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Echo1 AK74 CPM Full Metal Airsoft AEG w/ Side Folding Skeleton Stock

33 Customer Reviews

by Shawn H. on 01/21/2017
"Ive had this gun for about 4 months now and its the best gun ive ever owned. Mine came with two hi cap mags? Is that normal?? Theyre pretty good but wobble like crazy in the magwell. This is fixable with a little black or camo duct tape. It comes with a 9.6v nimh battery and charger too so its a great starter gun as well. The battery it comes with lasts a 3 hour sunday game with mid to mid-heavy shooting. The stock doesnt wobble at all as other reviewers have stated but maybe he got a bad one? All in all five star primary.


Good rof with included battery
Solid metal construction
Included battery and charger
Shoots about 300 fps with .25s
Fairly compact
Decent range
Feels awesome in hand


Heavy due to being mostly metal of course
No good way to put RIS on
Rear sling mount sucks if youre trying to be sneaky as it makes a dinging sound when moving gun vigorously
Accessories are hard to find or expensive as with all ak variant guns
by Matthew H. on 03/16/2014
"I'm so glad that I bought this little beast. The body is very sturdy with little to no wobble, Excluding the folding stock, of course.
The trigger has an extremely snappy response with a 7.4 Lipo. And rate fire sounds very respectable.
Cyma brand AK waffle midcaps and Lonex flash mags feed flawlessly as well. Using both Elite Force .25ís and then testing .30ís from madbull, I was quite impressed with the range of this little bugger. While Accuracy could be improved using a tighter bore barrel, it still has a respectable spread of 5-6 feet at 200+ feet. Not bad for such a short barrel.
FPS is a tad high for cqb, running at about 380-392 fps.
I have two cons. Both of which are fixable. This thing comes festooned with stickers galore. And the orange flash hider is somewhat of a chore to remove if you do not wish to damage the metal one underneath.
Over all this is a great deal for a field ready gun. If you are in the market for a decent AK74u, donít hesitate to grab this one.
by Benjamin W. on 12/25/2013
"I have owned this gun for 7 months I use my CPW with a madbull 300mm 6.03 tightbore barrel, madbull bucking, and a 7.4v stick lipo. It is an incredible value for money. Easy to take apart to add custom barrels and hop-ups. The externals are really really solid. Stock wobbles a little but it's a folding stock so no surprises there. I recommend it to anyone. This is the least expensive AEG I have ever bought and it is my favorite! Fantastically put together and priced. Extremely reliable and durable.

-solid metal externals
-solid metal internals
-very good accuracy and range with 300mm madbull 6.03 tightbore (.25 gram bbs)
-good fire rate with a 7.4 lipo (I like average fire rates burns through less ammo)
-simple to disassemble
-It's a AK74U

-stock wobbles a little (to be expected from a folding stock)
-It doesn't shoot lightning bolts
by Justin H. on 11/21/2013
"I have only been playing airsoft for a few months. I got an M4 (g&g around $200) and this to kind of figure out what platform I want to use most of the time. The reason why the M4 and this is because the availability of parts for both platforms. This gun works great and because of it I am leaning towards the AK style now.

Great package deal (battery [8.4 stick], charger[not smart charger], 2 high cap magazines [that work well], the unjamming rod, and the gun itself)

It's a little loud when firing.
sling mount on the stock makes a loud ping (can just tape it down though!)

Final Thoughts
This gun is great, and is great for a starter gun. This is a MUST BUY if you are looking for a cheap but good entry level gun (I guess some would say this is intermediate). I would recommend getting a 9.6 battery because that will last longer than the one it comes with and it will shoot a little faster and harder wit the 9.6 (then you have the 8.4 as the spare battery! :-D ). As a final note even with the 8.4 it comes with, I was getting an fps of 400 (.20 bb's). This is important if the field you will be playing in has restrictions for FPS.
by nathan r. on 01/04/2013
"This gun is very nice. With a 9.6v battery it has an insane rate of fire.


nice weight
nice look
nice accuracy


Flash hider is a bit hard to get off.

Really nothing is wobbly except the stock, but it is a folding stock, so you can expect it.

