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JG Engraveable Metal Body Receiver Set For M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG (Color: Black / Blank)

13 Customer Reviews

by Wayne B. on 10/27/2016
"Bought this reciever to replace the plastic body on my jg m-16. Pretty easy changeover, the only exceptions being the gearbox pin was a little tight and the hop up chamber from the jg was intro rated into the lower reciever. I robbed the hop up from a combat machine I am rebuilding and bingo, everything lined up perfectly. Definitely makes my rifle feel much more solid, and eliminated the barrel movement from the cheap plastic reciever. Can't wait to use this on the field. Thanks evike.
by Collin B. on 04/03/2010
"Most metal bodies wont give you any problems during installation, but for something like a classic army you might want to keep the original selector switch.
by Kevin W. on 09/17/2009
"Got it on my JG M4 today and I am glad I bought it.

No more wobbling. Much much nicer than my plastic body. If you have a plastic body m4, get this! Takes 15 minutes to install. I never done it before, but it wasn't hard after watching the videos in the external parts category. Thanks!
by JS L. on 09/14/2014
"Overall, a good body at a great price. Some work may be required. Came in JG packaging. Comes with receiver pins, gearbox pin, charging handle, and bolt hold open mechanism. Needs a one piece hop-up unit, the fake right side selector switch cover, and fake bolt plate.

I bought this body to install onto a new JG M16 with a two piece barrel and a plastic body. Here are some issues I ran into:

1) The upper has two protrusions inside the hole the barrel slides into that are supposed to interface with the hop-up channels on the barrel/trunnion. These protrusions,or tabs, ensure that the hop up unit, barrel, and receiver are in alignment. In my case I had to be cut and file the hop-up channels on my barrel trunnion to accept the tabs.

2) The barrel nut from my two piece barrel would not thread onto this body. Having taken a caliper to each, it appears that the threads on the barrel nut are too small, but they could also be threaded differently for all I know. I ended up using a one piece barrel and the barrel nut that came with it (which also solved problem #1).

3) The body's stock extension was too large in some areas to accept the rear sling mount/buffer tube spacer plate without filing.

4) The paint inside all of pin holes had to be removed in order to punch all the pins in.
by andrew n. on 12/26/2011
"I received this metal body for christmas and at first I thought it was broken because the holes on the receivers for the front locking pin are not aligned and the dust cover did not open when I pulled on the charging handle. At first I had to use a hammer to get the pin in and out but working the pin in and out fixed the problem to the point where I can push it in with my thumb and pop it out with an allen wrench. The dust cover problem was fixed entirely by putting in a dummy bolt from my original body.

fits my Madbull Dragon Fire rail system
came with the charging handle, forward assist knob, and selector switch already installed
upper receiver slides off lower receiver instead of pivoting off
easy to install
comes with its own hop-up

made by Dboys (this company makes lesser quality airsoft guns)
you have to assemble the hop-up
the mag catch it comes with is confusing (use your own)

the pros out weigh the cons in my opinion.
by Matt B. on 10/24/2011
"the first thing i realized when i got this was that it was a dboys brand body. at first i though it wasn't going to be good, but once when i opened it up i was amazed of the amount of detail they put in to it. every thing came together perfectly, except that the dust cover latch's screw came undone, and that the charging handle didn't even pull back as much as the others, but other than that it was awesome. i give 4 stars because of the latch and the handle.
by Sanzo L. on 10/31/2008
"this body kit is a bitch to put it on a M16VN echo-1. don't get me wrong its a great kit i like it
by Casey S. on 07/03/2008
"Nice kit, however, it did have a few problems. First the notches where the delta ring attaches were not large enough to fit on my JP rifles conversion kit, so i had to take a dremmel to it a little to get it to fit, no big deal. My main issue is with the mag catch, now maybe i'm just inexperience with installing this type of mag catch, but instead of the majority of mag catches that i've dealth with that the stud comming off of the catch has a small threaded insert for a screw to hold on the mag button, however, this kit comes with a mag catch that the actual stud is threaded, meaning that the button actually screws onto the stud, so I really cannot figure out how to attach the button to the actual catch, its kind of hard to explain in text, but if you're thinkin about buy this kit, you MIGHT consider also buying a different mag catch that has the seperate screw to fasten the button onto the stud ;)

Still a great kit
by James C. on 02/25/2017
"Not what I expected or hoped for. I had bought this set mainly to replace an upper receiver I had and to be able to swap uppers while keeping the same lower receiver and gearbox. It is not interchangeable with the JG body I currently have because the one I received is a different version and the upper receiver hinge is too wide. The one I received also has the fake bolt release mechanism, which I don't know how to put together, nor do I really want it. Mine was missing the fake bolt cover, exposing the gearbox and hop up when the dust cover is open.

The good things are it is pretty sturdy and the finish is good. The upper and lower seem to fit each other ok, but the upper somewhat clamps on the gearbox. A gearbox is needed to make the edges flush between the two halves. I would not recommend this because you might not get exactly what you want, but it is still perfectly usable and the overall quality is decent.
by Jeremy T. on 02/15/2017
"I got 2 of these for 2 different build. Both have the same pros and cons. From the construction I was very impressed. The feel of it is amazing and very sturdy. Big improvement when it come to stability. I love how it looks and everything else. But the bad part.. after trying 6 different hopup units, 3 barrels, and 3 gearboxes I could never get a good alignment between the mag, hopup, and gearbox. It's always 2 of the 3 work and that's it. That being said, when the mag is in, it won't lock in because it won't line up with the hopup. Or when it does, the hopup is too far backwards being preased against the gearbox ever so much to have even short air nozzles stick out slightly, thus blocking the mag from feeding. So I'm going to try modifying the receiver a bit and see if I can get it to work.
by Fernando V. on 02/10/2017
"I got this to replace my G&P m4 body so it could fit a mk18 DD rail. First, the barrel nut did not fit in the receiver. Second, the pins did not fit in the receiver holes. Third, the g&p buffer tube did not fit in the body. So I gave up. It says G&P compatible but it really isnt, maybe the gearbox fits well but nothing else.
by Jeffrey M. on 08/05/2015
"The gear box pin holes are out of alignment so the pin pulls the gearbox slightly to the right. The supplied mag release is weird and I'm glad I had a spare to install.

The spring for the charging handle was stretched, not a major problem to cut to length and bend the end to fit the screw but not expected on a new product.

The major problem I have is that the barrel nut thread is not the same as Real Steel, so none of the handguards I have will fit.

Not a bad body if you know what you are doing, but definitely not a good choice for your first build.
by Brennan K. on 04/18/2015
"This receiver isn't worth the effort it takes to fit gearboxes/barrel assemblies. I tried to fit two different version 2 gearboxes and both would not fit properly because the holes for the pins that hold the gearbox in place do not line up correctly. Because of this the gearbox sits at a slight angle near the front and blocks the magazines. I ended up taking a lower receiver from one of my friends for my gun build. The upper receiver needed a lot of work to fit the different lower and the barrel assembly. the lug for the main body pin needed to be shaved down so that it would work with the different lower, and the back of the upper needed to be shaved down to make it fit also. Even with the mods there is still a gap between the upper and lower near the back of the gun. There are also tabs that i assume are for locking the barrel in place inside the receiver that needed to be shaved down for it t fit my barrel assembly. Unless you want to do some work to fit the parts to this receiver and want a useless lower receiver, do not buy this.