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Matrix M18A1 Remote Control Activated Claymore Airsoft Anti-Personel Mine

40 Customer Reviews

by Parker R. on 04/09/2017
-Very few people run these, so you shouldn't have to worry about someone else detonating your claymore remotely
-Very reliable
-Fairly easy to fix when something eventually breaks
-The BBs travel an impressive distance and carry quite a bit of impact, even if just one or two BBs hit you, you are going to feel it.
-Easy to load as long as you have a speedloader

-No matter how hard you try, if you use trip wires, your team mates will set it off. It doesn't matter where you put it, they always find a way to walk into it.

Side notes:
-Will also launch anything else you can stuff into it, including nerf darts and those pop-its you get around the 4th of july
-Good way to use old bio BBs or that bag of .12s you have for some reason
-It is actually more effective when left out in the open. I've seen two main reactions when people come across it. 1: they avoid it altogether and find some other way around, or 2: they sit there trying to set it off by shooting at it, which is technically possible but still occurs fairly infrequently
by Zach A. on 01/06/2016
"Got this as a Christmas gift. I love it!

After reading the reviews before asking for it, I knew some of the short comings of the device and was fully ready to modify it.
All you need to do to get it working in tip top shape is to file a bigger catch out of the trigger lever, and sew a strip of fabric on the bottom side of the sling. This will keep the BBs from running all over inside the unit and lets you be a little rough with it in the field without worry of shifting the BBs off the sling.

Remote was dead on arrival, but $4 for a 2pk of batteries is nothing to cry over. I replace all crappy factory batteries anyways.

Even with the very minor modifications, this thing is worth it. It surprises me a lot of gripes throughout the airsoft community can be solved with a little ingenuity.

***Buy crappy, lighter BBs for a better spread effect***
by James g. on 02/01/2015
"this is awesome!!:) It IS the BEST mine ever it rocks!!I would recommend this mine to anyone over any grenade launcher, grenade, or any other mine!!It is absolutely amazing!1
by Kevin J. on 02/01/2015
"i actually own 4 of them from a friend in cali..i live in Alaska...and us 70 guys that have skirmishes twice a month use them alot...we have search and destroy missions...where we use these to defend the "bomb" they work great...hide them around corners and so one expects them to be there...and usually they take out several players at once...i definitely recommend one of these bad boys..they work great in almost every condition...just don't use in extreme cold weather.
by andrew s. on 01/15/2014
"ha this thing is very cool and fun its a little tricky to set up,but over all very nice.i llike to strap it to my chest in cqb games!!
by seth t. on 12/25/2013
"Ok i just got this and at first i was kinda dissapointed because the remote didnt work but then i tride putting new batteries in the claymore and it fires every time. The range is about 50 to 60ft this thing is awesome and i totally recommend getting it.
by Brandon L. on 11/08/2013
"I got this about a year ago and it does come in handy. Its especially useful in objective base gametypes, and its nice that it has the option of either trip wire, remote control, or both. The only bad thing about this is that it is tricky to set up, when pulling out the safety, put your finger in front of the trigger and push down on it just to makes sure it doesn't go off. Also, the remote can be lost easily, so be careful of that.

-fun to use
-useful for objective games
-can use both trip wire and the remote
-remote can be used for more than one mine
-humiliating to the enemy and makes them constantly watch their step

-hard to set up
-can go off when you're pulling out the safety pin if you're not careful
-remote and safety pin can be easily lost
by Samuel K. on 04/17/2013
"Love mine! There are tons of fun you can achieve with this, just be careful if you are aiming for the head they are wearing goggles.

Durable and nicely constructed

Does not give you crazy range, but that can be a pro because it doesn't hurt too bad
by Daniel W. on 02/08/2012
"I got this in my boneyard box of scraps today, and so far I love it! It has great range, it's sturdy, and all around great! I don't know how it works with a remote, because i didn't come with one, though I just use fishing line.
by samy e. on 03/02/2011
"ok i love this thing, i bought two of these from evike like a month ago and they work great. they are great for pranks too haha, one time i set these in the area where our nooby enemy team likes to camp by a bunch of big rocks under a tree, and there are like 12 of them and 9 of us since we have better guns and stuff, so i wait for them to go to that spot and then finally they all stop hiding on a hill and come down, and the funniest part about it is all i hear before i push the detonator is " hey sam left his claymores here too" KABLAM got out 8 of them including the sniper and medic so these are very useful and easy to hide in bush's and stuff so.. yeah get one
by clint g. on 12/14/2010
by steven b. on 03/16/2010
"i was in a seriouse war and i was sniping then i got shot in da back because nobody had mi back so thts y i got this two words BUY IT
by Sam H. on 03/12/2010
"this thing is amazing i used it at my last war and it work perfectly. my friend walked right into it and it nailed him and it hurt. I also tried it on myself and it stung so bad. this claymore is worth it for 125.00 bucks it is so worth it. this is reuseable and it comes with a remote control and what i did was tied a piece of fishing line to it and the other end to a steak and used that as a trip wire. The range is very long to I shot it at a piece of wood about 30 yards away and you could here all the BBs hit it. over all tis is great and worth it.
by Adam L. on 03/06/2009
"ive purchased to of these and im taking them to operation irene
by joey a. on 02/10/2009
"this thing is awesome. it hurts too. but i have questions. what is the brand? and can you replace the crappy remote with one of the better clackers? i own one, just want to know.