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by Samuel M. on 2015-11-26 15:00:19
"I have had this aeg for over two years, and it's still running well. Externally everything is plastic besides the bipod, sights, and outer barrel, but don't let the polymer fool you I have been able to do everything the guys with metal receivers do without snapping or cracking anything. My first complaint is the rof which is alot more sluggish then most ak's and m4's. Because of this I made mine into a dmr, and I installed a 509mm version 2 madbull barrel and a 60 degree madull bucking. It's now slightly more accurate and I am pretty sure I gained some speed and range as well. The looks on this gun are fantastic....I am a great admirer of anything H&K so this gun is a ton of fun.One thing I would highly recommend is a good flat paint job the plastic is a bit too bright for a dmr.The bipod isn't the greatest do to its tall legs that make it a pain when in prone. The magazines have plastic lips on them so be careful when sticking them in....I have broke one.One of my favorite things about it is the simple fact that it's unique. Almost none of the normal airsofters and video gamers have any idea what your
It's also fairly easy to disassemble which makes cleaning it not that much of a chore. Overall I would recommend this gun to anyone especially for a first aeg.

Pro's: great performance, price, looks, its not a m4, and its light weight

Con's: polymer makes more noise then metal,bipod is a bit tall, light weight
(nothin like a real hk 91), slow rof
by SC M. on 2015-07-17 19:54:39
"This gun is a great gun. Perfect for airsofting.

At least, mostly. There are a few issues with this weapon, as the fire select was made from cheese and broke on the field, so getting the way more awesome reinforced fire select that they happen to also make is a good idea. There has been a few issues with the mag where it won't feed right, so I sometimes have to unload it, smack it, then reload. Not a hard smack, just enough to let it know we're in the middle of a fire fight and it ejects a bunch of BB's. Finally, the gun is made out of mostly plastic with a few metal bits here and there. It makes the gun light and cheap, so it has some perks but still. The bipod is a bit crap, and works only when it wants to but it looks nice and matches the gun.

That being said, I can't think of anymore negative features it holds. For the most part, it fires fast, hits hard, goes far, looks sexy, and it's a pleasure to play with. The gun is LiPo ready and with that battery it turns into a beast. I intend to get a Drum Mag (the cheap crap one they sell) and make an improvised HK21. It'll be great, though it's supposed to be a DMR. So much so they include a cheek rest to stick to the stock of your gun. It's the sexiest G3 they sell on Evike, just has a few kinks.
by Nick K. on 2015-06-25 18:00:17
"Very good gun for the price!
+ Decent range
+ Good FPS
+ Battery in stock
+ BiPod
+ Mag size (300 I think, not 500)
+ Easy to use hop-up
- Cant think of any major problems...
by Seth C. on 2015-04-16 09:51:13
"This was my second AEG. It has an all polymer exterior, with a metal gearbox and barrel assembly (both inner and outer). The motor is pretty good, but the 7.5v nimh it comes with is crap. You need to overcharge it just to get it to work. The bipod feels nice and sturdy, but the handguard it's mounted on is all plastic and makes a lot of noise unless the bipod is removed. And even then it's just not as loud. Being a G3, the most rail space you can get is a 6" rail for a scope, but nothing else. Also, being a G3, it's absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to find parts for. I wanted a new handguard, and I ended up having to buy one second-hand from a REAL G3. And then I had to cut bits and pieces off to get it to fit. The hopup is pretty much crap, but overall, it's a good gun. I would recommend this, except it's impossible to find any sort of parts for if it doesn't share it with the MP5.

Parts shared with the MP5 or that are relatively easy to find:
Fire selector
rail mount
by Justin S. on 2014-12-18 15:19:58
"Pros- excellent range and fps, good rate of fire,

cons- The fire selector switch got really loose after only a couple uses. i cant figure out how to fix it.
by Caleb P. on 2014-12-17 17:04:42
- Pretty light for an SG-1 (plastic body)
- Moderately upgradable/modifiable (G36 compatible pistol grip and scope rails available)
- GREAT fps and accuracy for the price
- Lipo ready
- Bipod included (a little flimsy)
- Great versatile battle rifle

- Says it recommends large type batteries, but the battery compartment is too small for the matrix 5000mah (might fit if you cut up the inside of the stock) and it actually has a small tamiya female instead of a large.
- stock iron sights are REALLY close to the gun, the stock is kinda high up too.
- Bipod legs get loose if wiggled a little, but it is unscrewable
by Donovan D. on 2014-12-13 16:09:30
"i love my G3. it was my first AEG and no i have enough for an FAL. it served me well. the only prob i had with it was i had to wind the mag way too often. other than that i loved it
by JAMES C. on 2013-07-17 13:08:48
"Fps on the description of course can vary from gun to gun but to buy a gun hoping for 400 like it says it achieves and see it only does 320 (using an evike chrono) is disappointing. Maybe they chrono the gun using .12's. That's the only con.

This is an adult size gun and out of the box pretty impressive. The 125 rnd mid cap I bought with it works fine also. The bipod and the operating handle work pretty well. Can't wait to change the spring and use it.
by michael m. on 2013-04-08 14:03:02
"I recently purchased one of these, and I was very pleased. This gun EXACTLY mirrors the TM version, which is mostly polymer/abs/nylon? as well, and it shoots much better than most guns out of the box. I noticed that lipos were part of the "upgrades" offered, so I took a chance and hooked up an 11.1v lipo, and it rocked. I used it very conservatively, short bursts only, but the few times I opened it up it had a very high rate of fire and it's range and accuracy rivaled my KWA m-16. As a big fan of the G3, I would greatly prefer the metal body and the trademarks that the classic army version has, but even that gun doesn't perform nearly as well. For the beginning airsofter, this gun would be an excellent choice. For someone who has experience, and feels comfortable opening up gearboxes and doing upgrades, still a good pick. All this gun really needs is a tightbore motor, maybe an improved high torque motor, and some bearings(maybe a 130 spring)and this would be real beast.

Easily adjusted hop up
Great Range
A bi-pod for campers!

Mostly plastic furniture
bushings instead of bearings
the gun isn't black;it has the dreaded JG grey that detracts from overall appearance- I still love this gun though
by vincent g. on 2011-12-06 13:27:54
-very very acurate(150 feet)
-good fps
-very sturdy

-long(not a problem unless you do cbq)
-kinda heavy(can be fixed with a sling)

my selector switch did get lose and fall off after like 2 weeks

i realy recomend this gun for new players
by Brandon K. on 2011-04-28 08:21:48
"This gun is a decent gun. The stats on it are great, and the price is nice! This was my first quality gun, and I am happy to say I am satisfied with it.

High fps compared to most guns in the same price range
Magazine has held up since I bought the gun nearly a year ago
Easy to take apart and put back together

I had a big problem at first with the trigger, and it would be stuck firing full auto, even after releasing the trigger.
One tooth broke off a gear shortly after buying it, but I THINK that was my fault, not JG's fault.
HUGE gun, hard to maneuver in the woods with, but that's why I have my mp5!

Overall, this gun is a really good gun, and I think I was just unlucky with the trigger, as I haven't seen others with the same problem. This is a great gun and is still used as my primary, with only a barrel upgrade in the past year!
by Justin J. on 2010-09-23 11:02:34
"I've purchased this gun recently and i have only used it once since then but according to the rating and number of reviews people seem impressed as do I. I would like a 9.6v battery for this gun but i'm not sure which one is it that i need, also how quickly would a 9.6v battery wear out the internals?

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