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by stacey s. on 2008-11-06 10:29:58
"What scope is on the gun in the picture? What one shoul i get?
by GARY H. on 2008-11-05 15:59:55
"can this gun take a 9.6 battery that might be a little long cuz i got a battery from a dunhams gun and its fits in my m4s front grip with very slight mod so plz get back to me thanks.!!!
by Nicholas F. on 2008-10-06 10:28:32
"This gun is AMAZING!!!!! I have had it about a week and it shoots as straight as I can ask for. Chronoed at 430fps with .20g bbs and 380fps with .25g bbs. Feels just like real thing with weight matching.
by CJ E. on 2008-09-19 00:03:13
"It's a CUSTOM JOB from Evike, so just trust what they say... they chronno all of their customs.
by La L. on 2008-09-18 23:52:56
"Well does any of you actually know what the FPS is?
Like have any of you chronoed it?
Ranked at 3 b/c i dont know any thing
by john p. on 2008-09-13 08:59:26
"I want to know what the real fps of this gun is and the range because im thinking about buying it. thanks
by Donald A. on 2008-08-09 18:13:23
"Great gun, Overall Lenght is about 3FT 2IN. So 38IN, sorry man sounds like your case won't work.... You might try taking off the extension or shortening the stock.
Notes on gun,
Range is Impressive, over 150FT.
Accuracy is Poor, you have about a 1FT spread after 60Ft. You have to rain them bbs to utilize its range.
Clip is decent, I recommend buying a 500round one.
Barrel is a little short, you can get replace the barrel with one about 20mm longer, even more if you go up into the flash hider. I bought a 450mm madbull and it was still concealed but did not improve accuracy, still working on that problem.
Body is amazing, everything is metal except the end of the stock and the hard grip, which neither need to be metal. Even the hopup is metal.
Overall good gun.
by Dylan C. on 2008-08-08 22:42:51
"Hop up is on the side its a little button. But a amazing gun completely, except just so you dont get tricked like me DONT buy any scope mounts or carrying handle for this gun it is unnecessary and a waist of money.
But since its such an amazing gun i will not give it a bad rating i will still give it a perfect
by Jeff C. on 2008-07-07 04:59:00
"This gun comes with battery and charger. Very accurate and powerful. A very good deal with the metal body, RIS, SPR kit, full stock, SPR grip.....unbelievable price!
by Michael H. on 2008-07-06 23:25:26
"to answer a question below: yes it comes with a LARGE TYPE BATTERY and CHARGER and about the scope theG&P M-1S 3.5-10x40mm Illuminate Real Steel Sniper Scope Set w/ Dual l Mount lookes more like it but im not sure i hope i was helpful if not dont say anything bad like some do.
by Michael H. on 2008-07-06 23:07:31
"I have two questions is the hand guard full metal, and are there any problems with the mag well. for example is it difficult to put the mag in.
by Adam A. on 2008-06-11 10:41:51
"i got this gun and i love it! it never turned me down but it needs a higher capacity magazine. i highly recommend this gun to any positions. begginer or expert.

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 27 reviews)

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