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WE-USA Full Metal Hi-CAPA 5.1 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol (Model: P14 w/ Co2 Mag)

32 Customer Reviews

by Hugh W. on 04/14/2014
"Ok, so far from what I can tell, this is a great gun. I'm not sure if Evike just updated it a little bit or what, but my gun has a logo on the grips, a black trigger, black grip safety, and no rails. I thought Evike might have just sent me a different gun, but it still can rapid fire, so I'm just not quite sure. Now, the gun

High cycle rate
Full metal
Has a nice weight
Made by We Tech
High capacity (about 31 bbs)
Feels very sturdy/solid

There is a little bit of wobble if you shake it
I would like to have higher FPS, but that probably won't happen in a pistol
by Jon G. on 04/14/2014
"Recently purchased this pistol and I'm very pleased with it! The rate of fire is fantastic and the lightweight slide allows you to shoot accurately, even while shooting rapidly. Haven't had a chance to chrono or use in the field yet but the blood from my friend's leg says that it shoots hot! Overall, sweet pistol and very reliable service from Evike. Had a similar problem as Myles but after a quick phone call and e-mail, the problem was taken care of. Turns out the custom was updated with a smaller rail but same size slide. Excellent help and thank you Kent. Will be ordering from this site again in the future!
by Doug D. on 04/14/2014
"this gun is amazing! shooting around 325fps and the cycle on this thing is spectacular, i just skirmished with it today and it was awsome. I gave on of mi friends a huse welt in the cheek and another in the arm and the list goes on forever, i love it as a secondary to mi echo1 614. This gun is the frikin god of gbbs in its price range and can compete with WA's. If ur thinking about buying this gun, stop thinking and BUY IT!!!!!
by Erik D. on 04/14/2014
"This pistol has server me well. It has serious blowback, especially the first shot. The blowback "can" hinder your aiming if your shooting like a madman, but not a big deal. The high capacity mag is great since this gun can shoot really fast. It flew out of my holster onto a concrete floor and broke off part of the sights, but still shoots just fine. If it were a plastic pistol it would have totally broken... So, I highly recommend this pistol to anyone who wants a trusty backup.
by John M. on 04/14/2014
"This gun is based off a WE-HICAPA with a aluminum light weight 1911 slide installed.

All the WE-TECH magazine will work on it.
All the WE parts / Marui parts will work on it (for those looking for replacement / repair parts) These parts are very available on and they seem to have every other little part you might need on WE guns available if you email them. (Which is very important because having replacement parts and support means your gun will never "retire" no matter how much you play / abuse it).
by Susan S. on 04/14/2014
"With experiance from several gas pistols i must say this is the best pistol i have ever used! The gun is extremely accurate, precise up to about 20 meters (with good ammo and ideal conditions). This gun is perfect for experianced and new players alike who are searching for a new gas pistol.
by justin d. on 04/14/2014
"All i have to say is this gun is simply amazing. It has a hi cap magazine, and when you shoot it, it really kicks. I don't have any cons for this gun. Buy it, its worth every penny.
by Adrienne E. on 04/14/2014
"One of the best pistols in this price range! I'm not sure about one reviewer here claiming this gun is inaccurate, but when I shoot it, I'm able to shoot a 1 liter soda bottle about 50 feet away. It shoots hard, has a nice blowback kick to it, feels and looks great, and it's damn powerful! The only thing I don't like are that the sight's aren't dotted like the many other Hi-Capa's and 1911 variants. But the pros outweighs this only con, earning it a 5 out of 5 stars!
by donovan e. on 04/14/2014
"This thing is great!! I just got one and its great, it has a realistic feal and has power for its size. Its a get gun to get!!
by Dan V. on 04/14/2014
"Well after a complete FIASCO with trying to get a gun this one finally ended up in my hands. only a few words can describe this gun, simply amazing. The feel, look, quality, and not to mention CUSTOM built by evike themselves makes this GBB a most wonderful item. Boasting true beauty but major guts is what made me decide on this gun in the end. After a rigourous field test i will post more about the performance and epicness (i realize it's a made up word) of this beauty in battle.
by Nicholas B. on 04/14/2014
"Just orderd it and was looking for a good feeeling and loooking gun and this made both....If you are looking at it just buy it now you will get it in your hand sooner.
by Daniel N. on 04/14/2014
"All green/red gas guns are loud... This gun is amazing, 5 different guys on my team have one, they are not disapointing, they work like a charm.
by Chris L. on 02/15/2012
"I just got my gun in the mail today, not disappointed at all, the magazine it came with, and the extended mag work perfect, and i was jumping right into a game pulling it out of the box, thanks Evike everything I've bought from this site hasn't failed me yet, looking forward to more purchases, this gun is a great sidearm, realism and upgrade/interchangable options make this a worthwhile purchase. Hook it up with some of that airsoft cash!!!!!! Airsoft Evike for life!!!!!!!
by Jay L. on 04/29/2011
"ok too start off im gonna say i never liked the hi capa's they had part of the mag sticking out........ And when i found out Evike "accidently" shipped this gun i was furious

However when i picked up this gun i fell in love with it and couldn't take it out of my hands, the pictures on the website don't really show you how awesome this gun is.

This gun is really great it will out match any of those standard 1911 which is why im glad i got it

Decent weight i wanna estimate it at about 3-4 pounds

Made out of mostly metal i think the only non-metal parts are the grips, the rear sight, the magazine feed lip, and the beaver tail that is all i am aware of so far

Hi-capacity mag

Realistic disassembly except the recoil spring plug is not like the one on real 1911s

skeleton hammer

dual safety might be a con

white dot on front sight

pre-installed threaded barrel

half cock safety, along with grip safety

three whole trigger

non-metal magazine feed lip but not a serious problem just don't let it slam to the top of the magazine

rear sight has no white dots could also be metal instead of plastic

trigger pull is really strong at first, but i think i might have finally broken it in and is responding like a pistol should, also the trigger isn't a gi style triggr

no guide rail

mag sticks out i rather have a gun that is all flush

no front serrations

If you over fill the mag, the gas will shoot into your face and if you are using propane well prepare to taste something really nasty

as you can see the con's are not that big and this pistol is definitely worth it especially if i like it seeing as how i hated this gun at first
by Steven C. on 02/06/2011
"Definitely a good gun, and for the price, amazing. For $100 you get a sturdy, hard shooting handgun with great balance and a good feel to it. Now, the only issue with these guns is that they definitely need upgrades before they are worthy. You'll need to pick up a better hammer/recoil spring set, reinforced blowback housing/nozzle, 6.01-03 inner barrel, and a high-flow magazine valve. Once you've got all of that installed, this gun REALLY shines. I get somewhere around 1 foot grouping at 50-75 feet, which isn't too bad at all. Not to mention, the gun shoots WAY harder, and has a much more powerful blowback. All in all, great gun.


Heavy, sturdy construction
Shoots well out of the box but can still benefit greatly from modification
Good beginning gas gun, to teach you how to clean and care for a gas gun in general
Comes with a handsome carrying case
You can get the Co2 mag version off Evike
Removable orange (threaded) nozzle on the tip


Shines the most when upgraded (another 100-200 bucks)
Some parts will rattle (I plan on using velcro pads to soften some of the rattling)
The cycling isn't as fast as a TM/KWA (can be fixed with an upgraded slide)

As you can see, all of the cons can be remedied in their own way. The gun needs a good owner with a little cash on the side, that's all.