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Model: AEG-JG-098
Location: L2-012

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by Justin S. on 2014-12-18 15:19:58
"Pros- excellent range and fps, good rate of fire,

cons- The fire selector switch got really loose after only a couple uses. i cant figure out how to fix it.
by Caleb P. on 2014-12-17 17:04:42
- Pretty light for an SG-1 (plastic body)
- Moderately upgradable/modifiable (G36 compatible pistol grip and scope rails available)
- GREAT fps and accuracy for the price
- Lipo ready
- Bipod included (a little flimsy)
- Great versatile battle rifle

- Says it recommends large type batteries, but the battery compartment is too small for the matrix 5000mah (might fit if you cut up the inside of the stock) and it actually has a small tamiya female instead of a large.
- stock iron sights are REALLY close to the gun, the stock is kinda high up too.
- Bipod legs get loose if wiggled a little, but it is unscrewable
by Donovan D. on 2014-12-13 16:09:30
"i love my G3. it was my first AEG and no i have enough for an FAL. it served me well. the only prob i had with it was i had to wind the mag way too often. other than that i loved it
by JAMES C. on 2013-07-17 13:08:48
"Fps on the description of course can vary from gun to gun but to buy a gun hoping for 400 like it says it achieves and see it only does 320 (using an evike chrono) is disappointing. Maybe they chrono the gun using .12's. That's the only con.

This is an adult size gun and out of the box pretty impressive. The 125 rnd mid cap I bought with it works fine also. The bipod and the operating handle work pretty well. Can't wait to change the spring and use it.
by michael m. on 2013-04-08 14:03:02
"I recently purchased one of these, and I was very pleased. This gun EXACTLY mirrors the TM version, which is mostly polymer/abs/nylon? as well, and it shoots much better than most guns out of the box. I noticed that lipos were part of the "upgrades" offered, so I took a chance and hooked up an 11.1v lipo, and it rocked. I used it very conservatively, short bursts only, but the few times I opened it up it had a very high rate of fire and it's range and accuracy rivaled my KWA m-16. As a big fan of the G3, I would greatly prefer the metal body and the trademarks that the classic army version has, but even that gun doesn't perform nearly as well. For the beginning airsofter, this gun would be an excellent choice. For someone who has experience, and feels comfortable opening up gearboxes and doing upgrades, still a good pick. All this gun really needs is a tightbore motor, maybe an improved high torque motor, and some bearings(maybe a 130 spring)and this would be real beast.

Easily adjusted hop up
Great Range
A bi-pod for campers!

Mostly plastic furniture
bushings instead of bearings
the gun isn't black;it has the dreaded JG grey that detracts from overall appearance- I still love this gun though
by vincent g. on 2011-12-06 13:27:54
-very very acurate(150 feet)
-good fps
-very sturdy

-long(not a problem unless you do cbq)
-kinda heavy(can be fixed with a sling)

my selector switch did get lose and fall off after like 2 weeks

i realy recomend this gun for new players
by Brandon K. on 2011-04-28 08:21:48
"This gun is a decent gun. The stats on it are great, and the price is nice! This was my first quality gun, and I am happy to say I am satisfied with it.

High fps compared to most guns in the same price range
Magazine has held up since I bought the gun nearly a year ago
Easy to take apart and put back together

I had a big problem at first with the trigger, and it would be stuck firing full auto, even after releasing the trigger.
One tooth broke off a gear shortly after buying it, but I THINK that was my fault, not JG's fault.
HUGE gun, hard to maneuver in the woods with, but that's why I have my mp5!

Overall, this gun is a really good gun, and I think I was just unlucky with the trigger, as I haven't seen others with the same problem. This is a great gun and is still used as my primary, with only a barrel upgrade in the past year!
by Justin J. on 2010-09-23 11:02:34
"I've purchased this gun recently and i have only used it once since then but according to the rating and number of reviews people seem impressed as do I. I would like a 9.6v battery for this gun but i'm not sure which one is it that i need, also how quickly would a 9.6v battery wear out the internals?
by vincent g. on 2010-06-07 12:25:22
-sturdy construction
-awesome fps
-awesome range

-Really long but that's no problem unless your doing CQB
-heavy,but u can get a sling

overall this is a good gun for woodland.
by Kyle T. on 2010-05-21 23:39:34
"Overall this is an awesome "cheap" gun. Being only 125-155 dollars this is a relatively cheap AEG for airsoft.

There is a huge amount of upgrade ability to be done to this gun, if you wish. You can use this gun as a support type weapon with high rof and lower fps, or you can amp it up and use it as a single shot sniper weapon, the possibilities are awesome.I won't talk about that, because honestly... if you want to do that, that is your choice and you better know what the hell you are doing.

