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by vincent g. on 2010-06-07 12:25:22
-sturdy construction
-awesome fps
-awesome range

-Really long but that's no problem unless your doing CQB
-heavy,but u can get a sling

overall this is a good gun for woodland.
by Kyle T. on 2010-05-21 23:39:34
"Overall this is an awesome "cheap" gun. Being only 125-155 dollars this is a relatively cheap AEG for airsoft.

There is a huge amount of upgrade ability to be done to this gun, if you wish. You can use this gun as a support type weapon with high rof and lower fps, or you can amp it up and use it as a single shot sniper weapon, the possibilities are awesome.I won't talk about that, because honestly... if you want to do that, that is your choice and you better know what the hell you are doing.

The long barrel makes this gun pretty darn accurate and the high fps spring adds to this. The Hop up is kind of choppy to adjust for me and difficult to adjust for me, although once you get it where you want it, it shoots nicely. Optics can be added by using a G3/mp5 mount, and whatever you get varies on what you want to do with the gun.

The gun comes with an already pretty high rof, just when shooting be sure to shoot in short bursts so you don't hurt your internal gearbox. The bursts are relatively well grouped together.

I believe that the gun chrono'd at around 330 or 340 with .25s for me. I use .35's for best accuracy, work wonderfully.

The magazine fits very snuggly, yet is easy to get out. I have never had any feeding issues, even when firing full auto for over 5 seconds or so, just be sure to keep it wound.

I have opened up the gearbox, and it is sort of sloppy... there is strange factory grease lying about in random locations. The shim job is comes with works pretty well, but once you open it, you have to change it anyways. The piston is rather crappy material and will crap out on you eventually (but not for a while if you fire only semi and short bursts) To my surprise the bushings are 7mm, rather than 6mm, which is a positive... but not really since they are crappy looking plastic ones. The spring in the gun is pretty hot and will hurt your gearbox over time, so it would be wise to either upgrade your gearbox or downgrade your spring.

Oh yes, the bipod... Well, the bipod itself works pretty well, it folds, it is metal, and yeah. Sometimes the part comes off center and it has to be twisted back into place, really simple fix. But the way the bipod is held onto the gun is completely stupid... seriously, the bipod WILL fall off if you run with your gun. If you like the bipod, then you need to go to a hardware store and modify the bipod so it stays on permanently (i did this and I love it completely). If you don't like the bipod, just remove it and forget about it.

Very accurate (can hit target at about 125 feet or so)
High rof
7mm bushings
Body seems durable plastic

Bipod comes off easily (Easy fix)
Plastic Bushings (easy fix)
Cheap Piston (easy fix)
needs to be taken care of if you want it to last long (meaning you have to clean it often, check that everything is okay often)

Summary: If you are a fan of the G3, and do not have the money to buy a higher end gun, get this one, it works great. The gun is quite long, so if you are a smaller person, find something else. This length gives the gun tremendous accuracy at pretty long ranges (125 feet or so). Really nice gun, great platform for upgrades, yet also works very well stock.
by Walter S. on 2010-04-10 13:11:35
"This was my first gun ever purchased. I must say it is a great gun for beginners and intermediate users. I don't get paid by any company to "rant" about how awesome any other company is but here's the deal when you buy JG

It is an affordable clone which means two things here: it won't break your bank and you WILL have to maintain it. The internals work fine, rain or shine and believe me I've done it, and it is a reliable system to work with.

This gun is incredible in the field. Accuracy is very good at long ranges. I only ever use .25 bios or higher. NEVER had a problem with jams or accuracy. I will say that you want to upgrade your battery when you get the chance. I recommend a lipoly system to get full use out of the "sniper" effect this gun provides.

Since I purchased this gun (last year) I have upgraded the barrel to a 590mm with a mock silencer to hide it. Attatched a 3-9 40mm scope (must purchase low profile rail system) and upgraded the spring and battery. This is a beast of a gun. I only play sniper or support with it as it generally is an unfair advantage on the field with its accuracy and upgrades.

Some things to consider: It is a pain to use iron sights with a mask. That stock is the bane of its existence. The bipod will need to be tightened after some use. Say 3 games or so. It really depends on how often you use it. It is not recommended for any close range combat. The length makes it cumbersome to engage your target and really, it is overkill for cqb.

This is NOT a noob weapon as long as you understand what you are buying and what to expect. If you're intermediate to expert then you shouldn't complain about buying this gun as you have the experience to understand how these weapons work and are made.

Happy hunting!
by Brad H. on 2010-03-28 21:13:04
"THIS GUN IS Awesome! Large type battery? Bipod? Cheeck rest? And 500 round mags? What else would you need? This gun is awsome. It says that it shoots 394 fps with 20. grams. i'd say about 410-390. The Large type 8.4 battery works as a small 9.6 battery because of the speed. My friend was shooting at me from the top of a hill really far up he hit me once and then i started going semi auto he kept on yelling HIT! HIT! his friend next to him was running away then the other person eventually got in so much pain he left. Also they mags do run out quick if you spray, i have 2 mags. The scrolling is so easy to do, because the clips come with this thing that twirl and it makes it go way faster.
Good FPS
cheeck rest,
500 round mag,
large type battery
Sometimes the trigger will still be firing when your not touching it
long! The gun goes to my stomach and im 5.4
Overall Rating
4.5, 4.5 means 5 because if you round it you get 5.
by Jesse C. on 2009-10-06 19:56:03
"Very nice gun shoots Very hard. likes to have you fall asleep on it when youre laying down. Its comfortable. Shoots very far. Think I said that. with .25s very nice. Very light compared to what I am used to witch is a nice change. I put a scope rail and drum mag on it and its awesome. very pleased with it cant complain the only thing is that the bypod wants to fold up when you lean on it too much. (like when your prone)
by Honor F. on 2009-09-29 20:13:46
"This gun is very good for the price. its mostly abs but it still very durable and reliable.
high Rate of Fire
Distance is awesome
mobility is great besides length
bipod is decent

