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Classic Army Sportline M15A4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle Value Package

20 Customer Reviews

by Charles M. on 01/02/2014
"This is a great gun and worth every cent. I bought it for my girlfriend almost 11 months ago.
I upgraded the entire gearbox (Metal piston head, metal toothed piston, metal air nozzle, metal cylinder head, M120 spring, metal spring guide, all new gears, Ultra high torque Matrix 3000 motor, 6.03mm 469mm inner barrel and 150mm mock suppressor.) but the stock parts were not that bad i just wanted it to last forever. Its light weight due to the ABS body which is a plus for my girlfriend because she didnt like the weight of my Full metal M4 with metal RIS but liked the M4 platform.
Here are some pros and cons

Light Weight
Good ROF with 9.6v
Metal cylinder
Both the inner barrel and cylinder are blue (I thought that was cool)
Great Classic Army stock magazine never miss feeds
Push out body pins (no hex head to mess with)

M100 stock spring


With the money you save buying this gun i would buy a few things

1. M120 spring
2. Metal spring guide (not the ball barring one)
3. Metal Toothed piston
4. 6.03mm Inner barrel 469mm long
5. 150mm mock silencer
6. 9.6v battery

doing those few things will give you a great FPS, great ROF, killer long range, and will make it last which is what you want in an airsoft gun. I did my upgrades right after she got it and there has been no problems.

Hope this helps make up your mind. I would buy this gun again.
by Andrew C. on 05/20/2011
"Simply put: Great AEG for beginners (and even intermediate players). Why?

-Affordable on a relatively low budget
-Decent rifle right out of the box (as far as internals and performance)!
-Accurate at an intermediate distance
-Hundreds of upgrades available externally and internally
-Includes the battery, charger, and a pretty sweet pair of goggles!
-For some reason, the retractable stock smells really good (I know, I's odd)
-Licensed Armalite logo on the lower receiver

There were only a few problems with the gun...

-Plastic body (and for a couple dollars more you could find a metal bodied M4 style AEG)
-Plastic flash hider (not a huge problem really)
-Plastic carry handle (which goes along with the plastic body)
-The sling isn't of great quality

Really, those are my only complains for this rifle. Like I said, for beginners or intermediate players alike you can't really beat the gun for the price and performance. I almost gave the gun 4 stars simply because of the ABS body - but we all know this specific AEG is not metal...and we buy it KNOWING it's not why complain? Really is a great AEG.
by Michael A. on 05/01/2010
"This gun is beyond your world amazing! It came in a well packaged box. I chronoed mine at 380-410 fps. The stock is a little wobbly but you can easily fix that with a little tightening. It has an amazing ROF (rate of fire). I would recommend any 9.6v battery for this gun, but nothing too big because the battery compartment, which is located in the grip, doesn't have much room in it and could be a hassle to put on. Overall the body of the gun is very sturdy, full metal except for the aim sights, grip, flash hider, and the end of the stock. Yes, I would recommend this gun to any experienced players who love a gun that is compact and is great for long range and CQB (close quarters combat) battles. LOVE IT!
by Kyle B. on 03/03/2010
it's one of CA's lower end aeg's but still a CA gun is better then some other companies higher end guns

They dont mention the all metal hop up, stock arm, sights, and magazine, but they are all amazing.
This gun can easily clear a football field and hit a torso sized target. The other thing is that it is very light which is good if you are a team leader like me and need to be able to move quickly. The rails underneath the carry handle are RIS compatible i'd reccomend a red dot sight. This gun is only metal in the places it needs to be. Also the battery goes in like a breeze opposed to some m4's that have a hard hand guard. great fps I hit my friend from 70 yards and still left a welt. The battery works at 100 percent until it dies.

just enough metal
carry handle
great accuracy
great rof
very reliable
very customizable
great at cqb and long range

touchy hop up (but its better to have one that works. you get used to it.
by gabe m. on 04/22/2009
"i just wanted to say that this gun is very good for the price. out of the box i chronoed it at 362 fps. i have added a couple of mods to it to increase the fps. i used .23 gram bbs and it is very acurate out of the box. i recommend a 9.6v battery. the rate of fire is very high and more than i expected. overall this gun is great i highly recommend it for beginers and is great in battle.
by Samuel W. on 04/12/2009
"I have had this gun for about 6 months now and after 20+ 4 to 8 hour games I have yet to have a single problem with it. Out of the box this gun can preform better than any of the 4 Chinese clones I have tried. with proper Hop adjustment I have no problem hit a man size target at 100+ feet depending on the wind. I also like that even though the internals are not as strong as a normal CA, they are though enough to be able to switch them out as a) they break down, or b) you want to upgrade. I would definitely suggest this gun for anyone that plans to start airsofting or wants a quality gun they can use for just about any field.
by Aaron S. on 03/25/2009
"Hands down the best bang for the buck! This thing is solid! I wouldnt expect anything less with Classic Army. I give it a 5/5 for its performance and quality. I highly recommend this gun! Great job once again Classic Army!
by John T. on 03/11/2009
"So now for the review:

