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Matrix Large Capacity Low Resistance Wire & Switch Assembly. For Version II. (Back)(M4/M16/MP5/G3)

6 Customer Reviews

by David J. on 10/22/2008
i have actually bought this item, and i have to say that i have not had any problems with the wiring except for the shrink tube that the put on the wiring. That other reviewer said that it was a pain to get in because the black wiring was not cut to the right length, but all you have to do to fix this problem is to cut some of the shrink tubing back about half an inch or so, and make it the length of the red wiring.
This product has great looks and seems to have no other problems.

By the way i have a SRC M4 A1 RIS w/ Crane Stock and i just upgraded it to an SP150 full tune up kit with the wiring, a reinforced gearbox, and a Guarder infinite torque up motor and these are good upgrades. if you would like you can see the comment i left on the SP150 tune up kit on this website if you are planning to buy.
by kenneth d. on 05/16/2010
"ok so here to clear up some reviews

1. the motor wires are not to short just ran differently than trad.wires instead of both wires coming up the back side of the grip one comes up the back and one up the front this make them perfect length
2.matrix,element,ats,aim top are all pretty much the same company so never be suprised when the show up in each others packaging
3. the wires that are too short are the one coming up the back of the stock, well not so much too short as the connector that is placed way to close to the gearbox causing the need for some connector eliminating actions
4. this wire set is a good one not a huge fan for high power setups mine melted away in a sort time but my aeg is very demanding so in conclusion great for replacement parts not so great for upgrading i have i king arms set on the way will post there later
by Taylor C. on 03/19/2010
"This is a pretty good wire set.

It came packaged in a nice little box, and comes with a buffer tube wire.

The wires are clear and thin, so you won't have a problem channeling them through your gearbox. The contacts look great and the wires give a good trigger response and can slightly boost your rate of fire over your stock wiring. The product does not include a spring so if you don't have one already then you need to get one.

I had two problems with this wire set, which are pretty consistent with the other reviewers:

First of all, The negative wire for the motor is too short. This problem is easily solved by removing the shrink tube on the back of the wiring carefully with a razor blade. This way the negative wire is no longer being restrained and can be freely pulled to the length you need to reach the motor.

The worst thing about this wire assembly is the soldering. It is terrible. I was trying to move one of the wires out if the way of the trigger when it suddenly snapped off with very little effort. Luckily I was able to re-solder the wire back onto the wire set, so the problem is solved, but it is still annoying none the less.

Overall this is a good wire set for the money and I would recommend it as long as you are able to fix the soldering. 4/5*
by christian s. on 04/07/2009
"the wiring

-good response

-difficult to install
-not matrix; the wiring is made by element
-horrible measuring (i had to do some soldering to makes my wires the right length; one was too short, and the other too long)
-connectors are harder to connect

One thing you should also know about this wiring is that it has small type connectors. Overall good wiring. This thing would be perfect if the people who designed this gave a little more thought into the lengths of the wires.
by Michael P. on 06/01/2008
"3 stars

This wiring looks really nice, and the wires are nice and thin, no thick wires to complicate sinking them into the channels in the gearbox. They seem to have a pretty good trigger response. But when installing it, I ran into some problems.

Firstly and foremost, the black wire(connects for motor) is too short to be able to even pull it out of the grip and connect it to the motor and, the red wire has too much wire to fit inside the grip with the motor. So I started to pull the motor out and the black connector just came off. After about 10 minutes of soldering, I got it back on.

It works, but it was a pain to get in there.


Relatively cheap
Thin wires
Good trigger response


Poor wire measurement -1
Poor soldering/ QC -1

In conclusion, this wiring is not the best, but if your on an extreme budget, and proficient with a soldering iron, it will get the job done. I could get another one, but I'd rather spend $5 or $10 to get a little better wiring.


by tyler s. on 10/21/2011
"This wiring is horrible. I own one set and worked on two other sets. The soldering came undone on the trigger assembly on two sets. All three have the common problem as mentioned before, the measuring is really bad. Trying to connect the motor wires is a nightmare, they are too short. I had two female ends break off just trying to connect the motor.

If you don't know how to solder... don't buy this.

Improved my soldering skills

Too short
Bad soldering
Female ends for motor connects break, have to solder back on