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Pre-Order ETA August 2017 JG VSR-10 / BAR-10 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ Metal Trigger Box - 450 FPS (Package: Rifle Only)

30 Customer Reviews

by David K. on 07/07/2008
"Yes, it come with a scope mount. Any scope with scope ring is ready to be attached to this rifle. Considering the Marui one is $200 this is no question a 5 for it is so nice for only 99
by Ben K. on 07/02/2008
"Hey I have the same question: does this come with a rail so I could mount a scope? Please respond in the review section so others who are wondering the same thing will know.
by Jonathan S. on 06/12/2008
"This has been said before, but this is by far the best, cheap airsoft sniper rifle you can buy. Accuracy is superb, easily beats the L96 springers. There are also a variety of do it yourself mods for it, such as trimming down the airbrake for higher FPS. I've made shots with this rifle from over 200 feet away. If you must get a spring sniper rifle, get the BAR 10.
by Justin M. on 06/09/2008
"I upgraded my JG Bar 10 with custom airbrake mod, cylinder head mod, and custom barrel spacers. It has a Illuminated reticle sniper scope on it and is very accurate, very powerful, and very cool. i also have a reflex sight on it for medium range battles. it looks and performs great. Over time my bolt was sticky to pull but nothing a little lube can't fix. yet again another great gun by JG. 5/5.
by Owen M. on 06/04/2008
"Does this come with a scope mount base because I cant find one for sale anywhere. If it does then I am definately getting one and getting a spring to go with it you can reach me at
I must say that this gun appears very cool .
by John D. on 05/29/2008
"This gun is EASILY the best sniper rifle clone on the market. It's AMAZING. I own one. I put a new barrel, clyinder head, hopup bucking, and did a few mods and i'm hitting shots accurate out at 100 yards. It awesome. Also, i LOVE the ruberized stock. It's so much nicer than the standard smooth plastic.

Price. So cheap but yet so good.
Although stock performance is not great, it's still amazing to have a gun shoot that well stock for the price.
This gun is extremely upgradeable. Any TM VSR part will fit in this gun perfectly.
Extremely easy dissassembly so it's easy to maintain

I honestly can't think of any. This is an all around awesome gun. If you like to snipe, you'll live this gun.
by Nicholas M. on 05/07/2008
"Best clone sniper rifle ever. Its got V-Hopup, so awesome range and a stock tightbore barrel, so awesome accuracy. Super affordable. This is a VSR-10 clone and is almost as good. Best choice for any sniper unless they want a gass or AEG or a $300 bolt action.
by Josh S. on 05/02/2008
"I first must start off by saying that my BAR-10 is currently my favorite gun in my arsenal. For someone looking into becoming an airsoft sniper, there is no reason to choose another rifle over this one. It's many features include:
- Great stock power. Cut down the airbrake and teflon tape the seals of the cylinder head, and you'll get around 475fps, for free.
- Good looks. The stock is coated in some sort of rubberized paint, which is very comfortable to hold, doesn't reflect light, and is very attractive.
- Accuracy. This gun comes stock with a V-hop, which is pretty much the best hop-up system because it puts even pressure on two points of the bb, not just one.
- Compatibility. This gun can take any VSR-10 upgrade parts out there, although I would recommend the EdGi upgrade kit and barrel for best performance.

When you consider that this gun costs $100, when it should cost $250, it is an absolute steal. Even if you're not a sniper, you should have one of these. It's that good.
by James S. on 12/16/2015
"Good rifle. Pretty darned accurate at mid-range. Haven't tested it at more than 20 yards yet, but at that distance I can drop the bullets inside a quarter. I have my own scopes, so I didn't test that or the bipod. Got two of these rifles, one for me and one for my little bro. They both have a flaw or two each, but that comes with anything, naturally. Mine had a pin inside the bolt near the bolt handle just slide on out when I tilted it. Glued it back. My brothers was pretty good, but there were a few loose pieces and it needed greasing. I hate that they are made of pot metal, I wish they would be real steel. Much more sturdy that way.
The rifles have a nice rubber coating on them, pretty grippy but not sure how great it holds paint when you spray it.
These are our first spring rifles, and it surprised me how easy it is to pull the bolt back. Goes smooth as butter, and you don't need to change positions to load it. Nice.