The long barrel makes this gun pretty darn accurate and the high fps spring adds to this. The Hop up is kind of choppy to adjust for me and difficult to adjust for me, although once you get it where you want it, it shoots nicely. Optics can be added by using a G3/mp5 mount, and whatever you get varies on what you want to do with the gun.

The gun comes with an already pretty high rof, just when shooting be sure to shoot in short bursts so you don't hurt your internal gearbox. The bursts are relatively well grouped together.

I believe that the gun chrono'd at around 330 or 340 with .25s for me. I use .35's for best accuracy, work wonderfully.

The magazine fits very snuggly, yet is easy to get out. I have never had any feeding issues, even when firing full auto for over 5 seconds or so, just be sure to keep it wound.

I have opened up the gearbox, and it is sort of sloppy... there is strange factory grease lying about in random locations. The shim job is comes with works pretty well, but once you open it, you have to change it anyways. The piston is rather crappy material and will crap out on you eventually (but not for a while if you fire only semi and short bursts) To my surprise the bushings are 7mm, rather than 6mm, which is a positive... but not really since they are crappy looking plastic ones. The spring in the gun is pretty hot and will hurt your gearbox over time, so it would be wise to either upgrade your gearbox or downgrade your spring.

Oh yes, the bipod... Well, the bipod itself works pretty well, it folds, it is metal, and yeah. Sometimes the part comes off center and it has to be twisted back into place, really simple fix. But the way the bipod is held onto the gun is completely stupid... seriously, the bipod WILL fall off if you run with your gun. If you like the bipod, then you need to go to a hardware store and modify the bipod so it stays on permanently (i did this and I love it completely). If you don't like the bipod, just remove it and forget about it.

Very accurate (can hit target at about 125 feet or so)
High rof
7mm bushings
Body seems durable plastic

Bipod comes off easily (Easy fix)
Plastic Bushings (easy fix)
Cheap Piston (easy fix)
needs to be taken care of if you want it to last long (meaning you have to clean it often, check that everything is okay often)

Summary: If you are a fan of the G3, and do not have the money to buy a higher end gun, get this one, it works great. The gun is quite long, so if you are a smaller person, find something else. This length gives the gun tremendous accuracy at pretty long ranges (125 feet or so). Really nice gun, great platform for upgrades, yet also works very well stock.
by Walter S. on 2010-04-10 13:11:35
"This was my first gun ever purchased. I must say it is a great gun for beginners and intermediate users. I don't get paid by any company to "rant" about how awesome any other company is but here's the deal when you buy JG

It is an affordable clone which means two things here: it won't break your bank and you WILL have to maintain it. The internals work fine, rain or shine and believe me I've done it, and it is a reliable system to work with.

This gun is incredible in the field. Accuracy is very good at long ranges. I only ever use .25 bios or higher. NEVER had a problem with jams or accuracy. I will say that you want to upgrade your battery when you get the chance. I recommend a lipoly system to get full use out of the "sniper" effect this gun provides.

Since I purchased this gun (last year) I have upgraded the barrel to a 590mm with a mock silencer to hide it. Attatched a 3-9 40mm scope (must purchase low profile rail system) and upgraded the spring and battery. This is a beast of a gun. I only play sniper or support with it as it generally is an unfair advantage on the field with its accuracy and upgrades.

Some things to consider: It is a pain to use iron sights with a mask. That stock is the bane of its existence. The bipod will need to be tightened after some use. Say 3 games or so. It really depends on how often you use it. It is not recommended for any close range combat. The length makes it cumbersome to engage your target and really, it is overkill for cqb.

This is NOT a noob weapon as long as you understand what you are buying and what to expect. If you're intermediate to expert then you shouldn't complain about buying this gun as you have the experience to understand how these weapons work and are made.

Happy hunting!
by Brad H. on 2010-03-28 21:13:04
"THIS GUN IS Awesome! Large type battery? Bipod? Cheeck rest? And 500 round mags? What else would you need? This gun is awsome. It says that it shoots 394 fps with 20. grams. i'd say about 410-390. The Large type 8.4 battery works as a small 9.6 battery because of the speed. My friend was shooting at me from the top of a hill really far up he hit me once and then i started going semi auto he kept on yelling HIT! HIT! his friend next to him was running away then the other person eventually got in so much pain he left. Also they mags do run out quick if you spray, i have 2 mags. The scrolling is so easy to do, because the clips come with this thing that twirl and it makes it go way faster.
Good FPS
cheeck rest,
500 round mag,
large type battery
Sometimes the trigger will still be firing when your not touching it
long! The gun goes to my stomach and im 5.4
Overall Rating
4.5, 4.5 means 5 because if you round it you get 5.

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