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Matrix M18A1 Remote Control Activated Claymore Airsoft Anti-Personel Mine

40 Customer Reviews

by Art S. on 01/19/2009
"actualy i think think you guys are both right but the hole could also show that its not the real thing like an orange tip pretty much....
by gabe s. on 11/23/2008
"actually bob, if you can see that hole in the front of the claymore you should know that you put a speed loader to the hole and pump bbs into the alredy closed mine.
by bob b. on 11/16/2008
"niko u load the bb's by putting them on the cloth then pushing it down and closing the lid
by nikeo e. on 11/10/2008
"how dos it work like wat maks the bb's fly out? i wana buy one but if you hav to keep on refiling it wid somthing then naw!!!
by seth d. on 10/12/2008
"im getting this beast. and im wondering if you can get a long peice of fishing line to use for a trip wire.

also sorry that its not a review but ill give a reviw once i get it.
by Brandon A. on 10/08/2008
"hay is there like an fps to this thing or what fdfddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd-
by karen m. on 09/17/2008
"hahahahaha that is the funniest thing ever for the reveiw below....... and sorry i know its not a reveiw on the claymore.
by joe q. on 09/10/2008
"this is really effective if you strap it to your chest and jihad with it. like run at a bunch of enemies and hit the remote or pull the pin. but seriously its good.
by Steven B. on 08/02/2008
"This thing is amazing! I have so far only done test fires and I am in love with it. It has 2 safeties, 3 if you count the power switch. The first safety is the actual safety, a pin that you pull out. The second safety is actually arming it, pulling back a little lever. You can use a remote detonation and you can use it with a trip wire.
by sam b. on 07/02/2008
"of course its reusable! its spring powered and launches the bb's by remote trigger. this is a much better deal than the wired one... those wires just get in the way!
by Matt J. on 06/22/2008
"oh man this thing is lethal if you know how to use it! My friend bought this for when he and I were on a team and we want to be a couple of asses ^_^! The remote sensor works up to about 30ft so since my friend has military training, he sets up the trip wire, which works flawlessly every time. Performance, this thing is un-freaking-believable, we can load way over 500rds into it each time and they will soar a good 150-200ft with heavy ammo and farther with .12's which we use because they're cheap and we got through a ton each shot. In combat when you get hit by this, you WILL know it becase half your body will ache and so will everyone in range, which is actually really good given it's spring powered. We were able to hit targets probably 75-100ft across at ~175ft each time so if you can get this to deploy about 100-150ft from a squad, you will laugh because all of them will call out at once. For $140 this is a simple, but extremely deadly device to have on your team, and doesn't take Gas or expensive batteries like AEGs, and performs like a giant M203 shell on steroids. On a final note, the remote has to be pressed twice, once to arm it, and then once to fire, i like to watch people turn their heads towards the click when it arms and then fire it when they look at it :)
by Devon L. on 05/01/2017
"This thing works like a charm. While, like most people have said, the remote does have issues, a tripwire works great. Both me and my brother carry a remote, and I have the explosive pouch. This can be really fun to use, especially for capture the flag.
by Travis G. on 09/18/2016
"For the money this rig is pretty good. That being said I caution two things:

1: Make sure to keep an eye on/re-enforce the c-clips on the pins attaching the cloth to the spring arms. Mine exploded off during a game and it's a bit tricky getting a new one on.

2: The circuitry for the remote detonation is a little dodgy. Too much abuse will render it useless, but there's always the tripwire option so not too much of a hassle.

Overall I would recommend for if nothing else a very interesting piece to use in a game, very useful for doorway ambushes.
by Paul P. on 02/25/2015
"I bought 3 of them. First of all, only one worked. I had to tweak the latches because they wouldn't hold. If you unscrew the launcher, then the screw holding the trigger, bend it I bit, it then holds. Bend it too much and it won't let go. Take it back apart and try again.
Also, I found you can't pre-load the ammo in them. If you do the BB's run all over inside and usually lock it up. I have to load them when I set them up.
Evik now sells safeties and remotes. Get them. You WILL lose them.
I took cammo tape and covered them. Admin was three feet away and couldn't see it. I triggered it and pellets went 30 feet.
It's worth it.
by Carl W. on 08/10/2013
"It's alright.
I bought mine new and it was pretty cool. The only problem is tha the latch mechanism needed tweaking right out of the box. Firstly the two metal prongs that the latch functions off of didnt line up properly. The other thing was that the part of the latch mechanism that allowed remote detonation didn't extend far enough the trigger the latch. All I did was adjust the latch and glue some plastic to the other part and it works great! All around a good product after the modifications but more of an entertainment item. Pros: gives tactical advantages, worth a good laugh Cons: needed adjustment, remote not entirely reliable