Fps (according to a chronograph): 347-350 w/ .2g
Weight (w/mag): 5lbs
Weight (w/ full metal 300rnd mag): 5.5lbs
Rate of fire (according to a chronograph w/ 8.4v battery): 15.8rps
Version 2 gearbox w/ plastic 7?mm bushings
m110 = 350 fps & surprisingly around 130ft of range (with no wind)

This is a GREAT gun for 210$! it is surprisingly sturdy for an m15a4. The accuracy is fair w/ a .2g bb but im pretty sure a .25g would fix the problem. For those of you who are wondering whats the difference between a CA sportline and a CA proline, the difference is in the internals. You will still get the quality build and detail that CA puts into their guns but you wont get the metal bushings, the m120 spring, and the V. 3 gearbox. But don't let this discourage you!!!! This gun (in my opinion) feels as sturdy and reliable as my friends KWA KG36C and should not brake on you. It comes greatly packaged with a nice sturdy box that has a carrying handle! Something that they don't say is that this gun has a metal hop up unit, it takes some time to get used to because it pretty touchy! I will have a WAY BETTER more DESCRIPTIVE review on youtube soon, but don't wait for me to buy this gun. I would recommend this gun to someone who knows what their doing but is wants to get serious about it.

All in all the quality of this gun is amazing, the internals are great for 210$, its fully upgradable, sturdy, realistic! Dont get discouraged because its a sportline THIS THING RIPS!!!!!!!
by kurt l. on 03/06/2009
"This gun is a great buy for the price, ive had it for about a year now and it is still kicking...its got much more fps then they say i still have the stock battery and stock internals and after a year its still going 350.. when i got it out of the box it was going 360 and up, in the past year i have added many things including full RIS a ,metal body, battery box, aimpiont red dot scope,classic army M203, and many other attachments, overall agreat gun for the price has good accuracy and fps. the only problems ive had with this gun is the stock hopup broke and the original barrel is messed so im getting a tightbore, but other than that no real complants..5 out of 5
by joshua p. on 02/21/2009
"o.k. so....

this is my first aeg.

i love it....

i was able to purchase a starter kit with all the extras including battery.
the battery kinda sucks as i'm sure it doesn't hold that good a charge...i intend to upgrade.

i also noticed my particular gun tends to jam on semi.

but a quick flip of the switch to auto followed by a short burst and it's good to go.

that's the only "flaw".

i didn't research this gun before i bought it and would not have bought it because i wanted a "neater" looking gun (hk 416 or g36c) but in all fairness it is quite good quality and has an impressive price tag.

i have of course played with other guns at this price point and have determined they are total junk.

again a great first gun....
by joe c. on 02/10/2009
"dont listen to any of the bad reviews. this gun is AMAZING.
by Matthew F. on 02/07/2009
"One of the best guns that I have ever owned. This gun is amazing. It is very accurate and it has a high fps. The specs are a little low on the sight it definetly shoots faster than that. it is all metal which is a great thing. I do recomend you put on a rail system in the front and get a battery box. The box makes the gun that much better. Definetly worth the price. I blows away the other guns at the same price.
by Don s. on 12/09/2008
"I just purchased this gun i also own a full metal ca m4, the sports line has the same performance has my metal gun, it chrono in out the box at 350 fps my metal m4 out the box chrono in at 335.I love the quality of this gun its rock solid and very accurate and auto fire is crazy with a 9.6, and semi is a lot better then i expected it would be.This gun is skirmish ready stock, if you are looking for a sports line either the g&g or this gun is the way to go
by nate c. on 10/30/2008
"How accurret is it. some one leave a youtube review. thanks
by Matthew L. on 07/21/2008
"this gun is sick. i got a 9.6 volt 2400mah nunchuck battery it increased the rof like crazy great gun but the stock is a little loose