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KWA Full Metal KM4 CQB Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Rifle)

25 Customer Reviews

by Samuel C. on 04/21/2016
"i never write reviews! but i love this gun! it is truly a great gun! solid as a rock, shoot accurately ive played airsoft for 5 years and ive had kwa sr10 and gi custom guns but this gun is as good for the price this is a definite buy! for the beginner and experienced player!
by John G. on 08/11/2013
"Great gun!

330 fps great for cqb and has pretty good long distance range
20 rps
Nice body the trades dont bother me
Easily customizable
Rock solid
Great hop up

Front sight moves a little
Cheap hand guard

Overall totally recommend it to anyone that wants a good gun out of box.
Skirmished a bunch of times never failed me.
by Cade J. on 12/28/2011
"First off, this gun is amazing - I have an 11.1 Lipo in it and haven't had it jam once while using Hi-Caps! This is capatible with the Magpul MOE Stock, grip, and handguard. I have the Magpul Moe handguard rails for it and a regular block lipo wont fit in there so I have a PEQ-15 and it is great!
by Kristin D. on 06/19/2011
Most amazing cqb gun ever the fps is really constant around 345-355 with 0.2s. Looks soo beast with a nice holo sight. I have an intellect 9.6v 2000 mAh nunchuck battery. The ROf is about 25-29 bps..
by Robert D. on 02/01/2010
"Had the opportunity to work on one of these.
Runs all 9mm bearings and the shell is very solid with added bulk at the front end where it's needed. Also trigger stop is re-enforced; a nice improvement over the original GB.
Gears are re-enforced and with the 9mm bearings is a tight fit requiring minimal shimming.
Cylinder, head and piston set up is the same as older KWA's but is good material with a non-ported aluminum piston head and re-enforced polycarb piston.
Externals are nice and heavy and decent metal.
Shoots advertised FPS. Unlike earlier models, the G2X has all the same size bearings.
For the price, this is an excellent gun. The gears should last a long time.
by craig b. on 01/01/2010
"first i would like to say this m4a1 is the best gun i have ever owned and i think anyone should get it if there looking for a good deal with a good gun the only thing that heppened hasnt happened to me but it happened to my best friend that got this gun and he tried to take the flash hidder off to put his old classic army flash hidder on and it twisted his internal barral and jacked up his hop up system but me on the other hand i havent tried that and i dont plan to now that....that happened to him kinda made me mad but other then that good gun i have a rail mount with leappers red green dot sight on it and make sure you buy exra batts for the aim point because mine came with bad batts and there only $1 a batt so i would do it overall i have to say best gun i have owned and i give it five out of five


the flash hidder :[
by Zachary B. on 03/30/2009
"This is a great cqb gun! I have just bought this gun and man oh man is this thing fast. I have a Li Poly in mine and it's shooting around 35-40 bbs per second! It is very accurate and over all a well made cqb gun. In my opinion this is the best cqb gun on the market right now. If your thinking of what type of cqb gun u wanna get then what the hell are u doing reading this; buy the gun!
by Robinson A. on 03/14/2009
"i finally got the lipo n it's amazing. only bad thing is that my gears broke on the first day usin it lol. yeah but i replaced them n its workin fine now im just afraid that my piston is next. this is a great gun especially with a lipo, but you just need to have replacement parts ready.
by I Am j. on 01/28/2009
"I just bought this gun and it shoots amazing. out of th box it is supposed to shoot 340-350fps with .20's. I chrono'd this gun, and with using a li-po battery and .25 bbs i was shooting 350-357 fps and 1400 rounds per min. this is a reaaly awsome gun.good choice.
by Jacob e. on 01/01/2009
"To Alfonso B:

I have opened up the KWA M4A1 (Non CQB version)... and the cylinder is a brass 1 port cylinder, so it does have a port. Now this gun's gearbox may have a 2 port cylinder but I doubt it, why bother when KWA could just use a M110 spring.

This is a great gun, I use an upgraded KWA gearbox in one of my guns, and I am impressed by the quality. A good buy, recommended heavily.
by Burton K. on 12/26/2008
"This gun is amazing heres why......


amazing accuracy
amazing rof (with a lipoly)
very sturdy
vertually no woble
very nice finish
very high end
better quality than tokyo mauri (in my opionon) and G&G and G&P

the d ring is kind of a pain but its easy to solve especially if u get a battery box which most ppl do so ya.

amazing rifle i highly recommend it.
by Robinson A. on 11/19/2008
"When i first got this gun i ran .2 in them n they work really well. now i run .23 in my gun n i think it works fine. i would recomend getting .2 or .23, if ur using a lipo use .25
by James A. on 11/18/2008
"hey can anybody help me what is the best bbs i can use for this gun .2, .23, .25, or .28
by Alfonso B. on 11/02/2008
"I just figured out that this gun actually has an m120 spring, but the cylinder is ported so it loses some of it's air pressure, and that's how kwa got it to shoot 350 fps.
by Johnny L. on 10/05/2008
"Lipoly battery is a recommend use on "good guns". As long as the gun can handle / last a long time, even if you need to replace gears after a few months, so be it. That is your give and take.

A race car that runs 500 horse power will need new tires much sooner...

It will give you maximum tactical advantage. Truly, try it, you may just get addicted to it.

New gear sets are cheap now anyways. Even complete gearboxes are cheap. Besides, I had my KWA running Matrix 1500mah lipoly for almost a year now with no problem.