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Matrix M18A1 Remote Control Activated Claymore Airsoft Anti-Personel Mine

40 Customer Reviews

by sabian b. on 03/30/2012
"I recently got one of these and it looks really great with trip wires. The only problem i had was with the remote, when i pressed the button i could see the light blink but the claymore didn't respond.
by Marlene H. on 12/31/2011
"this thing is epic there great for capture the flag and some noob comes up and you detonate it, its also good for snipers if they ned something to watch there back, kind of a pain to load though
by Michael B. on 11/02/2010
"I got this exact model, right here on Evike.

Great for guarding an objective from your opponents, especially if they have to go to a very specific spot, but more difficult to use effectively in other situations

The range on the detonator is RIDICULOUS. You can set it off long after you lose visual contact with your claymore. I tested the max range in moderately dense woodland and I'd estimate it near the 150 yard mark. Much farther than you'd ever really need.

I'd recommend getting more than one though, since it seems that no matter where I put it, my opponents come from the opposite side, which can be quite frustrating when trying to actually get a kill with one of these.

I'd also suggest that you only use these in fields you know well, or in very recognizable areas. Its easy to lose track of them and if you forget where you set one up, good luck finding it again. Some sort of bright flag marker could help with this, but it would also give up the location of your carefully hidden mine.

All in all, not bad. Only Con is that it isn't very versatile since the enemy has to go to it.
by William F. on 05/13/2010
"I have this claymore, although i bought it off airsplat BUT WHATEVER. If i had the chance to buy the claymore again, i wouldnt. Instead, i would buy one with a wire detonation. Although the wireless detonator sucks, trip wire (fishing line works good) gets the job done. So, if you've got some 125 bucks lying around go for it. yea.
by Aaron V. on 05/11/2010
"Very Nice weapon...
Only problem is the cloth launchpad...its merely sewn on to the spring brackets...Mine broke free of the sewing after only a few uses. And be careful when grounding it...the spikes are metal, but very cheep metal that bends if you apply too much force.

If theres a way to fix the sewing for the cloth then this thing gets top marks. Good luck sewing the cloth back together though...the springs have nothing to keep them mildly retracted without the cloth and will open to the fullest extent...making it a real bastard to close the darn thing.
by Michael C. on 09/24/2008
"this thing is sweet, i started to play with it right when i got it! I love the little remote control that lets me control upto 4 claymores, the only thing that sucks is they dont send any cord for tripwire, its looks way cooler than the picture!
by Ian C. on 07/12/2008
"Man... I used this at my last skirmish... Made my job so much easier.... bye bye powder shot mines, hello remote detonated BB mines.... Great for booby traps, tactical placement, or even an emergency defense if you have the skill to set it up quickly. Wish i had more heavy equipment like this in my arsenal, might make demo man a bit easier, but as it stands, its a great weapon. the range is a bit short on the wireless detonator, but I usually set a tripwire anyways. Four stars only because The Range needs to be more on the wireless detonator.... I always got terrible range, about twenty feet....
by Dakota E. on 12/20/2016
"I noticed that myself and some other people have problems with the remote. When i click the button I would hear a clicking sound but it didn't work. The remote was bad the trip wire worked great. Its great for sniping or playing capture the flag. But if your useing it for sniping i would also get a flash bang trip wire.
by shannon c. on 04/21/2015
"works well if you can get it set up wont work reliably with remote leg broke off first time being used evike shipping is horrible
by Mark H. on 09/08/2016
"Bought 2 and neither work reliably with the remote. Tried new batterie, filing the latch, oiling the latch, bending the latch and all combinations in between. In the end the cloth that holds the BBs has now ripped from repeated attempts to get it to work but still it will not work with the remote.

Save your money and buy something that does work.

And finally.....never ever buy from Airsoft megastore. I have been shipped 2 malfunctioning items and despite repeated attempts to have them take action nothing has been done. Evike has been great so far.