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WE-Tech Full Metal 3.8 Inch 2011 Hi-Capa Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol

6 Customer Reviews

by Dylan R. on 08/15/2017
"This gun is great but i would like to know what hard-shell holster i could get for this gun. i am a sniper and sometimes i need to pull out my pistol quickly, so if any one can show me one that would be great.
by Nareg D. on 08/07/2017
"I have owned this gun for over 5 years and it still never fails me. I have dropped it, smashed it into walls, had dirt and dust caked on and in it, but after some thorough cleaning, its as good as new. I have never had a single problem with this gun but sadly after years of abuse, its about time for it to retire.

I highly recommend this gun if you're looking for something that will last you a very long time, that is robust, and that can effectively reach a short to mid range with amazing accuracy.
by James V. on 07/05/2017
"This is the second one I've owned and still love them
by Logan L. on 11/23/2014
"I'm a fool for not even considering a Hi-Capa as my choice sidearm, even after three years of playing airsoft.

So basically, I was looking for a shorter, more practical pistol to complement the 7" Dragon I had preordered about a week ago. Being the smallest Hi-Capa, it is compatible with all of the larger magazines in its series. That way, if the 7" Dragon went down for any reason, I could hold my own for the rest of the game by using its loaded mags.

Right out of the box, I noticed a few key things: an included threaded barrel adapter, an incredibly light trigger pull, and the enhanced internals indicated by the visible blue gas nozzle when you pull back the slide. A few pieces, including the grip safety, hammer, barrel, and recoil spring guide, have a pleasant silver finish that adds a classy touch. What appear to be laser-etched "BABY HI-CAPA 3.8" and "CAL. 45 ACP" markings on the slide also add a nice touch. Also, it should be noted that the current model has an extended slide release lever, not the basic one shown in the stock photo.

After playing around with it for a while, I tried out a few accessories with it. WE graces you with enough rail space for most laser sights and flashlights, though maybe not enough for a flashlight-laser combo. I currently use this flashlight with it for night ops: . Be sure to grab one when it is restocked, or to grab the sub-compact version here:

Upon removing the default plastic orange tip and installing the orange threaded barrel adapter (If you don't want to risk voiding the warranty, don't remove it, but you can do it by using pliers and A LOT of force. Although, I find it strange that I'm removing one orange tip to install another. Go figure on that one!), I added a mock silencer, which looks cool at first. However, when the slide is pulled back, the guide rod rubs the edge of my "zombie hunter" mock suppressor ( That probably doesn't affect much, but I would recommend a mock suppressor approximately 3-4mm less in overall diameter, if you can find one.

So I have fired around 200 .20-gram black Matrix BBs from this gun, and I'm amazed that it performs better than a majority of my 12 full-sized pistols, proving itself equal to either of my custom M9's.

Overall, the fps seems decent, the blowback/recoil is strong but smooth, the accuracy and rate of fire are impressive, AND the magazines are highly efficient, firing anywhere between 25 and 50 rounds on one fill of gas (Is it amazing luck that I've never received a gas gun with a leaky magazine, despite the fact that I own 17 gas guns?). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GUN, FOR ALMOST ANY PURPOSE, from basic CQB to a "commander" loadout to stealth.

- Full metal (except for the grip, obviously)
- Enhanced internals
- Light trigger pull
- Deadly accuracy. Missing within 50 feet is purely the user's fault.
- High rate of fire (It fires as fast as I can pull the trigger, and that's fast!)
- Vented slide with laser-etched trademarks, unique cocking serrations, and decent 3-dot sights.
- railed frame fits most flashlights and laser sights.
- Threaded barrel adapter included.
- extended slide release lever.
- silver parts on a black gun add a classy touch.
- ambidextrous on-frame safety bar.
- 25-round magazine? That carries more than some larger pistols!
- Compatible with longer Hi-Capa magazines
- Eligible for Evike's $3 spare mag Holy Cow door buster.
- Magazines are affordable (approx. $25), unlike those for KWA guns (approx. $40)
- Compatible with hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of aftermarket upgrades and replacement parts.
- Compact size is suitable for CQB and lightweight loadouts.

- There are none as far as my eyes can see. It's an amazing gun for a ridiculously low price.

P.S. I highly recommend keeping this gun in a shoulder holster with some spare mags if it's your sidearm. Its short barrel length allows you to draw it fairly quickly. I use and recommend this holster:
by Joseph G. on 01/29/2009
"this gun is absolutely brilliant.
planning on buying another one.

take down is incredibly easy, the loo and feel is amazing once its in your hand. lower rail fits almost all laser/light accessories. hi cap mags and the full metal feel and recoil. definitely worth the 100 bucks.
by william r. on 12/24/2008
"I bought this gun and it was great...very fast and hard hitting...the blowback on it has a hard kick... the only bad thing about it is on the inside there is a little plastic piece holding the barrel togather and it broke on mine and you can't find a piece to fix it

Webmaster: Yes you can. Its the barrel bushing. We sell it here and because deal directly with many manufactures, we can get you any part you need on ANY WE, KJW, HFC, KSC guns.