bad stock piston
gearbox makes odd noise when fired *grinding noise* due to the giant spring its pushing back and forth

otherwise this gun is very good for the price 4/5
by Jake M. on 2009-09-29 10:52:25
"Ok I just quickly would like to say i have a JG sg1 and a classic army SAR, my JG is about the same on the face value, IE: rof, fps, general function, but inside the gear box different story. but Im really here to explain the fine differences over all. you can read the basic stuff any where, this is the nitty gritty.

the JGs wiring is crumby copper vs CA silver. and CA has secondary connectors, making it easier to wire the stock.

CA stock is more robust while the JGs is attached using smaller screws, this is a known point of failure for the g3a3 line in general.

the inner barrel on my JG was RUSTY on the outside! the flash hider and the front set is made out of some heaver pot metal (apposed to CAs lighter aluminum) which was all rusty in side of it, eeeww.

the charging handle of the JG is supported my plastic, so you cant 'HK slap' not a big deal, but it you leave it 'up' it tends to bend the plastic, not fun.

the JG does have that cool safety leaver that lets you see whats its on from both sides, but OMG DON'T LOSE THAT TINY SCREW!, CA dosen't have that, but it is a way simpler mechanism and much easy to reassemble.

The front bi-pod on the JG its the wiggle capital of jiggle city USA. If you put it up and down like 3 times, it will probably wonk out on you and need screwing, sure you can take it off, but the plastic for the hand guard just just plain crumby. the CA front hang guard if over all made out of way heaver ABS and the bi-pod is actually function able.

JG uses wonky pushpins that you gotta screw down, they are a little rough on the plastic, CA uses nicer push pins that are much stronger and is like the JGs front pin, no screw driver.

CAs metal body lets the whole front section of the gun have a simpler stronger attaching method, the JG needs all sorts of nuts and bolts and such.

a HUGE WTFunky potatoes on my part was that JGs cylinder was PORTED for like a mp5, there where major FPS loss, and a pain ultimately to fix, HOPEFULLY this 'new version' pays a bit more attention. SIGH! it also sports cheese ball plastic bushings , the echo1 version adds metal ones though, worth 20 bucks extra?

even IF you buy the TWO necessary metal body kits for the JG (front and receiver) the CA still has more metal, the 'SEF' trigger group is metal and the bit that holds the stock pins, also metal, the MBKs that Ive seen just don't have that cus of the 'neat' selector leaver that is on the JG/TM and the different style push pins.

Maybe you COULD rewire the whole thing, reinforce the stock, replace the flash hider, buy $150 of metal kits, and live with plasticity bits, enjoy the annoying/neat selector, just never open the gear box (clone compromise city) or get a new expensive drop in GB.

but really you probably wont, and like I did, if you really care about that stuff you'd just buy a classic army or Tokyo marui to replace your JG

I still love my JG, its just not displayed as proudly as my ultra babied classic army.

I'm giving it a three because I simply out grew it and wanted more. but if your a noob, go nuts its super cool, id suggest something else tough, but noobs don't listen anyway and will probably yell at me for ranting.

The End.

Read a book, that's how they end stuff, you probably don't know that cus you don't get that far.

by brock f. on 2009-09-12 19:45:48
"I own this gun and i cant complain a bit about it. I am extremely pleased with its rate of fire and its distance. I wouldnt be mad persay if it was a little bit more accurate but my team and i call it the "automatic shotgun". but overall its a sick gun
by DARLA A. on 2009-03-21 16:33:39
"This is a pretty good gun. it has a decent price, too. it is very acurate and out ranges all my friends guns. The gun is kind of long so it's a little akward when running with it. Also the screws in the bipod get a little loose, but nothing a screwdriver can't handle. It doesn't have the fastest rate of fire, but i like that because i pick and choose my shots. Also you do have to use the thing at the bottom of the clip quite often to pump the bbs up. Overall a good airsoft gun thats not to fancy, but gets the job done.
by Fisher R. on 2009-02-24 16:18:35
"i just ordered this last night and i heard nothing but good things about the gun. Plus i think it is funny because all of the stuf on the ordered with this gun section was part of my order =D
by Major M. on 2009-02-19 20:36:41
"Good gun with a strong rate of fire. 380-400 fps is about right and i love the gun. It is longer than any gun i have seen but it is not very heavy. bottom line it is powerful, and worth it.
by Tanner T. on 2009-02-06 14:18:52
"i own this gun it is an awesome gun i reccomened u get it. it is worth the $$

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