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by Matt B. on 2016-04-14 15:05:19
"This gun is amazing. It was my favorite gun even before I shot it. It is perfectly ergonomically designed. It is also extremely light, easy to run around with and play the role of scout. The accuracy is perfect. Everything about this gun is amazing. I reccomend upgrading it to shoot at 550 fps with an Angel custom spring and piston.
by Adam H. on 2016-03-17 15:01:18
"Out of the box the trigger guard was cracked. The bolt would cock and you would hear a click as it is supposed to but the trigger would not fire. Need to RMA but I don't have my hopes up.
by James S. on 2015-12-16 01:35:25
"Good rifle. Pretty darned accurate at mid-range. Haven't tested it at more than 20 yards yet, but at that distance I can drop the bullets inside a quarter. I have my own scopes, so I didn't test that or the bipod. Got two of these rifles, one for me and one for my little bro. They both have a flaw or two each, but that comes with anything, naturally. Mine had a pin inside the bolt near the bolt handle just slide on out when I tilted it. Glued it back. My brothers was pretty good, but there were a few loose pieces and it needed greasing. I hate that they are made of pot metal, I wish they would be real steel. Much more sturdy that way.
The rifles have a nice rubber coating on them, pretty grippy but not sure how great it holds paint when you spray it.
These are our first spring rifles, and it surprised me how easy it is to pull the bolt back. Goes smooth as butter, and you don't need to change positions to load it. Nice.

JG seems to be a good make for mid-level guns on a budget.
Overall a good gun, no cons for me yet except for the few quality points.
by val v. on 2015-12-07 18:31:25
"Great gun for the price it is very upgradable.I would recommend getting upgrades. Rail system is not the best thing ever.But upgrading the hop up is the most difficult upgrade. Please get this before you get the TM Vsr 10. You need to get the hang of a slightly cheaper gun before getting something like that. Plus mine works better than the TM VSR anyways so I would stick with th JG one.
by Miranda M. on 2015-10-21 16:42:18
"this gun is durable. Its perfect for messing around and shooting from the hip (with accuracy i might add) but its perfect for all of the above too... i wish the safety wasnt in the way of the bolt travel but in time you get used to the feel so when you crank the bolt you dont hit the safety switch, even then always check... i do wish it has side rails... im an equipment type person... i enjoy no scope shooting as much as i enjoy its all around accuracy with scope... it shoots to the left tho but i mean i just need to zero in my optics and crud... overall i love this gun its great, its got great accuracy with just plain .20 bbs and is even more accurate with .30 (cuz duh sniper) shes got a great feel and nice weight and i dont even need a bipod she has enough even well balanced i can steadily aim if need be shes perfect . I do wish there were mags that fit more than 50 rounds because if youre in a tree sniping or ghillie sniping and you run outa ammo you dont want to move around so much and shes jsut all around beautiful. Id recommend upgrading your barrel, and also your hopup and sears springs, also your cylinder.. but mainly barrel upgrade makes a difference for smoother shoots .
by Houston W T. on 2012-07-25 13:00:57
"I just got this a few days ago and I can say it is perfect. I'm really new to the whole airsoft thing so it took me some time to actually get used to it. I'd say this would go perfect for beginners and most likely pros. Any one who want to fulfill the dream of sniping.

Good Fps
Nice stock (rubber feel)
Nice weight
Accurate (if you adjust the hopup and scope correctly)
Fair price

I shot it about everyday so my trigger box took a heavy toll and now it slam fires, but I'm hopping to get new sears to fix it.

The bolt is a bit hard to pull back, but nothing some good old lubricant can't fix

Careful with the mag release the spring is easy to loose

All together it is really nice my advice is don't over fire it unless you're planning to upgrade it as soon as you buy it.
by skyler g. on 2011-12-28 12:36:12
"This gun is awesome. it is heavy, durable, and very fun to shoot. my only complaint is that it wont shoot my crossman .20 gram bbs but otherwise it rocks.
by Trudi A. on 2011-05-15 12:08:31
"I have had this gun for a total of about one week and have played many battles with it so far. The way the gun come it shoots about 300 fps but once you make the fps modification it shoots farther faster and more accurately. As I mentioned I have used it in many battles and killed both brothers one has an echo 1 mp5 and the other has a king arms m4. Also a friend with a kwa g36. The stock has a really nice rubber fell to it and is very sturdy. One of my favorite design features is that it has an adjustable trigger pull. Nothing rattles when shook.

