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Light Weight IBH Airsoft Helmet w/ NVG Mount by Marix / Lancer - Black

7 Customer Reviews

by Kenny R. on 02/28/2010
"Just got done playing with this helmet tonight at Tac City in S El Monte. Its a great helmet. nice and light, and fits great. I got it from the Evike retail Store and it came in its own box that included the padding, a 2 foot roll of velcro and a green IR Flag w/ velcro. the pads needed to be installed but it was easy, just pull the sticker backs off and put in place. and you might need help adjusting the straps to get a good fit. not sure how to attach the velcro to the outside of the helmet maybe hot glue will work dont know yet have not tried.

All in all it is a GREAT helmet!
10 out of 10
by james o. on 12/28/2009
"great helmet, but there are room for improvements.

first off- this thing is awesome! after modifying it, it fits like a dream. the helmet itself is a very thick and tough as nails plastic!

however- my peeves with this were the extreme lack of padding. maybe i'm too picky but i couldn't stand the mass amount of play it had on my head.

also the straps on this take some getting used to, not the greatest, but just my opinion.

the modifications i made was picking up 2" industrial velcro from wal-mart, replacing the inner foam all together with pro-tec stuff, but i also used real MSA foam pads from my kevlar one.
by Joe P. on 10/10/2014
"Overall this is a great airsoft helmet. I took the padding out and sliced it in half so it would fit me, then stuck it back in with double sided tape. Go a little at a time until it fits just right. May want to take a little extra off if you plan on wearing a bandana or knit hat underneath for soaking up sweat or cold weather.

The biggest problem I have is the chin strap. Like others have said, it's not centered. It's not a big deal, as I usually just put it under my chin. The issue is the buckle. It's absolute junk. Mine pops open with practically no force. You don't even have to squeeze the tabs. The saving grace is that because I custom cut the padding, it fits snugly enough that it doesn't move when the buckle pops open.

Light weight
NVG mount (I haven't actually used it yet, so I'm not sure of the quality)
Fairly easy to modify the fit (pro AND con.... kinda)
Can put goggles on the helmet without the strap constantly slipping

Padding will most likely require modification, but it's not very hard to do.
Chin strap alignment isn't that great
chin strap buckle SUCKS - may be able to replace it
by charles r. on 12/23/2011
"The matrix IBH helmet with NVG mount is really a great buy for me. Other replicas coast 76 and up so when i saw this i jumped on it. I originally wanted the tan version but it was outta stock so i got the black instead i figured i could give it a cool paint job with a black base and tan coat on top. The helmet has a good weight to it, chin strap is a little corked but i just wear it under my just wear it under my jaw, the padding is comfy, just a little to tight for my big head haha, it didn't have the padding shown in the picture, am planning on altering the padding instead(not a big deal for me). All in all its a great buy I told all my buds to get it, just two loose ends but nothing to condemn others from getting this helmet.
by Tim S. on 12/13/2011
"Just recieved this helmet today. The quality is outstanding, the padding isn't so great I recomend getting the condor helmet padding, it's much nicer. The chin strap however isn't sewed on correctly and is further on the side than in the middle, but I just strap it under my chin. But this helmet is the best one I haved ever owned. 4/5 stars due to the chin strap.
by Scott L. on 12/10/2011
"overall, its a nice assault helmet. a couple cons to it would be the padding and straps. the padding just sucks and can tear apart easily, recommend getting a matrix helmet pad kit to go with this. and the straps came frayed, and they are very cheap nylon, i can see myself getting a strap system soon for it. but for the price its great, and it comes with a metal nvg mount.

honestly i wish i had gotten the matrix m200 mich, but it came out after i bought this one. personal experience with a mich helmet lets me say it sit flush with anyone's head, and comes with good padding and straps.
by Daniel H. on 09/14/2011
"extremely great helmet, love the feel and look of being tactical
pro: tactical

con: -chin strap doesnt stay in middle, if fully adjusted the strap on the side will be on top of year ear and might hurt your ear during gameplay
-could use thicker padding