazing.
by Gabe W. on 09/05/2011
"I got this gun a couple weeks ago and its just freakin awsome! Its like 2 pounds less then the Real M14, and is like 100mm shorter. Its the most accurate Airsoft gun ive ever owned. It shoots super far and is super accurate no matter how fast you shoot it. I am my teams DM and this gun is perfect, it dosent shoot as far as a sniper but im able to shoot full auto when i have to which is awsome. If your looking for a great M14 replica or are looking for a DMR Youve come to the right place
by Charles B. on 06/03/2011
"this is a very good gun. ive used it in battles with the half charged stock battery. it has good ROF. its accuracy is about 100 feet, not the stated 150. i would reccomend it to my friends. the jg type 89 is also a good gun. i would recommend getting a smart charger. get it.
good ROF
its a m14!!
HEAVY (could be con)
just heavy.