Reviews: DE M84A M9 AEP Airsoft Electric Pistol with Rechargable Battery. (Marui System)


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Model: AEP-DE-M84A

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by Brady P. on 2008-10-07 15:04:36
"Does this gun have blowback??? Because Im looking for a gun that has blowback.
by Janet H. on 2008-08-01 18:12:27
"i got this thing today. its alot better than u think. mine meassured in at 230 fps. the silencer doesnt do anything but it makes it look really cool. in the pictures it doesnt have a blaze orange tips. But the real gun has one on the silencer and one on the actual gun. this gun also has a spare clip (not included). You can find it in AIRSOFT GUN MAGAZINES under catagories. Then ELECTRIC GUN MAGAZINES, then OTHERS. its called the Spare Magazine for M84 AEP M9. It fits.

this is a good gun that shoots fast. ive allready shot out one of my porch lights with it. overall 5 out of 5 stars.
by Alvin T. on 2008-06-23 14:48:17
"The Marui version of this is $150 and it probably won't last 12,000 rounds. If you want a heavy duty piston, get gas guns. For an AEP, this is still probably the best AEP to buy since it is identical to the Marui one for 1/3 the price...
by John C. on 2008-06-22 04:24:18
"I'm adding this as an update to my previous review on this DE M84A M9. I have two of these; and one I've had for two months. This would be the one I have used the most. I have only used this one for target shooting in my back yard and in my basement using the shooting range I have set up. All my guns stay in padded hard cases; none of them have ever been dropped or banged against anything.
I have run about 12,000 rounds through this M9 and it has begun to fall apart. First it was the mock hammer; it broke off (it has only ever been touched once when I got the gun checking it out). Next I started seeing fractures on the slide (waiting for it to break). The selector and safety switches are becoming very loose. It appears that the metal parts are even a poorer cast metal than I had originally thought. Apparently, just from sitting there plinking, the vibration of the gun firing is destroying it. I now give it 2 stars, they made an effort but they need to make it from nice aluminum or steel.
by hunter L. on 2008-06-17 11:36:35
"i have to get one of these from videos and coments i heard this is a good gun for the money that you pay for it
by Ben L. on 2008-06-10 20:59:23
"It is a good gun and the full auto is a great feature. However it does seem to jam alot i dont know if it is the gun or the people i play with but it has jammed 3 times so far( The people I play with somehow pyulled my MP5 silencer hard enough to loosen the screw holding the flash hider to the rest of the gun i have no idea how...)
by Erik D. on 2008-05-29 16:39:40
"It shoots as expected for an AEP. However, be aware that it breaks easy. It slipped from my holster on to the ground (only a few feet) and the silencer broke off. The connection from the battery broke as well, and it wouldn't shoot anymore.

If you are careful, it is a decent gun - though I would recommend saving the money for a more durable GBB.
by hansen t. on 2008-05-29 08:25:22
"This is my 1st pistol, i feel comfortable, preety heavy.
the bad thing for this is not a blowback pistol :).
by John C. on 2008-05-24 20:18:08
"I have two of these. I have never been impressed with AEPs; their FPS is just too low for my taste. But otherwise this is a pretty good AEP; built ok and relatively accurate. The mag, slide and other external metal parts are like a softer alloy rather than aluminum or steel. Iím familiar with this alloy; if you try to bend it or if it gets bent and you try straightening it, it is more likely to break rather than bend. Iím waiting for AEPs to get better in quality and have an FPS up in the 320 to 350 range with .20g bbs. 4 stars for a good low cost AEP.

Displaying 13 to 21 (of 21 reviews)

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