Protip: get flash mags. They save LOTS of time winding, but sacrifice about 100 rounds each mag.
by Dan N. on 04/07/2012
"This is an amazing gun it shoot at 380-390 fps it has good range the only things i dont like is the fact that when i close the receiver it scratches the button.

great fps
accurate with .23-.25
full steel with plastic handgaurd and grip
good rof

some things like receiver button and fire selector scratch a little in use
Nothing else so far :)
by Josh W. on 11/06/2010
"This is a very good gun It has good range good fps and its worth your money. I was hittingt targets 150-200 feet away. Also unlike other guns even though you have been playing with the same battery it doesnt show that it is losing power but I recomend buying another one just because it only lasts 3-4 hours which that could be good and bad if you play longer games like me its bad but if you play short games you are probably ok. And one more thing the pistol grip is a little wobbly but you wouldn't notice it after playing with the gun for a while

Great FPS
Very good range
Mag is OK

Battery only lasts 3-4 hours
Pistol grip is a little wobbly
by DJ P. on 11/04/2010
"This gun is amazing it hurts so much and leaves a great welp that will make u bleed. I shot some concrete and the bb actually bounced off some concrete and still put a massive dent in his stomach. Trust me this gun is really worth the price and in my opinion i think this gun should be more expensive. This gun is great for beginners or pros, whoever you are your going to have a fricken blast with this gun. So i recommend buying it, only downside is that its not that accurate and could use a little work but its 5 stars
by Austin P. on 03/27/2010
"This gun is awesome. I have owned this gun for about two years, maybe more. It is very well built airsoft gun, that is completely made of metal, (except for the ABS foregrip, and pistol grip.) I have used this gun in battle every time i'm in an airsoft war. It's light srtructure makes it a very easy weapon to handle, and if you carry alot of equipment, this gun is defidently great. The FPS is pretty high, but I havent chrono'd it, I just know by how much power it has on my targets, and friends. The ROF is kinda low, but it's not like your going to go Rambo on you friends. Overall it is an amazing gun, and you WILL have it working for a long time. But I do recommend a "Smart Charger", to prevent messing up the battery.

In all:


-Good FPS
-All Metal furniture
-ABS foregrip and pistol grip
-Folding Stock
-Can fit a nice sling


-Low ROF
-Battery can be suckish
-Nothing else I can think of.

Buy it if your interested. You wont be disapionted.
by DAVID B. on 02/12/2009
"ok, this is a great gun, my friend owns it. and it freakin hurts badly my friend shot me THROUGH a cardboard box from about 14feet away and still left me with a big welt that almost bled
I recommend it to anyone. beginner or pro's
by nathan k. on 02/05/2009
"I compared this gun to the VFC AK74u. Which if you don't know is a $400+ gun.

I first went over the VFC and this 1st thing that happen was the charging handle/bolt came clean off without even removing the dust cover or unscrewing anything. So that right there says that VFC guns are NOT skirmish guns. They are definite wall hangers if your going to spend that much on a non-customized gun.

Moving on to the "Vector Arms" AK CPM aka AK74u. Its clear that the markings are not as good as the VFCs but its also more than half the price. The only con I can think of is the sling mount on the skeleton folding stock. The stock is just pressed or bent aluminum, so when the sling mount hits it-- it makes a very loud KUH KLINCK!
5/5 for the price and for it being a true skirmishing gun
by nathan s. on 01/25/2009
"um..i own one of these and its a great gun...its just an over all good gun..
i recommend buying this.
i have not yet found a problem with it ive actually owned this gun for about a year now and dropped it plenty of times and used it in battles in snow and rain and its just a very strong gun...
its very durable..
really you should buy this gun.
its great!
actually to be honest i dont really like the tip that covers the end of the barrel...and i wanted to swap it out with the zombie killer mock silencer and i was just wondering if that would fit the threading on this gun.
does anyone know?

Webmaster: Its 14mm negative. So zombie killer will fit if you manage to remove the flashhider.
by chris b. on 12/15/2008
"This gun is probrobly one of the best guns you could buy. I have had it now for several months and it wokrs great.
It has constant FPS
It has good range for bieng a COMPACT machine gun
Good to use as a side arm
easy use of the foldable stock
stock battery and magazine is good no problems with them
Has a good rate of fire and it doesnt switch firing selections by itself.
All in all this is a great gun definitlly woth the price.
by Sam R. on 12/01/2008
"What direction is the thread on this gun because i want to get a silencer for it. Is it 14mm negative or positive?
by Randy A. on 11/16/2008
"I can't say enough good things about this gun. I have had it for a while and it works like a dream! If I only could have one AEG for the rest of my life this would be the one!!