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DE M58A M500 Tactical Heavy Weight Airsoft Pump Shotgun - Full Stock

22 Customer Reviews

by Heather C. on 06/10/2010
"This gun is incredible! Shoots at about 370fps with .20g. best BB to use with this gun is .25g. But the accuracy is what gets me for only 30$. EASILY pegging people at 50 yards. Only cons are small ammo capacity and that stupid sling. DO NOT USE IT. overall amazing gun.
by William H. on 04/25/2010
"i got this gun 3 days ago it works great the box came with :

the gun
a sling
speed loader
the mag

I also ordered .2g bbs and it shoots at 400fps

the problems:

the mag only holds 14 rds
the at first u have to slam the mag in the gun but after a while it "breaks in" like a shoe when u first wear it

What i like:

the speed loader
the accuracy
the sling is good but this is my first gun so i dont use it

overall this gun is totally recommended :)
by Mel S. on 04/01/2010
"wow this gun is AMAZING! i just got it yesterday. the weight feels great, its mostly plastic but its strong abs plastic. it shot perfect when i tested it out. the only problem with the gun is the magazine its pretty bad but other than that its amazing. oh and the sling is sorta small but its fine.
by Chad B. on 03/12/2010
"Got this in the mail and recoiled at how large the box was. Did I buy a monster?
Yes I did.
In a good way.
I pulled this sucker out of the box and loved it immediately. Actual size, close to actual weight, and 400 fps label on the box was no lie! Even with .2 gram bbs, which evike sent me some of for free (thank you!), it hits hard and fast. The hop performs well, the mag (yes, 'mag' I did not get the 2 it said I would get D: ) is hard to get in and out at first, though. The sheer weight is awesome. How you can tell it from the crappy shotties you get elsewhere is that it does not leave unused and unfirable bbs in the chamber, thank goodness! It also came with free comedic literature! The misspellings and humorous illustrations made reading the instruction manual a pleasure. :D
My dad loves the gun, and I do too. My little brother had a heckuva time trying to align the stock with his little shoulder, so this is not a gun for 10-12 year olds. This is big. It's stinkin HUGe. Actual size is no lie this time.
Anyway, This is a beast in war, as nobody wants to be hit with a bb-size train, and I am currently owning the springer wars in my neighborhood.
For the buyer:
This is a very high-end shotgun, and is infinitely better than
products_id=24319 , so just save a little bit more and go all the way! Very good value for money, even without rails or attachments.

Just 1 little complaint.
I only got 1 mag with it :,(
And since it's only 14 RPM (rounds per mag) that's a very small window of shots.

Anyway, if you buy it, it's supposed to come with two so may you have better luck than I.
by Helen J. on 09/08/2009
"This shotgun is great i bought it about a year ago and it just broke. it was my fault though it wasnt the guns fault. I jumped on my bed forgetting i put it there earlier that day and i landed on it and the outer barrel and the mettal bar came off. I fixed it with duck tape and it works like new. This gun is very durable. it has gon through rain and has been dropped many times. this gun would be a great secondary just take the sling and swing the rifle on your back and there u go. it is my secondary to my Full Metal real wood ak-74. definetly worth the 30 dollars.

by Joseph T. on 04/17/2009
"I've had this shotgun for about 2 years and it works as good as the day I got it, in other words, great. for a springer, this thing is amazing. I'm guessing at least 350+ with .2's. the hop up could stay hopped better, but that's the only con. If you're looking for a good reliable single shot shotgun, look no further.
by Sherry S. on 03/03/2009
"The 340-350 fps is a LIE! The gun is marked 350 for averaging it out because of the .25g bbs. With a .20 or .12 it will shoot 380-400. Although this gun is mostly plastic the weights on it make it feel real. It is a must buy and for the 30 dollar cost with 2 magazines a speed loader and a tactical sling this thing screams to be bought. These are the only pro's and con's that i can think of about this gun.


Good Weight
Shoots up to 400fps
Good quality at extremely low price (leaves room in your wallet for buying you a sidearm if your tight on cash)


Mostly plastic although it is strong ABS plastic.
14 round magazine (the extra magazine makes up for that, if not just by a side arm ex. cheap 20$ Double action revolver, it works fine and shoots 270fps).
The sling may not be the greatest in the world but it gets the job done.
by evan b. on 09/20/2008
"yup,this gun is a single shot shot gun. i would go with this one i think but hey, what ever you want, brother
by Jesse C. on 09/16/2008
"Yes, the gun does come with all of that. It even says;
-Complete with Magazines, Speed Loader and Quality Sling
by Jack f. on 08/22/2008
"This is a great / solid shotgun and almost a must buy for $29.99. Was expecting another spring gun for my friends to use but the quality / finish ended up much much much over my expectation. It fees like a marui shotgun that my friend bought for $200! Shoots great too.

As for bb, all the 6mm bb (6 mili-meter = diameter = airsoft bb) will work on this gun. But due to the precision barrel in it, you want to use "precision bb" to increase no air leak, and no bb jam.

Also, you want to use the right weight, so it give you most accuracy and power.

The best bb in the market right now and good value is the Matrix bb. For this gun you would want to use the Matrix 0.20g bb.
by douglas h. on 08/13/2008
"i have had this shotgun for about half a year and it still works perect mag dosent hold much but when u beat all the $200 AEG in a game with a $25 shotgun its really fun
by James M. on 07/24/2008
"This shotgun have a great amount of metal parts on it. Very solid for $29.99. Was going to buy another one but they are sold out now...hope they get it back in stock soon.
by Brandon J. on 07/21/2008
"this gun is exactly the same as the matrix m500 that they sell, it holds 14 rounds and if you got some muscle you can cock it with one hand
by Jordan G. on 06/20/2008
"I had been looking for a large spring shotgun to carry as a back-up to my M14, and when i saw this one for $30 i knew i had to get it. I took it out and fired it, and was surprised by the accuracy when i hit one of my friends right in the forehead at about fifty yards. If i have one complaint, it that the mag is TINY! you can find extra mags on other sites, though.
by Kevin B. on 10/16/2014
"Double Eagle is not a brand known for quality airsoft guns, or anything pertaining to airsoft for that matter. But let me say, this is a really, really awesome shotgun. It was a big step up from my old DE M47 CQB tactical, which was accurate and fairly well constructed, but lacked FPS, only shooting about 270-280 FPS. This gun shoots at least 340 FPS with a .25 gram bb, and that means if you use .2s it would probably be closer to 370-400 FPS, although for better accuracy I would stay with .25s. Adjustable hop up is a great bonus, too. Really great, powerful and accurate shotgun for much less money than G&P or AGM shotguns. The only downsides are it ISN'T compatible with hi-cap mags or have rails, but you can purchase extra mags, and rails from Evike for $10 anyway.