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JG / AGM Full Size SPAS Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Full Stock)

20 Customer Reviews

by alex c. on 06/10/2010
"this is a great gun it is very accurate and i like the hop up on it. one bad thing is it has a weak spot behind the trigger and in front of the grip and it broke in two. but all in all it is a realy good gun for a good price
by quincy r. on 03/08/2010
"this is fairly good gun. Its no AEG but it is good for beginners, a large side arm or something to spray paint.

easy to cock
light weight [more of an opinion as a pro]
stiffly made

not the most accurate
not anything like an AEG
not the most reliable gun [some times it the bbs don't get in the chamber

this is a fairly good gun for its price! if you can't afford any thing better get this
by Cody B. on 03/23/2009
"This shotgun is a nice gun for 25 dollars. Its a light weight gun and the shells make it feel realistic. I gave it a 4 because it is a strong gun but not too strong. Good for use against the anoying nehibor.
by Jake H. on 01/28/2010
"This gun is not bad, for the $24. It shoots real fast, and straight too, and has a built in hop up. The only thing that is bad about it is that it is full plastic, which isn't bad, except that the bottom flap that holds the shell always pops open when i cock it. it also dry fires every once in a while. other than that, it's not bad. Also, if anyone's looking for a good cheap pistol, try the A&K 8947 Full Metal spring power pistol :P real good and $15
by MALIK J. on 11/04/2008