Very accurate
nice feel
shoots hard
very quiet
highly upgradable
360+ fps
hop up needs constant adjustment

I would recommend this gun to anyone new to airsoft as well as experienced players
by corey h. on 2010-09-29 18:51:43
"I just received this gun today and I couldn't have asked for a better rifle. The rubber coating on the stock has a very nice feel to it and is very comfortable to hold. I ordered mine with the scope and bipod accessories, and I was very pleased and impressed with both. They are both full metal and have a nice weight to them, and the scope has a red illuminated reticule. I did a poor mans chrono with .28 bb's and my own results revealed that my bar 10 has an FPS of 450-480. I know other people get different results, and these are my personal own. Keep in mind that my bar 10 is completely stock with no upgrades or mods whatsoever. I do plan on upgrading the internals sometime down the road however. If you are considering a sniper rifle and are on a tight budget, or are considering this rifle in general, I would highly recommend this to any airsofter. I thought a long time and looked and researched many rifles, and I am very proud that i chose this one and wouldn't change it if i could.
- high fps right out of the box without upgrades or mods
- very realistic and intimidating look
- very comfortable and sturdy feel
- highly upgradable
- affordable price

- had some trouble connecting the barrel into the stock, but it was just a snug fit
- at first trial shooting, my mag would keep falling out. I believe this is my fault though, as i loosened the screw in front of the mag release button and it seemed to fix this
- this isn't a personal con, but for some users could be: if you get the bipod attachment, it is full metal and adds significant weight to the front end of the gun, so, if you are small or on the weaker side you may have trouble if trying to stand and shoot or not using the bipod

Overall this gun is very pleasing and will not disappoint you, or at least shouldn't. If you're considering this gun, as with any other gun make sure you think about other options and your own personal opinion and what you prefer, don't just take others opinions and think you have the same.
Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and I hope it helped make your decision easier!
Happy airsofting =]
by Adam W. on 2010-03-11 15:42:43
"Ok well I just got this gun in the mail today and unlike most people that have trouble with the magazine catch. I have to say it honestly took about 1 minute to put the mag catch in and about 30 minutes to assemble the whole gun because I bought the scope. Which by the way you NEED to get, its only 30 dollars and unlike stated is illuminated and magnifies fairly well. Unlike in the picture though the scope rings aren't as high which is nice because you could add scope riser if you wanted your scope higher or leave it as is. As for the gun its a pretty good gun and shoots pretty straight with .20 gram with hop up completely off. So I assume if you were to shoot a higher density BB such as .25 and adjusted the hop up you could shoot it quite a bit further. The stock has a rubberized feel but it doesn't feel like it has a thick coating of rubber that would scratch off easily. Probably the worst thing about this gun is that it will sometimes double feed and shoot out two BB's. But its not that big of a problem and is very common with the BAR-10.

Overall it's a very good gun.
by Joshua L. on 2010-03-06 21:40:19
"Great gun although mine double or triple feeds, quality is alright for a Chinese clone.
I might have to get a VSR-10 mag to fix the feeding problem.
by Carter B. on 2010-01-18 08:49:34
"I agree mostly with Alex T. You will have to drop some money into it. But, maybe not quite as much. You need: sears, tightbore barrel, new hopup, new spring, and a damper head. Cylinder and new trigger system are not necessary, but are helpful. You could get a good gun for 300ish. If you are short on money, yet really want this gun, buy the gun, buy a new barrel (6.01) and soft hopup, then buy sears and cylinder head for about 80 bucks total. Then buy a new spring, hard hopup and then you have a decent gun. Once you get the tightbore in it, it will be pretty accurate. It will get even more accurate once you get that spring.

For any new player however, buy a AEG. You have to know how to snipe and how to conceal yourself as well as have a good idea of how the game works, then you could go to a sniper.

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