JG seems to be a good make for mid-level guns on a budget.
Overall a good gun, no cons for me yet except for the few quality points.
by Houston W T. on 07/25/2012
"I just got this a few days ago and I can say it is perfect. I'm really new to the whole airsoft thing so it took me some time to actually get used to it. I'd say this would go perfect for beginners and most likely pros. Any one who want to fulfill the dream of sniping.

Good Fps
Nice stock (rubber feel)
Nice weight
Accurate (if you adjust the hopup and scope correctly)
Fair price

I shot it about everyday so my trigger box took a heavy toll and now it slam fires, but I'm hopping to get new sears to fix it.

The bolt is a bit hard to pull back, but nothing some good old lubricant can't fix

Careful with the mag release the spring is easy to loose

All together it is really nice my advice is don't over fire it unless you're planning to upgrade it as soon as you buy it.
by Joshua L. on 03/06/2010
"Great gun although mine double or triple feeds, quality is alright for a Chinese clone.
I might have to get a VSR-10 mag to fix the feeding problem.
by Carter B. on 01/18/2010
"I agree mostly with Alex T. You will have to drop some money into it. But, maybe not quite as much. You need: sears, tightbore barrel, new hopup, new spring, and a damper head. Cylinder and new trigger system are not necessary, but are helpful. You could get a good gun for 300ish. If you are short on money, yet really want this gun, buy the gun, buy a new barrel (6.01) and soft hopup, then buy sears and cylinder head for about 80 bucks total. Then buy a new spring, hard hopup and then you have a decent gun. Once you get the tightbore in it, it will be pretty accurate. It will get even more accurate once you get that spring.

For any new player however, buy a AEG. You have to know how to snipe and how to conceal yourself as well as have a good idea of how the game works, then you could go to a sniper.
by Alex T. on 10/11/2009
"Ok. I have owned this gun for a little over three months now. It's a good quality gun right out of the box. I've played in many battles with it and it's decently accurate. And I generously say decent. But after playing long enough, I've come to the conclusion that unless you have $200 - $500 laying around for upgrades you shouldn't buy this gun. My reasons why:

1. When buying an airsoft gun, the majority of people think sniping is the way to go. I'm, here to tell you it's not like in the movies where you pick off some unsuspecting person from a mile away. This gun won't shoot 200ft stock. So unless you have the $200 - $500 it will take to upgrade and make this gun lethal in wars, don't buy it.

2. Everyone of your friends has an AEG. You say, "Oh, I'll be the sniper for you guys!" WRONG! The other team is going to run up on you and light you up while you're on the ground helplessly trying to pull that bolt back. One shot vs. 600RPM (Rounds Per Minute) - 10RPS (Rounds Per Second).

3. Money, Money, Money! Everybody wants it but very few have it. The JG Bar-10 is a fine gun (stock) for small wars and backyard plunking. But, if you want to hit anybody with this gun in a serious war, you are going to HAVE to put $200 - $500 into it. You'll have to upgrade: Cylinder, Piston, Spring Guide, Spring, Trigger System, Barrel, and Hop Up. To buy all those parts from Laylax or PDI, which are the both the best quality parts, it will cost you $400 - $500 at the least.

Conclusion: It's a fine gun. Nothing bad about it. Shoots ok stock, but again I say you will HAVE to put a ton of money into making this gun a serious war gun. Save your money, buy and AEG.
by Matthew W. on 05/15/2008
"The Bar10 is a good compromise between the higher quality Marui VSR10 rifles and the cheaper UTG sniper rifles. The bolt pull is a bit rough and plastic stock creaked and felt very much like a toy gun. However, these cosmetic issues aren't really a big deal and I'd recommend this replica to any beginning snipers.
by Adam H. on 03/17/2016
"Out of the box the trigger guard was cracked. The bolt would cock and you would hear a click as it is supposed to but the trigger would not fire. Need to RMA but I don't have my hopes up.